Friday, 12 September 2008

Should we laugh or cry?

Based on media reports and personal experience, Irish employers are reeling from the effects of ‘equality’ legislation in the workplace. With over one in ten of the population born abroad, and showing no sign of leaving – all in the context of a collapsing economy, we’re in for interesting times.

A recent award of €327,000 (almost $500,000) against Goode Concrete has brought the message home with a bang. The award, which may force this small company into liquidation, was awarded by the spawn of the devil Equality Tribunal. They made their award because of the company’s ‘failure to produce its employment terms and conditions in a language that was understandable to the claimants’.

Now what this means, in a language understandable to anyone, is that every company must publish its employment terms in every language. According to Dr. Gerard McMahon, a lecturer in DIT ‘this ruling sets a precedent whereby employers are required to translate all contracts and workplace statements into up to 7,000 languages’. Even then, the company could still be exposed to litigation by workers with ‘low literacy skills’.

Wait – it gets better!

‘Where such skills are impaired by disabilities such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, even the ‘model’ employer can be charged with discrimination under the same law’.

So isn't the obvious answerto give every job applicant an English literacy test? Nope, not according to the Equality Authority (not to be confused with the Equality Agency, or dozens more such parasites in the Equality Industry). According to these wankers ‘it would be best practice not to ask this of applicants as this, under the law, could be classed as discriminatory’.

I'm not making this up, I swear.

So consider the following. You advertise for a telesales agent. Jomo Batsweli comes in saying – ‘me want job’. You begin to wonder if his English might not be up to scratch. But you can't give him a test, as this would be discriminatory. If you don't give him the job, that would be discrimination as well. If you do give him the job and he predictably fails, and gets fired, or doesn’t get promoted, that's discrimination too.

Think I'm joking? Check this case out. A ‘black African woman’ was fired from her sales job. Her employers said she was ‘lazy, rude and had a hopeless sales record’. An open and shut case then? In a sense, yes. She was awarded €50,000. Apparently the company did not take (here’s what the report said) ‘special measures in the case of non-nationals’ and hence were to blame for the problem.

Then there was this Nigerian cultural enricher who was fired for robbing the supermarket in which she ‘worked’. She was awarded €15,000 for ‘distress and humiliation suffered’ (i.e she was caught robbing) and because her employers had not ‘fully explained what was required of [her]’.

In other words, they should have said ‘you must not steal from the store’ - in whatever Nigerian dialect the ‘worker’ was familiar with.

Isn't this like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party? Ireland is struggling desperately to compete internationally, and businesses have to content with this kind of lunacy on top of everything else. How our competitors in Asia must appreciate us for such legislation, which sends thousands of jobs their way every week.

There's one ray of hope. If it gets bad enough – which I sincerely hope it does – it might rouse the Irish sheeple from their slumber.


Anonymous said...

You know the only people that get hurt by taking matters to the equality tribunal is non-nationals.

Like the African lady who was awarded the €50 000. Great she scored a bit of cash BUT word of that case has spread around Ireland. Several employers are reluctant to hire that particular nationality because they are seen as complex and snide employees which could end up being a huge liability. It just makes employers more skeptical of them.

The result is one scores but she brings down the reputation of her people and in effect makes the work place a less supportive place for them.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the thief employee, there is a thriving industry in jiving the courts regarding "native customs". For example, I expect the thief employee told the equality agency that back in Boogaloogaland taking food from your employer's store is considered customary.

She will doubtless have some bullshite expert (also from Boogaloogaland) agreeing with her.

There isn't a damn thing the employer can do. Send an expert to Boogaloogaland to run an independent investigation?

You are screwed.

Anonymous said...

Are you making up all this shit? I cant really belive that one tenth of this is true.

SAVANT said...

These are 3 very interesting comments. Joe, not 10% of it is true, 100% is. They've all been collected from media reports and can be accessed from the Tribunal's web site.

Big Bill is on the button. This in fact was the basis for the award - it's part of the 'culture' in Nigeria. and Jesus Christ - who could deny that robbing is part of their culture!

Anonyous is correct in theory, but there are so many constratints now that even if you refuse to take on cultural enrichers they'll come at you for biased hiring practices. I'm not as optimistic as he is.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with anonymous dude here and was about to post the same. In the countries where you are not (yet) forced to hire minorities on the basis that they are minorities similar cases have wrecked working prospects for many immigrants who've arrived on some other than job-related basis at first.

