Sunday, 7 December 2008

Greece erupts

The Cradle of Democracy has just provided us with a sneak preview of what lies in store for the rest of Europe in the years ahead. In scenes described by the New York Times as ‘resembling something from Africa a war zone’ police have clashed violently with African immigrants protesting over the death of a Nigerian man at the weekend.

The news enraged hundreds of African youths in the neighbourhood, who began attacking police cars with stones and firebombs, burning dozens of cars and smashing shop windows. As one does. "Hundreds of them hit the streets, probably for revenge ... Dozens of police units are gathering to try to control the situation," a police official, who declined to be named, said. Police responded by firing tear gas at the crowd, evacuating some restaurants in the area, and closing several streets to all traffic.

Greece has a massive illegal immigrant problem and given the restrictions on repatriation imposed by European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) the numbers ‘resident’ have been growing rapidly. The growing numbers, inevitably, have raised tensions with the existing population. Equally inevitably, Africans have been at the forefront of the troubles.

And it’s not over yet. Calls are being posted at websites, including the Independent Media Centre, for more people to join the protests in Greece's two main cities, as well as the city of Iraklio, on the island of Crete.
And it's coming to a place near you. Just give it time.


Anonymous said...

I'm just back from Greece today and I can tell you that this rioting was serious. I cant believe how little has been shown on the media. maybe because the rioters were Africans.


Anonymous said...

"Andreas Grigoropoulos" was a Nigerian man? Interesting. I just went through all the articles in the google news feed and nary a word about anything but "students" and "anarchists". Where'd you dig up the Nigerian info, Savant? Am I just confused here and reading the wrong stories, or are "student" and "anarchist" now joining "youths", etc. in the secret pc-code handbook?

Anonymous said...

Just read two articles and from reading them all you would know is they are young males. that's the media for you , always removing race and immigration status.Its impossible to find out who is really doing all this. I didnt even know Africans were in Greece but wherever blacks are there is violence.

SAVANT said...

No less a source than the BBC ( tells us that they rioters are Africans. They also show a foto of a distinctly African set of rioters.

Now the ultra-PC BBC isn't going to emphasise such a thing is it? But that's my point. All the media either play it down or havent mentioned the \african connection.

Anonymous said...

This website is utter rubbish. The protestors are not African immigrants. Greece has had problems with anarchist groups since the 60s. Its basically a sub-culture in some areas of Greece. This is just slightly larger in scale.

You know a lot of racist groups in America try to change the face of their beliefs by associating it with cultural heritage appreciation and being proud of European ancestry. This website is no different to the rubbish that the worst of them spew.

You are racist! No doubt you will probably protest angrily "I AM NOT RACIST...How dare you? I just love my country!". Scratch the surface and look at yourself realistically; there is no difference between you and the American white power skinhead are just better at PR.

Anonymous said...

That BBC article is from 2007 retard

Anonymous said...

Do they:

It was a Greek that was shot, not an African

Anonymous said...

your link is to a news story on a riot that happened in August 2007.

These rioters seem to be mainly Greek although I would not be surprised to find out that Nigerians and other third-worlders joined in. Looting anyone?


Anonymous said...


White skinhead groups in America are much more a fable than anything else.

I bet their numbers aren't even 50,000. Most of them are dissaffected people who rant online. Theyve never even killed anyone that Ive read about or heard about.

Ive personally never seen one.

I live in Tennessee, suppossedly the birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan. Guess what? Ive never seen a Klansman in my life. I have "heard" that there was a small group of them about 60 miles from where I live that used to get together in the 1960's and 70's and do..............whatever (I suppose they drank beer and griped, who knows).

So much of what you read in Europe about America is well..............wrong and altered and politically correct.

But you know what Abbey? That would all be OK with most of us IF THERE WAS SOMEWHERE ELSE TO GO, but there is not. There is no other continent to flee to if our experiment in diversity historically fails and these become states full of strife or overoppressive surveillance states in 50 years.

True, I wont live long enough to see the full repreccussions, but our grandchildren will...........and Ive got a feeling they are going to hate us for it.

Question=========If minorities feel so oppressed here, why don't they ever leave? Im sure its the same in Europe with all those "dissaffected" muslim youth. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Albania, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan would all take them in as muslims, but they dont want to leave? Why is that?

If I were a white man in France and thought the taxes too high or the economy to jury rigged to the advantage of established companies and my business model would never get a good chance to prosper there, I'd look to see if England, Denmark, Sweeden, Canada, The US, Argentina, New Zealand or whomever would be interested in me as a productive citizen with some savings to come live there and participate (not leech off of) their economy. Unlike the "dissaffected" underlcass in Europe and America or the gypsies and other "underpriveleged" groups who have been complaining nonstop for umpteen years now. They are going nowhere. They found a guilt-trip (provided by Marxiscatti scum) that really works.

BTW----I have no idea when the Greek incidents described in the post happened myself, or what the situation on the ground in Greece is, but wouldn't it be better if Greece alone was trying this "experiment" in adding new fish to a fish tank of humanity was allowed to be tried for 100 years to just make sure things go well before instituting it continent-wide? Has there ever been a "experimental country" where diversity has been tried for 100 years to see how it went? There has not been, hence our apprehensiveness.

Anonymous said...

I know I should not be saying this, but truly, it gives me immense pleasure to see this happening. Hopefully riots like these will spread throughout Europe and will increase both in size and intensity.
Especially in Holland and the Scandinavian countries who assisted the terrorists who now rule (screwing up) the mythical rainbow nation.
Ahhh, poetic justice...!!

Anonymous said...

You may have made the wrong lnk, but the story is still valid. Mass African and Muslim immigration to Greece is causing massive problems there. And they're spreading to the rest of Europe.

Anonymous said...

"American white power skinhead groups" have been an urban legend for at least a generation. Just like the Klan has been a rural legend for about thirty years.

Even at the very low high point of the "white power skinheads"(25 or so years ago) there was probably no more than one violent, dangerous "white power skinhead" for every 10,000 black and hispanic violent criminals. So the "white power skinhead" threat was always a type of leftist moral panic.

The SPLC (in the US) is a neo-McCarthyite witch-hunting org that profiteers on the general moral panic over the phantom white racists they claim lurk under every bed and behind every bush. In the UK the government, media and various unions perform this function.

SAVANT said...

Based on these comments I've done some research on the white skinhead racist bit. These comments are spot on - the number of incidents has been minimal.

Anonymous said...

Does the author of this blog honestly live in Ireland?

I would like to ask you a question about Limerick that you won't be able to find online and see if you can answer it in 24 hours.

SAVANT said...

Let's have the question on Limerick. Let me guess... 'why is it known as both Stab City and Confraternity City?'......or maybe 'the average number of knife attackes per minute?'.

If you live in Limercik I can underdstand why you're cool about thousands of black criminals arriving here. They'd be terrified to go to Stab City.

Anonymous said...

Well since you brought up the topic of gangs...

What was the name the radio stations and a newspaper in Ireland labelled the gang that mistakenly shot and killed the Limerick rugby player a few weeks ago?

I'm sure you can't find that online anywhere.

SAVANT said...

Wel, as you should be aware by now I try to maintain a high tone on this blog so Limerick gangs woldnt be my speciality. May I hazard a guess - the McCarthy/Dundon Gang? Even if not correct I'm in the ball park - and anyway I was abroad when that happened.