Thursday, 11 December 2008

Quick gypsy joke

A traveller/gypsy/knacker brings his 14 year-old daughter to the doctor.

'Tell me', asks the doctor, 'is she sexually active?'

'Ah, no sir, no. She's a bit like her mother, just lies there'


Anonymous said...

This 'joke' is in bad taste.

Anonymous said...

Brought tears to my eyes, like onions.

Savant ye bad fucker tell another.

Anonymous said...

hehe, yeah, but it's the Savants blog.

Anonymous said...

There was an old gypsy I knew her
She was filthy old whoore
The smell from her twat
Killed a fucking great rat
That lived ninety years in a sewer

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, this is going over the limit. Not nice at all.


Anonymous said...

The gypos are like the nigerians ...all sewer rats.

proud redneck said...

woo hoo!!! Lovely!

Anonymous said...

Much like the Hells Angel who enters the news agency and says to the cashier "Do you keep stationery?" to which she replies, "Yes... until I have an orgasm, then I go ape-shit."

Hope that's not in too bad a taste anon!