Thursday, 25 December 2008

Seasonal madness

Einstein defined madness as doing exactly the same thing repeatedly in the expectation of achieving a different result. This is always brought to mind when the Pope prays for world peace every Christmas. To be quickly followed by yet another new year of war and slaughter. When will the penny drop that maybe God doesn't want peace? And why is it breathlessly reported by the MSM every year as if it were actually something newsworthy?


Anonymous said...

Dead right. 2 days after his appeal the Israelis attack Gaza and kill nearly 300 people!

Shotgun Ed said...

Yeah. Next we'll have Israeli commandos sailing into Bombay, seizing one of the mosques and torturing those inside before wasting them. On second thoughts thats not going to happen because I've prayed for it not to. I know I don't have as much clout with the man above as the pope, but trust me on this one.

Anonymous said...

Right on cue - the Israelis blow the shit out of Gaza!!