Anecdote from Finland: a Muslim doctor from middle-east was hired by a city. Public healthcare salaries cannot compete with those of the private sector and the public sector constantly struggles to find doctors and nurses. The Muslim doctor did not arrive to his first interview and they agreed for a second, but because he missed the first (without explanation, not bothering to even call) the head doctor (male) was unavailable and a senior nurse (female) carried the interview, or attempted to. The man refused to be interviewed by a woman but was hired anyway for some obscure reason. Guess they needed someone to fill in some hours fast, huh. After a short while in which the man established himself as extremely difficult to work with for the female staff he sued the hospital for discrimination on the basis that one thursday the kitchen served a pea soup including pork meat as the main course and took the case to court. The court threw him out finding no basis for specific discrimination (various allergics, for example, also had to do with sandwiches and salad) after which the doctor went on a sick leave for several months and then left on his own volition. But because of this man nobody wants to risk hiring another Muslim doctor if avoidable and the word carries out.

Happens all the time. Blacks and Muslims in Scandinavia have such a bad reputation among employers they really do have problems finding jobs, even when qualified. How often they are is another thing... but I digress.

When complaintants start being awarded money, especially on the private sector, for this shit you can be sure employers will be more reluctant then ever to hire anyone from a religious or ethnic "risk" group.

After that, the only way your average West European government figures out they'll add inclusiveness and diversity is by establishing quotas and punishing those who don't fill them, since nobody in their right mind hires potentially problematic employees if they can choose not to. In the worst case, employers will be forced to simply hire someone, anyone, who is black, a Muslim, a space monster, a feminist or whatever and end up with unskilled and useless staff hurting the business (as is already happening in Scandinavian and UK public sectors, now in Ireland right? and on) causing even more resentment and negative prejudices towards the immigrants. So basically all the quota systems do is just hurt everyone involved and deepen what problems there are between the relations of the natives and the immigrant groups who have to be set quotas. As usually is the case when government policies come to play in these issues, but what does our political elite care of that, they are morally on the high horse again by being inclusive and thus exonerated from any guilt, right?

Anonymous said...

Let us hopre that some of the multi-culti integrationists fall foul of the pitfalls of diversity.

Conor Lenihan: are you watching?

Curry&Bacon said...

Yes , in the US it's called the Race Card. Organizations like LA RAZA train immigrants and illegals to use the laws set out to help former slaves to their own advantage. We have Muslim and Somalia's suing for this or that. I know of Mexican Illegals who could barely speak ten words of english ,who tell Property managers that they have to rent to them otherwise its dish crimination. ( discrimination).
Immigration should serve the country and it's natives not the greed of the immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Re znfg, a Lebanese doctor was on extended 'sick leave' from his post in Finland. On full pay, he then took up a FULL TIME POST in Ireland while claiming sick leave!

Anonymous said...

zngr - I think Savant's point - one of them - is that even if private companies dont want to employ 'victims', there are so many laws under which they can claim discrimination that the scenario you refer to doesn't hold up.

What they do, as someone (you?) suggested, is to simply employ some of them even if they have nothing to do. Good for the victim, lousy for the rest of society

Anonymous said...

Yo Tasha, in Europe the exploitation network was set up to help out political asylum seekers from behind the Iron Curtain. Originally the attempt was to make it legal for anyone who manages an escape from USSR to claim, and be granted asylum, so to escape the Bolshevik Communist block (and potentially serve as a spy or informant). When the Iron Curtain fell the laws remained in place and third world immigrants started abusing the system. When the laws were upgraded, if they were, it was too late.

Another loophole was, and is, the infamous family "reunification" clause whereby an asylum seeker who has been granted residence in Europe goes back to Pakistan (or whatever country where arranged marriages are the order of the day) by orders from the male clan members and is married, willing or not, to some illiterate villager who is then granted residence in Europe because of family "reunification". Somalians have perfected the system all around the world, because everyone from the same clan is basically a sister or a brother with everyone else. They just tear up the passports and scrub the fingerprints and proclaim they are relative to one Abdelkader Hassan Mohammad, because at least a few Hassan Mohammads are found everywhere where you can find a Somali loitering about.

None of these systems were built to serve the turn of the century population movement but to radically reform them is racist and xenophobic, so they were left in place for too long.

re: anon 20:39
Oh my, he must be a big shot back in Leb, I bet if he has a brick factory where domestic slaves work 16 hour days, err, I mean his wives and their children work normal days, he could be quite affluent by Western standards as well. Thank God for the White Man's Burden, without our guilt all this wealth would not be generated and the world would be just that much darker a place to live in.

Anonymous said...

Oh and "biased hiring practices", when that holds in court, well at that point we're all doomed. Savant was right about that - I just don't see it happening much yet.

Again my point was that at the moment the positive discrimination mostly hurts those it is supposed to help by terrorizing employers.

SAVANT said...

zngr's point is valid and similar to that related to trade unions. Unions caused so much trouble in the 60s and 70s that new companies wouldn't start if the plant was unionised. Many simply went elsewhere.The unions just shot themsleves in the foot.

Kilbarry1 said...

