Sunday, 14 September 2008

Is Christianity the answer?

Kilbarry makes an interesting comment to a post a few days ago. It's worth reading the comment in full. It was in response to the societal collapse we face, driven by Islamic and African immigration on the back of PC mind control.

“What” he asks, “are we to do about all of this? The chief problem is that Ireland today stands for nothing - neither Faith nor Fatherland. The Old Conservatives who at least stood for something, like McQuaid and Lucey, have gone - and Cornelius Lucey would have had a lot to say about the States failure to enforce its own laws."

He would, but then Lucey probably drew up most of those laws in the first place!

He goes on “they have been replaced by the type of Bishop who will fail to stand up for his own priests when they are falsely accused of child abuse.”

Aw come on! The Church and the bishops fought like tigers for decades. They lied, dissimulated, delayed, threatened, used every legal device, shifted abusers to other parishes and put every possible obstruction in the way of their being brought to justice: before they were finally forced to come out with their hands up. It’s for that we now see the crocodile tears from Pope Ben and his acolytes – the very people who presided over the whole scandal in the first place.

Is Kilbarry’s point that if you don't have ‘Faith and Fatherland’ (hi there Adolph!) you don't have anything to believe in? Or that without them society can't be happy and successful? The facts don't bear this up.

For example Denmark has consistently topped the International Happiness polls. But let’s take Scandinavia in general, where this ‘debased’ culture has reached its zenith. Here they have a peaceable, law-abiding, educated tolerant society, topping the Human Development Index in virtually every metric. And, they are highly charitable and giving - they top the world in per capita support for poor nations. Much more so than religious countries. Ok, they drink and shag a lot, but so what?

They do have strong beliefs, like in wealth distribution, the rule of law, not attacking foreign countries, investing strongly in social capital etc. These all coalesce into a coherent belief system. Just because it doesn’t claim a direct line to God, or seek out foreign enemies doesn’t make them any less valid. Much more valid in my view.

So let’s nail this canard that you have to believe in some ‘revealed’ ‘Truth’, and to wave the flag to have solid, life-affirming principles.

However, the comment does hone in on a crucial issue. Namely that those qualities that the Scandinavians (and the West in general, to a lesser degree) live by are spectacularly incapable of protecting the societies that developed them. I referred to this in a series of posts last March.

I mentioned that “among Christianity’s more pernicious attributes is the capacity to embody a sense of ‘Us’ and ‘The Other’, and stoke resentment between them . Some of the more illustrious results can be seen in Lebanon, Northern Ireland and the Balkans."

But this is exactly what could save us from the Islamic/PC menace. And it's what I believe Kilbarry’s driving at. We all saw how the Catholic Church in Ireland (before it collapsed under the weight of its own corruption) gave short shrift to competing products. If Muslims tried in ‘the good old days’ to impose their will on us and pull the kind of stunts they do now, they’d have been run out of town in a flash.

Certainly, the loss of Christianity, or what passed for it, seems to have undermined our will to defend ourselves. Bad and all as it was – and it was bad – maybe the devil you know would be better than the way the West is now headed???


Rhein said...

Ah religion. I never understood the need for people to grovel before a god. I do believe there is a 'creator' but in no way do i buy into the biblical vision of it. Or heaven and hell. Or anything else that's written in those kind of books for that matter. Religion is like a 'human prod' and was invented for that exact purpose.

For those who haven't seen it yet.

Anonymous said...

A society needs to believe in something; not necessarily religion, I'd let that be a personal choice, but something more than the level the individual operates at. I'd like that soemthing to be progress, or a belief in the human capacity to make things better for each succeeding generation. Societies should advance not regress. That's what gets me so worked up about this immigration racket, it makes things worse, not better. I saw a funny thing the other day here in a park in Hamburg. A Muslim family were out for a stroll, the man had a tacky shirt with that 'Playboy' rabbit logo printed on the back, the woman, following him at a distance, in the full hijab get up. The irony! Pity I didn't have my camera.

Zngr said...

Astute observations! I was reading Bruce S. Thornton the other day and he also identified as the new European religion/belief system our political ideas and the "revolutions" of the past. There is no God but we still believe. A furious example was the French Revolution, they even changed the date (Anno Domini).

Critics of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness have long ago identified both as new belief systems, ideologies, as far removed from scientitic study or the real world as any other religion. Yet we should believe in both unconditionally. Or we are pagans or witches, subject the inquisition of Human Rights Tribunals or attacks from "Antirasistik" groups and "political activists" (i.e. Leftist thugs) who would force us to believe what they do, or confront us with devastating legal costs or more and more often today, with violence.

SAVANT said...

My sentiments exactly Rhein. There HAS to be some kind of creator, but we just dont know what it is!

All organised religions are, like you say, a human prod.

Anonymous said...

yes, the 'devastating legal costs' is a big issue. in some jurisdictions the 'racist' even if acquitted, must pay his costs, while the complainer, if if unsuccessful, gets his costs paid. this is an extremely effective method of closing down discussion.

Anonymous said...

"A Muslim family were out for a stroll, the man had a tacky shirt with that 'Playboy' rabbit logo printed on the back, the woman, following him at a distance, in the full hijab get up. The irony! Pity I didn't have my camera."


Joe O'Neill said...

When I think of the catholic church I think of evil lesbian nuns with their pink scrubbed hands and faces totally devoid of humour, the other thing that I think of are perverts masquerading as priests.....If only they were like the people on Craggy Island.

Anonymous said...

