Thursday, 1 January 2009

Black youth murders skyrocket

The Huffington Post tells us that the number of young black men and teenagers who either killed or were killed in shootings has risen at an alarming rate since 2000, citing a new study Northeastern University in Boston. The rates for other races have remained basically stable over the same period. Not so for black teens, the youngest of whom saw dramatic increases (40%) in shooting deaths. .

Now I read this with mixed emotions, like as if I'd seen my mother-in-law drive off a cliff in my new car. And having solved the riddle of high black incarceration rates in this post, these developments were clearly of interest to me. .

What caused the surge in murders by blacks, as distinct from whites? Well, straight away we can rule out attaching any blame to the murderers themselves. They are, after all, from a minority ethnic group.

But who is to blame then?

Let's see. Aha! Further into the report we learn that “the study partly blamed Bush administration grant cuts to local police and juvenile crime prevention programs for the surge in crimes by young black men and teens”.

So that's it then. These otherwise model youths turned to slaughtering one another in great numbers because the Government reduced police funding. Whitey's to blame again.

On a non-facetious note in conclusion:

How can anyone expect the behaviour of blacks and other ‘at risk’ (largely from themselves) groups to migrate to national norms if we don't hold them responsible for their actions? The PC do-gooders who try to excuse every action of such groups are in fact the real racists - the implication being that you can't hold these people to the standards of white society.
Is that ironic, or what?


Anonymous said...

In underclass black society, never backing down from any confrontation and being "loud and proud", is the sign of being an Alpha male.

Alpha males get the girls in primitive cultures, and the black subculture is more primitive than the larger Western cuture around it.

The most attractive black women gravitate toward the thug who booms his bass at all hours, flashing his gang signs, selling drugs, being confrontational and aggressively "dissing" other males and socially posing as dominant over the other males. Sure enough, when one of the other males has had enough, you have a confrontation that one of the two doesn't back down from that erupts in violence. Somebody is then hurt or killed. Then there is the payback from friends and relatives of the hurt/deceased. Drug turf wars (selling contraband being one of the very few economically upwardly mobile vocations for the black underclass) also causes much blood to be spilled, but primally this blood stains the earth for the same reason: the need to look Alpha for reproductive viability.

If women eschewed such men and dated/married the nice guys who lived different lives, it would be different. But black women in particular gravitate toward the "thugs". They reward their behavior with sex and acclimation.

Its a characteristic of societies that are losing their traditional morality that the mating rituals start to emulate that of the baboon pack, with aggressive Alpha males hoarding all the desireable females for themselves. With human beings, the lesser males in these sorts of arrangements want to emulate the behaviors of aggressive alpha males and naturally alpha males are rewarded when they display even more gratuitous dominance over other men, further enraging those men, building up the cloud of testosterone, and exciting the primitive desires of the females.

A severe lack of future-time-orientation is common among these subcultures. Men don't think about that sentence they will recieve for getting into a fight, for pulling a knife when losing a fight, for using a gun when outright afraid of losing "face" in front of their associates. The liberals response in the USA is to spread the ghetto out via Section 8 housing, but all that really does is spread the violence and functions as an act of economic/cultural violence against the working classes in America. It wrecks their home values and beholdens their own selves/children to underlcass scum who shouldn't be able to live near them economically. You'll notice our overclass rich NEVER have Section 8 housing paid for by the government anywhere near themselves. It helps their own home values and hurts the striving middle and lower-middle classes economically.

What else is new on this side of the pond?

M in America

SAVANT said...

This is a very good comment. I mentioned it in this pots ( in this case about Somalia.

It shows though that there's been a total moral breakdown in these so-called societies.

Anonymous said...

Let the fuckers kill each other. Great!

Anonymous said...


Steve Sailor has covered this in detail and he and his commentators have pointed out that 'white' in this context includes Hispanics so the 'white' murder rate is much lower than these figures suggest.

Your first commentators remarks about Section 8 housing are spot on. You can take the people out of the ghetto!


SAVANT said...

Thanks Jockney. Duly noted and the link to Steve's site added to the post.