Saturday, 15 November 2008

A suitable boy

Have you ever noticed how the recently deceased take on virtues that were largely unrecognised when they were alive? Nowhere is this more evident than when referring to the victims of black-on-black gang crime in the UK. It often seemed to me that the murderers sought out the most good-living and innocent as their victims.

Take as an example the shooting of 16 year-old Congolese immigrant Jonathan Matondo in Sheffield about a year ago. The BBC had it “much loved by his friends, family and the community." The teenager was "such a good boy, so funny" (quoting his uncle), and they quoted the ‘Reverend’ Jack Kinsiona to the effect that the murdered teenager had even planned to become a preacher!

Mr. Kinsiona, apparently, cried as he spoke about the youngster. "Jonathan was a great person, he had been to our church. . . I am crying now . . . because Jonathan was very popular in the church." The vicar added: "I want you to know that Jonathan was not bad. He was a very, very, very great person."

Now we know that the Beeb has drunk so liberally of the multi-culti Kool-Aid that anything they say is suspect. But even the Daily Mail, that staple of fuming, purple-faced colonels in their clubs, lets us know, in a blaring headline, that “Teenager who wanted to be a priest murdered in 'Wild West' shootout between feuding gangs”.

Now, simple soul that I am, I was duly impressed by all of this, and all the other black paragons of virtue who had met their untimely ends in the course of gang attacks. Well, I was impressed until I spoke to a friend currently doing a research stint in one of Sheffield’s two universities. He revealed that he’d been attracted by its claim to be ‘Britain’s safest city’. (Mind you, that's like claiming to be the world’s tallest dwarf, but no matter).

In fact it seems that, in common with most British cities, whole areas of Sheffield are given over to violent criminal gangs, most of a non-white hue. Needless to say, the Somalis are at the forefront. They control the Broomhall area, and police intruding on their patch will be met by a hail of gunfire, and if they persist, by petrol bombs from the balconies.

These ‘tower blocks’ are of course referred to by the MSM as deprived, isolated, ignored – you know the drill. With this in mind I direct you to the image below where St. Jonathan was killed. This, apparently, is the epicentre of the problem area. Now what do you see?

Well what I see is a nicely laid out block of apartments, with a public park, plenty of greenery and a recreation area right alongside. In fact the kind of setup that most people in the UK, let alone the Congo or Somalia, would pay – and have paid - a lot of money to be part of.

And this brings me back to St. Jonathan. Apparently he wasn’t quite the paragon we were lead to believe. In fact, according to my friend, and there are several sources on the Web to back this up, he was a key figure in the gang warfare and drug dealing that blights the area.

A leading member of the S3 Gang, he was, according to police (admitting it now, as distinct from when he was shot) ‘a feared gunman and drug dealer, and someone who struck fear into other teenagers’. He apparently had a squad of police and youth workers assigned almost full-time to him. He rejoiced in the gang-name Venomous. And venomous he certainly was.

Now why did the MSM provide such a grossly misleading picture? Why do they continue to do so? Is it because the victims (and perpetrators, of course) are invariably black, and hence beyond balme for anything they do? I don't know, but whatever the reason, they’re failing miserably in their prime duty - that of keeping the citizenry informed.

But then, if they did keep us properly informed we might start asking the wrong questions. Like, ‘why the fuck are we leaving these savages into our country in the first place?’ Questions like ‘why don't we ship these bastards back to where they came from without further ado?’

A lot of unanswered questions throughout this post. But of one thing we can be 100% certain: Allowing large numbers of blacks into a country, city, suburb or school will see a commensurate and rapid decline into crime, violence, ignorance, welfare dependency and overall societal breakdown. And a final question: why should we put up with it?

And speaking of the ignorance element, I offer in conclusion some evidence of the skills these cultural enrichers will endow to British society. Here are some of the ‘in memoriams’ left at the scene of the murder.

"Its Eatin Away At Mee Cah I No Im Neva Guna See Mii Big Cuzen Agen..
"All Those Times Yuv Tld Me Yuv Gt Mii Bak Nd If Ne1 Bothers Mee Dat Yur Here Nd Yu Will Sort Em..
"OMDZZ Finkin Ov All Tha Memories Nd Stuff Nd Theres Soo Mani Ov Em..!!..
"Dis Shunt Hav Happend Tu Yu.. Lovin Yuu, Missin Yuu, Hurtin Wifout Yuu Nd NEVA Forgettin Yuu..
And even in the unlikely event of any of these latter-day Shakespeares applying for a job, you couldn’t test them on their writing skills as this would ‘contravene equality legislation’. Think I'm joking? Check out my earlier post here.


Anonymous said...

That's true! I'm after noticing as well how all the kids killed were absolute angels!


Rhein said...

Another thing they often do to make people pity these scums is show a picture of them when they were children. Don't know about you guys but to me he doesn't look like he's 16 on that pic. More like 10 years old.

Anonymous said...

Rhein - this is true actually, on reflection. They always seem to shows earlier pictures, and this tulip certainly diesn't look 16, as you say.


Anonymous said...

The interesting thing about Sheffield is that it went to the dogs in less than 20 years. There was virtually no black scum here 20 years ago, now is swarming witrh them. Especially Simalis, who seemed to have made it their UK capital.

Fuck them all to hell.


Anonymous said...

Somalis seem to have selected here (Sheffield/Barnsley) as their residence of choice. Needless to say, locals had no input whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Think you are confusing the areas of Sheffield.Burgreave is where this happened and doesn't have tower blocks.Broomhall is where the Somalis live on the other side of the city.

SAVANT said...

Thank anonymous - duly noted. Must chastrise my informant!

Anonymous said...

Pity to see Dublin is becoming like Bradford or Birmingham.

I've visited relatives and friends in Ireland over the past 15 years and it's amazing to see the massive change going on over there, from "multiculturalism" to UK shops opening all over the place. Soon you'll probably be seeing race-riots like we've been having here over the past few years.

Sad that a people have to lose their unique character for the sake of "progressiveness", "enrichment" or whatever the latest trendy buzzword happens to be.

I hope the good-natured and acommodating way of the Irish people doesn't lead to their demise.