Monday, 15 September 2008

Jamaica love song

Jamaicans have been flooding into Britain for the last 50 years, and this gives an example of how they live back home. (By the way, the stabbing epidemic in the UK is almost exclusively an Afro-Carribiean issue). Jamaica is of course, like virtually all black-run countries (or neighbourhoods in Western countries, for that matter) overrun with crime. You can't walk around Kingston without an armed guard - and it's not much better in that tourist paradise, Barbados.

Anyway, the SAS blog showing a link to the Jamaica Sunday Post gives us an insight into the kind of cultural enrichment we can expect to embed itself here over the next few decades - for example the Notting Hill battle field 'carnival'.

Check this link to see how they behave in civilised society.

Crime Triggering Incest!

Walled in by crime and violence in some of Jamaica's violent inner cities, men and women answering nature's call for sex and companionship have turned to blood relatives - in some cases fathers to daughters, brothers to sisters and even mothers to their sons.

"It is heart-breaking," chairman of the Trench Town-based Caribbean Applied Technology Centre, Dr Henley Morgan, told the Sunday Observer. "There were areas in the inner cities where violence has forced individuals within a 30 square feet radius to remain there for years". "They cannot go up the lane, down the lane or anywhere else because of violence. The end result is this heart-breaking situation. The males have never left it (their communities) to find a girl. So they prey on each other"

Renowned social anthropologist specialising in social violence, Dr Herbert Gayle said “there are cases where mothers have turned to their sons, because their husbands or spouses are in prison and they go to her sons to fulfil her sexual needs..." One cop said "I have come across situations where during the investigation of a crime, you find everybody with the same surname. In one instance I interviewed 30 persons and they all have the same surnames. They were brothers, sisters, cousins and friends. It got to a point where you say 'wait a minute, what is happening here?' Only to retrace your steps to find that they are all family in the sickest kind of ways... It is just sickening..." he said, clearly uncomfortable discussing the issue.

Then we have crime dons, who, in the absence of police legitimacy, have taken over whole neighbourhoods. These dons initiate young girls, sometimes very young girls, into sex.Gale pointed out that the status and stock of the dons are closely linked to the number of children they sire, irrespective of their contribution to the lives of the children once they are born. [Now where have we seen that before?]

In modern societies, victims are able to access public psychiatric assistance in a bid to heal. According to the veteran cop, "Here (in Jamaica) people suffer in silence, and even more worrying is that the tragedy is repeated over and over again." Now I fully realise that whitey is to blame for all of this. But I can't seem to work out why. Any suggestions?

Now do you think they'll be any different here in ireland as their numbers swell?

The full article can be accessed here.


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18 Kart said...

'Goddamn whiteys, you be taking out your shit on the black man again! What the fuck is wrong with ya! I Hope dey be killed, muhfugen bitch. Ho.'

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