In Finland one dude who was fined for "racist" blogging got a nasty fine he had trouble coughing up, but the cash was provided for by likeminded people. I bet the prosecutor popped a vein. Foiled! The only satisfaction which the prosecution can masturbate on in a circle was knowing they caused a honest working man considerable anxiety.

I bet he popped quite a few more when he discovered that even if court orders demand that sites hosted on Blogger or Wordpress close down pages nothing whatsoever happens. The person who has "incited hatred" might quit his criminal activities but the pages witnessing his terrible thought crimes remain for all to see. Ha ha. That must've put a crank on someones power and control fantasies.

Zngr said...

PRICELESS indeed. The Muslim men sure know how to live the good life. How refreshingly exotic. An Arab man who married a blonde Scandinavian girl with a big bust back in -01 (to get residence, I suspect) dived into the liberties and lifestyle of the Western World with commendable abandon.

He bought new flashy clothes with his welfare benefits and the meager salary of his new wife which he appropriated for his personal use. He hung out in night clubs every night of the week, sipping expensive drinks with his sandnigger friends, harassing young girls, demanding sex from these Western whores. Nothing insults the Arab man more than being constantly surrounded by loose Western whores who incomprehensibly refuse THEM sex but surely must sleep with everyone else. Why do these whores behave so? Ahh the many times I've seen Arabs assault completely strange women on the public, something I've never seen a Western man do in more than 30 years. This surely adds to the vibrant multicultural life of our streets. During day time, after he woked up tired from his escapades, he would refresh himself with domestic abuse and scurry to the street his wife worked by, spying on her from the bushes across and running into the store from time to time to yell abuse to his loving wife and to harass male customers he thought had sexual intentions with her. Why else would they enter the store? As a punishment he beat his wife on a daily basis and soon her work outfit included a permanent black eye. I had warned her before the marriage to no avail and she cried constantly. Naturally, if he would have linked me with the woman he would have beaten her black and blue to return honor. So eventually I had to stop talking to her at all because of her insistence as she was afraid her Arab cultural enricher would take such a terrible revenge on her the damage would be permanent.

I think that with support from her family she was finally able to free herself and moved far, far away... because moving close would mean continued harassment.

And they used to say exposure to different cultures improves our understanding, thereby positively increasing tolerance...

Anonymous said...

zngr - is it becoming more acceptable to speak about the kind of experience you metion? Or is it all hushed up?

Here in ireland there are lots of similar situations, not as bad, but the women change utterly after marriage.

Anonymous said...

zngr - it's not as simple as that. blogger are closing down blogs the whole time e.g. south africa sucks.

Zngr said...

anon 11:45 - I don't think so... UK has Daily Mail and the Telegraph but the former has a bad repuation for making their stories a little colourful or even making them up, or am I wrong? In Norway and Sweden the more horrible and visible in everyday life the complicated issues with deep cultural incomatibility develope the more silent the MSM, academics and politicians become and the more shrill the cries of racism and xenophobia turn. I think in Sweden MSM is actually a subsidy of the government so they must stay in line or face loss of budget and stop operating. As for Finland social workers are today especially trained to ignore any cultural or race bias which is good. It has been accepted to some extent immigrants do not deserve special favours.

Anyway the events of the past two decades and IMO internet as alternative information source is leading to an emergence of new right wing, nationalist parties as seen in Denmark (and Norway after the next election) so we're going to see a lot more "public" discussion about sensitive issues within the next decade. I hope. I'm not very comfortable with the idea of possibly extreme national parties popping up but if nobody else is going to do anything...

SAVANT said...

zngr - i think that ANYTHING that brings up public discussion is good. Extreme right woing parties always fade away when the specific problem that gave rise to them is solved.

Zngr said...

savant - guess so, better than silence. I'm just hoping the really fanatic types who would actually march around in pogroms beating everyone with the wrong shade of skin don't come about due to the lack of other response.

Also the right win parties currently active are actually not very "extreme" apart from some real fringe groups which have always lurked about. It's only a part of the current PC "war of words" that tries to present ANY party with a nationalist flavour (what could be patriotic in USA) or which leans right an EXTREME RIGHT WING NAZI GROUP so as to scare people away. Even if all they plan to do is address immigration issues by driving policies that help assimilation, screen people who are already exploiting immigration, or the atrocity Leftists and MSM hate the most, publish uncomfortable statistics about crime, social welfare or unemployment rates and attempt to discuss them.

Yes, if you want to discuss why so many immigrants of certain ethnic groups eat so much of the welfare (5% group of Muslims eat 40% of the Danish welfare spending, according to some pundits) or plague the population with endemic criminality (immigrants of Muslim background commit up to 900% more sexual violence than other other ethnic groups, the average young Somali man has a criminal record and is 100 times as likely to commit a crime than a native white boy etc.) and why any sane person should tolerate this it makes you "extreme right wing". Oh and a racist too. And a fascist, the dog's probably named Adolf and gives paw when you yell Sieg Heil.

And an Islamophobe.

Rhein said...

SAVANT said...

zngr - i think that ANYTHING that brings up public discussion is good. Extreme right woing parties always fade away when the specific problem that gave rise to them is solved.


Exactly. Every action brings an equal amount of reaction. The extreme 'leftism' of our countries have given rise to extreme 'rightism'. Altough calling parties like the BNP, Front National or Vlaams Belang extreme would be unfair. They're simply patriots and nationalists that oppose the dispossession of their people.

kerdasi amaq said...

Is it the academic nature to ignore any evidence which contradicts their utopian vision of the world?

How do you cure them of this tendency?

Anonymous said...

Kerdasi - Remove their tenured position! Then they'd be in the real world again!