Thursday, 25 December 2008

Black Peter's "offensive"

The Dutch have a tradition going back to the year dot in which Santa is assisted by Zwarte Piet (Black Peter). The Dutch are very attached to this tradition, but according to, a user-generated news site with links to CNN, certain foreigners within Holland are not.

For years many foreigners living in The Netherlands have been trying, without success, to point out the negative racist connotations of the Black Peter. We have been trying to let Dutch people know that many people find it offensive to don "blackface/golliwog" makeup.

We would like to see the Dutch realize that it would be nicer if they made "Zwarte Piet" a non-racist character -- just a person with some soot on his face from coming down the chimney, rather than with painted dark skin, afro, and a Caribbean accent to appear as a "slave" of the white "Sinterklaas", of which he was originally intended.”

To which my suggestion would be, if you don't like the Dutch traditions, and are ‘offended’ (that word again) by them, why don't you just fuck off back to the non-offensive hell-hole you fled?

But why do that when you can, er, convice the Dutch by more direct means? The way the Religion of Peace does it.

Here’s the report again: “There have been unfortunate threats to elementary schools who celebrate "Zwarte Piet". These threats are very sad, but not all that surprising given the current anti-multiculturalist climate in The Netherlands.”

Now isn't that sweet? Typical of the ‘moderate’ Muslims approach that I've pointed out on many occasions. It goes like this: We first politely ask you to bend to our will. If you don't, some of our more hot-headed members will, unfortunately – and while we don't agree with it we understand it - apply violence to ensure that you do.

Ergo, problem solved.

And what did you think of that little bit at the end “these threats are very sad, but not all that surprising given the current anti-multiculturalist climate”? The whole game has been betrayed by their own lips. We are now multicultural, so if you don't eliminate what we deem to be offensive we’ll resort to violence to ensure you do.

Well, don't say we haven’t been warned.


Anonymous said...

“these threats are very sad, but not all that surprising given the current anti-multiculturalist climate”

Exactly - we're now multicultural so the natives must change. Well, dont say we werent warned.

Anonymous said...

I think the black peter never had anything to do with africans or muslims. It came from chimney sweeps being black with coal and was never a racist creation.
I know because I have a childrens book from Sweden circa 1920s and there is a black chimney sweep but not a negroid or hindu black.
Now the darkies or blackies moved to a white country and they expect everything to be rearranged for them.
of course.
in the US, Christmas is now the HOliday season. what BS

Anonymous said...

Merry x-mas Savant, you old bastard

SAVANT said...

Thank you Z - I'm sure there are some good wishes in there somewhere!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid several areas of Holand are giving in and making Zwart Piet a different color.


Anonymous said...

It's the muslim good cop bad cop play- also known as taqiyaa. Is that slime Quaraddhi sill allowed into our country. Even the British banned him.

Shotgun Ed said...

Its the muslim good cop bad cop play- also known as taqiyaa- 'we cannot control the young men. ' What they won't tell you is its because that's the way they deliberately raised the young men.

Anonymous said...

While the spirit of moronism is strong within us let us get rid of Goat Peter too!

Anonymous said...

Remember the guy who got into trouble for using "niggardly" correstly?

Jim Bowen used the Lancashire word "nig-nog" correctly (it means foolish) and PC types saw the nig and assumed that the gerund was not what it was but what they wanted it to be.

They are none so stupid as the so called educated.