Tuesday, 23 September 2008

John McCain: Scumbag

I posted some time ago about the myth of McCain, the ‘war hero’. As the post shows, he was the exact opposite, having caved in after only four days in prison and revealed various aspects of military intelligence.

Here are some additional sources validating these assertions.

‘John McCain: Privileged ‘War Hero’. Liar, Collaborator, Traitor’

Amy Silverman: ‘Is John McCain a War Hero?’ March 25, 1999, Phoenix New Times
The ‘character’ card
McCain has always made great use of his supposed ‘character’ credentials. In fact this is like GW Bush claiming war hero, or Bill Clinton marital fidelity, credentials.

Here are a few fine examples of his character:

The Daily Mail quotes Ted Sempley, a former military colleague of McCain, talking of how McCain dumped his wife and kids after she had lost her looks in an accident. “When he came home and saw that Carol was not the beauty he left behind, he started running around on her almost straight away. Eventually he met Cindy. She was young, beautiful, and very wealthy. At this point he dumped Carol for someone he just thought was better. This is the guy who makes such a big thing about character’

Ross Perot and Nancy and Ronal Reagan, former close friends, broke off contact with him after this and froze him out of their circle. He was deemed a very bad egg indeed.

Soon after McCain and Cindy were involved with Charles Keating, a major criminal (also a strong Catholic and anti-porn crusader, quelle surprise) and they narrowly avoided serious prosecution with Keating, who died in jail. Again demonstrating his character, McCain blamed Cindy for ‘drawing this down on me’. So gallant. According to Counterpunch, two physicians from Phoenix claimed that on a number of occasions around this time Cindy had to be treated for injuries ‘consistent with physical violence’.

Also around this time, perhaps not coincidentally, Cindy began stealing drugs from a charitable organization of which she was president.

A few more ‘character’ pointers for this rancid little shit.

When a woman in a wheelchair challenged him for not doing more for missing in action (MIAs) veterans, McCain roughly pushed her away, almost toppling the wheelchair over.

In Cliff Schecter’s book ‘The Real McCain’ he cites an incident where Cindy playfully tugged at McCain’s hair and teased ‘you’re getting a bit thin up there’. McCain exploded ‘at least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt’. Charming man

He worked assiduously in the Senate to restrict access to the records of prisoners of war in Vietnam. He claims this was ‘to protect their privacy’. Like keeping private when an Army Colonel views his treachery in betraying military secrets to the Vietnamese as ‘treason’. That would be unhelpful to a Presidential bid. While the law allows an individual prisoner access to his own records and the entitlement to publish them, McCain has never burdened us with them. I wonder why?

I therefore propose:

John McCain = scumbag. QED.

Now the real question is this: How come none of this has come up in the MSM? How come McCain hasn’t been ‘swift boated’ on this record, vastly more damaging than anything John Kerry had to face?

I don't for one minute think that the media are pro-McCain and anti-Obama. Obama if anything is being given kid glove treatment and swooning adulation from the MSM. But why hasn’t this election-changing information come out in the mainstream? Why the fuck hasn’t Obama used it? I just don't have an idea.


Anonymous said...

It has not been publicized because it is not true !

Anonymous said...

It's not true? These are, prima facie, reliable witnesses. If not true they're also defamatory, serioulsy so. Hard to imagine anything more defamatory than calling someone a traitor. Yet there has been no response from McCain.

How do YOU know they're not true?

Anonymous said...

He's old enough; so maybe it doesn't matter.

Palin for President!

Robert said...


Police defend MCCain from dangerous grandmother with sign.

Anonymous said...

What's not true about it Joe? Enlighten us!


Anonymous said...

haha...you may have jumped the shark on this one,Savant.

SAVANT said...

"Jumped the shark" ?? what do you mean?

Anonymous said...

It's a term from US tv-an episode in 'Happy Days'where Fonzie surfs with a shark-the ratings plummeted because it was a suspension of disbelief too far...it has become a figure of speech-I'm with you on most things,but your piece on McCain...is Amy Silverman a reliable source? She has done several hit pieces on the McCains for Salon...

SAVANT said...

Joe O'Neill and J. What parts aren't true? seems to me that former prisoners with McCain in the Hanoi Hilton and an Army colonel with no apparent axe to grind are pretty reliable.

The incidents concerning his ntreatment of women that I referred to are all in the public record and not in dispute.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that a person can have more than one relationship/marriage and still be considered to 'be of good character'-as for Ted Sempley's evaluation of McCain's first marriage-how could he know details like that? Sounds more like toxic gossip.
As for the Counterpunch thing-please.I think we can rely on Chomsky,Fisk et al for some fair and balanced reporting when it comes to Republicans.Not.

SAVANT said...

I think a lot of the pro-McCain responses derive from an antipathy to Obama becoming President. Believe me, I'm not enthused about that either. But there's an abundance of evidence - sure, not enough for a court of law - but enough to show him as an extremely dislikable and unstable character.

Re the marriage issue, sure, a person can have as many partners as he wants in my view, and best of luck to him. But walking out on a wife who waited for you for several years, just becuase she;d lost her looks, in my book, that shows BAD character

Anonymous said...

Read "The Real McCain" by Cliff Schecter. It reminds us who this man really is: a panderer who flip-flops and says whatever he thinks he needs to say to climb to the next rung on the political ladder;

an extremist supporter of Bush's Iraq policy, who says he would like the US to occupy Iraq for the next 100 years; someone who has dished out so many free martinis and cocktail weenies to the DC media that he calls the media "my base";

a man who defended his immigration policy by claiming absurdly that American citizens would never pick lettuce for $50 an hour --

"You can't do it, my friends" was his response to the many hard-working American wage slaves who tried to take this multi-millionaire up on his offer to pick lettuce for nearly 10 TIMES the current US minimum wage of $5.85 per hour.

Racist when he needs to be, pseudo-centrist when he thinks it will suit him, unfaithful to his disabled first wife who he then left to marry his girlfriend, a pill-popping multi-millionaire brewing heiress: John McCain can be a lot of things. But Schecter reminds us who he really is: incompetent, aggressive, pandering, old, and hopelessly out-of-touch.