Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Why whitey's always to blame

Great comment by ZNGR on the last Bush post (that sounds good!) wherein he takes our 'cracker' friend to task, hitting a range of worthwhile targets as he's at it.

I just thought of something, which is also the reason why the white man should stop trying to help the black man at once and forever. It is impossible.Thanks for the anon "cracker" joker for making me think again what would result if the dreams of the blacks who seek success by dispossessing others would come to fruition.

See it's like this, the situation in Africa is caused by the whiteys and colonialism right. The tribulations of the black man in the USA are caused by their past in slavery and their marginalization by the white man (oddly enough in other parts of the world, it is NOT caused by their enslavement by other blacks and the Arabs who still enslave them).

The endemic criminality, particularly in residence permit and economic tourism scams, and simultaneous reliance on welfare handouts in Europe are caused by "structural racism" which somehow forces them to not attend to school and not learn the language and not get a job and continue industriously to commit crime.

In South-Africa they were GIVEN a fucking first world country to run and it's already a disaster. Why? Because of the white man, duh! Now that they have a country and run it to the ground it's because the White Man repressed them in the PAST so they are forced to dismantle a society TODAY instead of applying some modicum of sensible management.

If the black man can't govern himself even THAT is the fault of the white man but if the whitey governs them, then it's oppression. Hence nothing can be done. What is worse the MSM and the Leftists of the civilized world do their utmost to hold up this illusion thus blocking the blacks further. So imagine if the whitey would give the blacks, say, a couple of juicy states in the USA or maybe UK and France in Europe, supposedly without the emotional baggage that forces them to fail in SA.

Just leave 'em there and fuck off to Antarctica. They'd just run those to the ground in one third of a generation and STILL blame the whites for any number of reasons. Having a history of marginalization on their backs due to colonization, or whatever. We can just be sure they'd blame whites.

When the world doesn't bear a single white upon it the blacks, cordoned and living in the wastelands the Chinese leave for them, will sit by their trashcan fires and reminiscent how the Man used to oppress them a century or two ago and still reaches at them with ghostly tendrils of white influence from beyond the grave, thus forcing them to sit around trashcans not having the good life.

The idea that the whites are the root cause of everything the blacks have done or do permeates every aspect of thinking so deeply it paralyzes any effort to bring about a successful future for everyone by stopping us from taking the only right steps.

Wish I was just joking.


Anonymous said...

The main reason for this is that whites seem to take pleasure in claiming the blame...

Why shouldnt the blacks take them up on their stupidity?

Anonymous said...

I wish you were joking as well. Having said that, the whole f***ing thing is a joke


Rhein said...

Anonymous said...

The main reason for this is that whites seem to take pleasure in claiming the blame...

Why shouldnt the blacks take them up on their stupidity?


Change the word 'whites' with the word 'liberals' and i'm all with you.

And marie-ant, why don't you tell us why you think it's a joke. You'll need some form of arguments if you want to show him wrong, not just bad words and ideologies.

Anonymous said...

rehin - yoove gotten me wrong. I agree with the post. I'm just saying I wish he were joking as well.


eamonn said...

I think it's okay to remind them we had a referendum , roughly 80% of people don't want them here.

There exists the small but real possibility some of them will actually fuck off back below the equator where they belong, if only they got a little hint !

get it off your chest , engage a negro in conversation (in a suitable environment)

Anonymous said...

Eamonn said "get it off your chest , engage a negro in conversation (in a suitable environment)"

Yeah, like one foot in your car with the engine running.

Fred McA.

Rhein said...

Sorry Marie, my bad. ^^

Zngr said...

eamonn - funny you mentioned, isn't many days I sat with three black negroes of Africa, all of different tribal backgrounds to boot (wonder how they stay friends, huh) downing rum and beers, sharing a laugh and the late events in life.

But unlike the liberals would want to think, talking with and doing stuff with Africans does not change a stance regarding for example multiculturalism or immigration.

The "open borders" liberals always maintain you can't judge individuals by their beliefs, ethnicity, tribe or skin of colour. Hence, we must think only the best of all Nigerians and Somalians and do our best to help them if they want to come here and enjoy our benefits and peaceful society. It is morally wrong to contemplate the wisdom of allowing immigrants from a country that has previously imported mostly criminals. Because the next one might not be. If the newcomer happens to turn out criminal, well then, something's obviously wrong with society and we'd have to fix it! All are equal until otherwise proven, at which point they are still equal but society is somehow at fault.

Where they go wrong is that they do not understand a thing like "mass immigration" is NOT an individual which can be judged by his or her characteristics or what we can judge using emotion. It is a phenomenon which includes all those who immigrate, or are in the vastly larger group touched by immigrants and is a sum of it's parts. Respecting individuals has NOTHING at all to do regarding rational, positively intelligent prejudices like establishing that not a single Arab man should be allowed to immigrate to Europe, unless they denounce Islam first and prove they respect the rights of women, and that Nigerians should stay in Nigeria until they prove they are registered in one country only, refuse welfare benefits even there, and try to find a job.