Friday, 10 October 2008

Shock! Minister talks bullshit

From our Minister for (dis) Integration Conor Lenihan “Some parents are removing their children from schools with large numbers of foreign nationals, despite evidence that diversity in the classroom does not have a detrimental effect on learning”. He pointed to an OECD report which showed that ‘outcomes were marginally better in schools with a migrant presence’.

Well of course. I truly believe that people will learn better and faster when they all speak different languages. Makes sense, doesn’t it?. The way some people talk you’d think teachers would have to use sign language or something to communicate.

But wait! Oh dear! The Daily Mail tells us that, em, well, teachers are, in fact, actually starting to use sign language.

A head teacher has had to resort to using sign language to communicate at a school where pupils are from 24 different countries. Damian Jordan uses a signing system called Makaton to speak to youngsters at Fairlight Primary school in Brighton.

The head teacher, who has only just taken up his post, realised he would have to come up with a new way of communication when he found out 55 youngsters at the school speak languages ranging from Spanish, Polish, Arabic and Mandarin and various African dialects.

Mr. Jordan has been learning Makaton - a version of sign language which is used specifically in schools. He said the major advantage in using Makaton was that it helped children be more readily understood while they grasp English.

‘It means that at times children might get frustrated that they can't make themselves understood'

Well, who’d have guessed?

And by the way, re the OECD findings, if ever a sentence were constructed and designed to mislead it must be the one cited above ‘outcomes were marginally better in schools with a migrant presence’. What 'outcomes' exactly? And what kind of a presence exactly?


Rhein said...

"...outcomes were marginally better in schools with a migrant presence’."

Better for whom, the Irish or the 'migrants'? I think i know the answer to that one...

The removing of their kids has more to do with parents being sick and tired of having their sons stabbed and assaulted and their daughters groped and raped by invaders than them having trouble learning.

Altough i'm sure, like Savant pointed out, that learning is much more difficult in a multicultural environment and it probably has something to do with it too.

SAVANT said...

And of course there's also the cost element which I showed in this post that it costs 5 times as much to educate in a different language. said...

You will not believe this.

Chicken swinging for the soul.

Kapparot is a custom among some orthodox Jews, who seek to transfer their sins to a live chicken, which is then slaughtered.

Anonymous said...

All the politicos are terrified because people are fleeing from sinkhole schools and the payback will be at election time.

Anonymous said...

well it'd certainly be easy to demonstrate the Bg Bang with sign language!

Terry said...

The other Minister speaks. I prefer him to the Mad Bomber and the Messiah.


Anonymous said...

rhein nailed it accurately. Well done both of you.

SAVANT said...

This video link from teacher-paris is really interesing

Farrakhan has a lovely metaphor for the neocons, the rudder and the ship. Howver, he's way off base with the traditional moan that blacks are in jail not for their crimes but due to white bigotry

kerdasi amaq said...

How long will it take the people of Conor Lenihan's constituency to realise that Dermot McMorrough would make a better TD than Conor Lenihan?

Anonymous said...

Ha did you just contradict OECD findings with a quote from the daily mail??? Thats genius!

That by the way is the misleading source that is recognised as bringing about the economic success of ireland through their investment in education report!

SAVANT said...

Not using the DM to contradict OECD. That org is ok, but the statement I refer to is classic peecee-speak. It shows all the signs of being painfully constructed to obscure - all with nobe intentions of course.