What are we to do about all of this? The chief problem is that Ireland today stands for nothing - neither Faith nor Fatherland. Remember the slogan on the old Irish Press - "For the Glory of God and the Honour of Ireland" (in Irish too!). That kind of ideal has been replaced by a mixture of cynicism and anti-clerical hatred.

A great deal changed in the 1960s. I knew a prominent member of a religious order - Brother Maurice Kirk later head of the De La Salle Brothers - who was a Modernising Conservative. He was on excellent terms with the Jesuit Fr Michael Sweetman who would have been regarded as a "radical priest". Both of them admired Bishop Peter Birch who set up the Kilkenny Social Services Conference but was very orthodox in doctrine.

There was a huge effort by liberals and conservatives in the Church to reach out to each other and to the whole of society. Even John Charles McQuaid held ecumenical meeting with Protestant clergy - in strict obedience to the dictates of Vatican 2. (McQuaid was also a long time supporter of Patrick Kavanagh - and he hardly failed to notice the unorthodox elements in "The Great Hunger".)

This kind of intellectual ferment should have resulted in some sort of synthesis - some new expressions of Patriotism and Faith to replace the forms that were becoming antiquated. (Not everbody would have to agree on everything but that was also the case in the Age of De Valera and McQuaid!). If that synthesis had been achieved then we would be in a very good position to face up the problems of illegal immigration and Islamic terrrorism. Instead we ended up with Cynicism and a feral Anti-Clericalism.

The problem mainly manifested itself after 1968 and it did not lie with the Church. I think it was caused by people like Dr Noel Browne - that fake liberal saint - and then by Pat Rabbitte and his Worker Party colleagues. These people were so eaten up by their hatred of the Church - and their associated love affair with the Soviet Union - that no compromise was possible. They may not have garnered a lot of votes but they were highly influential all the same. (In 1994 Rabbitte helped bring down the Government by insinuating that Cardinal Daly and the AG were colluding to protect Fr Brendan Smyth).

The worthlessness of Worker Party ideology was exposed by the fall of the Soviet Union. However the failure of the dialogue had a very negative effect on the Church also. The Old Conservatives who at least stood for something, like McQuaid and Lucey, have gone - and Cornelius Lucey would have had a lot to say about the States failure to enforce its own laws. They have been replaced by the type of Bishop who will fail to stand up for his own priests when they are are falsely accused of child abuse. You can imagine how useful THESE Bishops are in the secular world!

However the problem was caused by secular anti-clerics, most of them left wing but with a good springling of right-wingers too (Conor Cruise O'Brien comes to mind.) It is up to yee to try to fix it. I actually believe you have left it too late but you have a moral obligation to link up to the (spiritual) descendants of Brother Maurice and Father Sweetman and Bishop Birch and see what can be done. That's the only way that Irish society MIGHT build up a new set of ideals and values to face the challanges of the modern world.

Anonymous said...

So what you are saying is that Ireland is in a spiritual limbo like most of the Western Europe.

Interesting that the reasons you recount are that much more different than in, say, Sweden or Germany but the end result is the same and that the other common link is, ta-da, the Leftists.

This is the revenge of Marxism guys. USA "won" the Cold War, Bolshevik Communism is gone but the Marxist ideals, the products of -68, and those who grew up admiring Lenin and Mao all live among us, seeking to annihilate the Western civilization they loath, to replace it with a society completely equal. By lowering everyone to the bottom.

Expect for the politicians and the voice of the Party, the MSM, of course, you know, they'd be equal as well just... go to different stores and stuff. Nothing major.

Hmm, I'm starting to sound a little nutty. But the mind simply struggles to understand why this is being done to us, and why by the elected governmental elites that should be serving their citizens and protecting us.

Anonymous said...

zngr - it's a great mystery to me, too, as to why our elites are doing this to us. I've thought about it deeply, but just dont know.

Kilbarry1 said...

Quick reply for now. I largely agree with zngr. The problem is partly the cultural revenge of Marxists who now stand for nothing except self-destruction while taking the rest of us down with them. However the problem is wider than that.

In his autobioghraphy, published in 1992, Conor Cruise O'Brien made it clear that he regarded Dr Noel Browne as an untrustworthy thug but still appreciated his attacks on the Catholic Church. In 1995 an Irish Bishop went to USA for treatment for alcoholism. This event triggered a vile campaign against the Bishop - up to and including claims that he was a child abuser fleeing justice. The Cruiser was a prominent participant in that campaign. This is another form of intellectual self-destruction, and it can't be blamed on Marxism.

The present Pope feels that the Church in the 1960s was too naive in opening itself to a world that is fundamentally hostile to it. I think he is right. What should happen now is difficult to say but if any honest secularists want to ally with Catholics in defence of western civilisation, then it is up to them to take the initiative!

Anonymous said...

Should I become the Government, we will have a sign at the airport,
'Do not take up a job in this country if you do not know English. Under EU law English is the working language of Ireland. Failte Rohat.'