Friday, 23 January 2009

Health advice

I'm Freddy Mercury. It's been reported that I slept with over 3,000 men

I died of AIDS in 1991, just 45 years old

I'm Hugh Hefner. It's been reported that I've slept with more than 3,000 women.

I'm alive, aged 81, and currently porking seven blonde playmates

Browne or pink?
Stop and think


Anonymous said...


This is M from America.

You may not have noticed or known, but we have had a beheading at one of our universities here (Virginia Tech, same place that had the Chinese student go whacko and gun down some 30 classmates a year or so back).


However, you would not know that if you watch our Associated Press news. Many politically correct news outlets are covering this story with a straight STABBING byline and explain the death as the result of a stabbing. Basically they are REFUSING to describe the murder as it was carried out. The assailant is from a town in China that has a very old Mosque and he might be (we dont know yet) influenced by Islam or even Islamic. The media, our media--the Associated Press---is determined to lie to us about how this girl was killed.

This is somewhat analagous to your post about Freddie Mercury and Hugh Hefner believe it or not. The media strived with all its might to describe AIDS as a disease "everyone might get" and how it affected everyone's lives. The biggest poon hounds I knew in my youth, a couple of guys who slept with hundreds of women, only had a case of the crabs and one had a bout with venereal warts. Neither, despite rawdogging (no condom sex for the most part, ejaculating on the girl and not in her) got AIDS. Their poon hound buddies never got AIDS. But relatively austere gay men routinely get AIDS, because they have sex with the highest risk group in the highest risk way there is----gay anal sex. The media lied with all its might, but the hatefact is that so many homosexual men have succumbed to this disease vs. very few heterosexual men. The media doesn't even try to buttress their lies from the eighties and early nineties about the disease anyomre.

Anonymous said...

its pink for me then!

Cap'n P said...

You really are an ill informed idiot. Is there a cure for idiocy? If there was, would you even be clever enough to seek it? I have no idea why you even bother posting bullshit like this.

SAVANT said...

M - you're spot on. And ironically, the PC dogma could even have rebounded on gays because they may have fallen for the same bullshit, and felt they were no more at risk than heteros.

Cap't Bob or whatever you call yourself, cant you do any better than that?

Cap'n Knob said...

Cap'n, I for one will be keeping my fingers crossed you are the next victim of enrichment. May I suggest if you have not already, to go and hang with some Nigerians.
We don't want wooly brained Liberals here, thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

I think Capn P has HIV!

(from porking nigerian rent boys!)

Andrew said...

Notice that Cap'n Poo-Pusher didn't even try to address your actual point? I guess he's just here to diversify the place.