Thursday, 11 December 2008

Missing Black Manager riddle

A monstrous new issue of shocking racial discrimination has reared its ugly head. It seems there’s a dastardly plot to prevent blacks from getting jobs as football managers. And it’s happening world-wide!

Myles Brand in the Huffington Post laments “over the last three and a half decades, we have seen the numbers of African-American student-athletes swell to more than half in football and men's basketball. Ironically, what we have not seen is any progress in the hiring of African-American head football coaches in intercollegiate athletics. In fact, we are losing ground.

With firings this fall, there are, as of this date, only four black head football coaches among the 119 Football Bowl Subdivision programs in NCAA Division I. In the entire history of Division I football, excluding the Historically Black Colleges and Universities, there have only been 23 African-American head coaches, never more than eight at any one time, and now there are only four.

And then we have Garth Crooks (not Garth Brooks), formerly of Spurs and now with his snout deep in the Equality Industry trough as a football adviser to the Commission for Racial Equality. Crooks cites figures from the BBC which show the ‘scale of the problem’

  • Less [in the good old days when the Beeb wasn’t a diversity cesspool they’d have written ‘fewer’, not ‘less’ – but no matter] than 1% of senior coaching staff at the 92 league clubs are black - even though more than 20% of players are.
  • Only two managers are not white.
  • Just two of the nine most highly-qualified black coaches in the country currently have jobs in the league.
  • Since its inception in 1992, there has never been a black English manager in the Premiership - even though about 25% of its players are not white.

Crooks, doing his bit for the Victim Industry, describes the situation as "appalling".

"Football should be ashamed of itself," he told BBC Sport. "We're certainly not in a position where we can afford to exclude a whole section of society from coaching and management."

Just last week Paul Ince complained that criticism of him was largely ‘racially motivated.’

Now as has become widely recognised, (although not yet by the Nobel Committee) I solved the riddle of high black imprisonment rates in this post. And I have now solved the Riddle Of The Missing Black Football Managers.

And the reason is….

It’s the same reason you see so few blacks in senior management positions anywhere, or as scientists, surgeons or entrepreneurs: They’re no good at it. They can't cut it. Does anyone seriously think that a club with 40% of its players black will, for racist reasons, refuse to employ black coaches or managers? It’s just that none of them have been any good. The record shows it, and the same in American football. They were fired because they were no good.

Go back to Paul Ince. Last season was a good but not exceptional one for Blackburn. They finished close to the top of the Premiership, narrowly missed qualification for Europe at the very last game of the season. Ince took over this year, with the same team, and has lead them strongly and unerringly down to the bottom of the table, where they now flounder in the relegation zone. And the criticism is not based on this, but because "I's black".

As I've said on countless occasions, if you can't recognise what the problem is, you won't find a solution. And that’s why this whole diversity quota thing has been and will continue to be a disaster as long as we let the Victim Industry get away with it.


proud redneck said...

It's the same in South Africa now. They actually want the fucking TEAM to be split on a diversity basis!!!

Anonymous said...

HA HA Let's see if Obama breaks this mould !
Mind you he's not genetically fully "Black",he's brown, so let's see if the mothers' genes prevail.
Mind you they should,typically absentee father and all....
What nature did'nt give him, nurture probably did.

Anonymous said...

The 'logic' of these guys seems to be that if you're a good athlete that automatically makes you a good manager. What crap.

Viking said...

This is just another example of someone twisting the stats to force an agenda, and it makes me angry. Sure black players are well-represented. 20%? compared with about 2% of the overall population - that's good going. But does that mean they even want to be managers?
Without knowing how many black men actually apply for positions and are turned down, what this guy says is meaningless.Don't they have to at least try to prove discimination, not just quote random statistics?

Anonymous said...

If Ince gets the boot (so to speak!) just watch. There'll be a chorus blaming his failure - they wont call it that - on 'racism'.

Anonymous said...

There is even greater discrimination in Quantum Physics!!

Anonymous said...

Ince got the boot - no chorus so far. The sky is still up there. Oft it's said of teachers - "if you can't do, then teach."
None of the top in my class are teachers, similarly, at this level why would a player want to teach? That explains your ..erm..riddle