Saturday, 16 August 2008

Sinn Fein calls for funding transparency

I don't often have a kind word for Sinn Fein, but in fairness, their call yesterday for more transparency in political party funding was very welcome.

The Irish Times today tells us “SINN F√ČIN yesterday called on the Government to introduce new transparency and disclosure rules for political party funding. The party published its annual financial statements for North and South yesterday, showing it had a combined income of over €2.5 million in 2007."

MEP Mary Lou McDonald hit the nail on the head with “The general public understand that fundraising and donations are part and parcel of generating that income. Where cynicism starts to creep in is when it is perceived that political parties are not open and transparent about their financial affairs.”

That is so true. But surprisingly, she didn’t go on to detail where the €2.5 million came from. Just an oversight, I'm sure. In any event, my contacts in the SF HQ have provided me with the following summary breakdown.

Financial Year ended Dec. 31, 2007

Auditors’ note: All figures in Euro, conversion rate £1 = €0.78. In line with our ‘one island, one country’ policy, revenues are not split between the Republic and the Occupied Six Counties.

Summary Breakdown and Sourcing of Revenues (2006 revenues in brackets)

Bank robberies €442, 611 (765, 321)

Extortion €683, 964 (477,989)

Security van hijacking €976,456 (2,333,658)

Oil and cigarette smuggling €314,223 (193,428)

Whereas Bank Robberies and Hijacking show a worrying decline we believe that the promising trends in the Smuggling and Extortion categories indicate the Party’s finances will remain in good order.

Ta go maith agus bord na mona.

Let's all hope so.Keep up the good work lads.


Anonymous said...

Good on them, they might start regaining the trust of their peers if they keep this up.

Personally i think any person, group, organisation or party that uses the taxpayer's money should be as transparent as glass. If they don't want to be then they shouldn't be allowed to use/spend our hard-earned money.

Anonymous said...

In fairness, I think SF have gone well past the bank robberies stage.

Theodore Breehn said...

Ourselves Alone were also stalwart in opposing Lisbon. There were not too many with them.

Of course, a few years in power, tasting the gravy train might change that noble stance.

Anonymous said...

It's happening already. That's why the peace process worked in the North. They all have big houses in Donegal and Spain.

Anonymous said...

I know this may be a bit controversial, but is there evidence that Sinn Fein is funded by Jews?
[1] Similar prominence coincided with 1916 and Balfour Declaration
[2] Similar censorship of Jews
[3] Eire has I take it identical paper money system as many other countries
[4] Secretly supported by the British state just like 'Communism', itself of course Jewish
[5] Support for Britain against Germany in WW2 despite supposed neutrality
[6] Supporting immigration into Eire, obviously anti-white racist move
[7] Support for extreme violence with is characteristic of Jews
[8] Use of 'eye witness' phoniness, in this case against Cromwell. (See Tom Reilly book).
[9] No doubt many other 'coincidences'