Monday, 1 September 2008

An explanation

I receieved the following comment on an earlier post from DAJ and felt it worthwhile to reprint it as well as my reply.


This particular post gives support to the people who assert that you are racist and/or hateful towards blacks. You are indeed knowledgeable and reasonable in many of your posts regarding the cultural, intellectual, and socioeconomic shortcomings of the black race. In light of your evidence, it is not unwise for you to be concerned with rising black immigration to Ireland.

However, the poor humor in this post reveals a twisted reveling in the misfortunes of the black race. You appear to be taking pleasure in the notion that black babies are far less endowed with the genetic traits that will enable them to grow into productive, law-abiding, intelligent, and responsible adults. Why would you joke about such an irreparably dismal fact of nature?

It is no laughing matter that one of the largest groups of humanity is genetically consigned to poverty, failure, and blight. After all, blacks chose neither their genes nor their evolution. With respect to civilization, nature dealt them a very paltry hand with which to play. Reporting about an awful situation is one thing. Regaling in it is another thing.

01 September 2008 19:23

SAVANT said...

DAJ - thanks for the thoughtful comment.In fact I dont take any pleasure in the problems of blacks and their endowed characteristics. I worked on a pro bono basis in Africa for a while so my reaction would be despair rather than malicious enjoyment.

Fact is, based on my personal knowledge of those who read this site (they dont know I'm Savant!), a high proportion come on for the humour. As I want desparately for ireland to avoid the fate of America and the UK (for example), I'm using every means possible to get the message across.


Anonymous said...

I don't think we should rejoice in the problems that befall the black population of the world,what I object to is being blamed for their problems. I think we should help as much as possible as long as they do their best and not take take and take and then blame whites for not giving enough.

Anonymous said...

I dont think savant is taking pleasure in the problems of blacks. it's just, er, 'black' humor!

Anonymous said...

Well said Savant.
Regrettably in SA we no longer have the good fortune you fellers in Europe (still) enjoy...
Which is why we have so little humour on our pages on SAS. We rage against the machine, all the while knowing it is too late for us, but if we can help the rest of the (still) civilised world by warning them of the perils which will NO DOUBT befall them and their descendants, we will continue doing our moral duty - whether or not we are accused of that most extreme of epithets, racism.
Keep up you good work - you are a teeny light shining in a sea of darkness.

Anonymous said...

you're a fool savant. a bigoted ill-educated fool. if you did really work and spend time in africa (and actually get to know any of the people there rather than just associating with whites there) and still have your pitiful, racialist attitude then you're one of the biggest idiots I've ever come across.
Africa is a beautiful continent and it's people some of the most generous, kind and well-mannered people you could meet. Unlike you.

SAVANT said...

anonymous 16.21. i guess you're right. everywhere i look in africa i see honesty, order, good leadership, no violent crime - in fact a little bit like sweden used to be. apologies!