Sunday, 28 December 2008

A picture tells 1000 words...

The St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) is a genuinely good organization. Through voluntary effort it looks after the most needy in our society, supporting those who fall through the welfare cracks. It’s increasingly addressing the issue of broken or dysfunctional families (although it doesn’t refer to them as such) through community centre-type services.

Carrigtohill, a very small town near Cork, has one such centre. It looks after children whose parents cannot or will not look after them. An article in the Irish Examiner of December 27 explained the good things that go on there. The article also had a photo of one of the supervisors and a large group of children.

Now Carrigtohill, on the face of it, and I travel there frequently, doesn’t have a black population as such. Unlike many other Irish towns, you’ll seldom see a black face as you walk along the main (only) street.

Yet in the Examiner’s photo, more than half of the children are black! The foundations for just what we’ve seen everywhere else in the West. Blacks come in, breed freely, throw their offspring onto the welfare services. These offspring then grow up to populate violent, crime-infested, welfare-dependent neighbourhoods.

Christ grant me patience!


Kilbarry1 said...

ON THE OTHER HAND maybe the photographer was adhering to Equality Authority standards by showing equal numbers of black and white children regardless of reality?

SAVANT said...

That's a very good point kilbarry, and you could be right. Then again, given the size of Carrig, every black child there must then be on welfare, which comes to the same thing, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Black's on welfare?. Wow, the virus must have spread from Amerika to Ireland thru the internet. Amazing when a good thing gets popular. This type of virus eventually will destroy once beautiful cities and there is no known way to control it.

Oh, it feeds off the hard working white citizens so, the way to stop it is eliminate the "heart beat" which eventually happens when the welfare citizens destroy the white population of the city.

But, like any good virus, they move from the urban devastation to the suburban towns which you are now describing. Can't stop it.

Anonymous said...

The only possible solution is to pay them to fuck off back where they came from.

Mercurius Aulicus said...

Sorry to take this slightly off thread but another picture worth a thousand words can be found at .

Here the asylum seeker's charity workers were attacked by some "New Australians". Even when hoisted by their own petard the idiotic Christian Leftists still make excuses for them.

"I work in a place that helps people like this. When you see these other ones that are caught in the past, all I'd say to them is 'this is Australia, you've got an opportunity, make the most if it, don't ruin it for your families and friends'," he added.

"These people who do these things have got to think about the other people that are living here.

"Their future's here, not back where they came from. Their future's in Australia. I feel sorry for their parents and the other ones that are struggling to overcome (their) past."

Frankly the attackers' future should be some gaol time followed by a swift trip back to Mogadishu.

But I don't think there is much likelihood of that with this pathetic response from the police:

Victoria Police Detective Sergeant Michael Martin described the attack as "random and cowardly" and urged the youths to give themselves up.

"This attack was outrageous and a case of pack mentality," Det Sgt Martin said.

"Attacks like this shouldn't be happening on older people in our community, it shouldn't be happening on anyone.

And they wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for fools like the victims in the refugee industry bringing them over in the first place.

Anonymous said...

From what you say virtually every black kid in that town must be on welfare. That must be a new record.


Anonymous said...

That comment from the mild colonial boy alnmost makes me cry. why are we in the west so insane??

Anonymous said...

we need the rid Ireland of this black cancer.
we need a strong leader and policies that will provide a solution to this awful infestation.

Anonymous said...


I cannot find this photo, can you upload it or add a link, please?


SAVANT said...

Jockney - I dont have the photo or the link. I saw it on hard copy on the print edition.

Anonymous said...

why cant these scum be sent back to where they came from? whose defending them and keeping them here?

Anonymous said...

Rejoice, because here in Cobh we have, despite the recession, a new emporium devoted to 'African and Carribbean' clientele.

That's good future planning I suppose.