Friday, 15 August 2008

Russia and Georgia: A reality check

The arrogance and tendentiousness of the American MSM continues to take the breath away. The Washington Post, once a great newspaper, and supposedly ‘liberal’, exemplifies this with an insane editorial entitled “The U.S. and its allies must unite against Moscow's war on Georgia”. It contains the usual Bush blather about defending democracy, freedom, blah, blah, blah.

Just consider a few facts:

The Georgians started this conflict. In South Ossetia they attacked Russian peacekeepers (I use that term in its loosest sense) who were there as part of a peace deal signed by Georgia and Russia. Several Russians were killed.

For almost two hundred years Georgia has been part of Greater Russia. Maybe they were entitled to independence, maybe not, but if so, why can't South Ossetia and Abkhazia then be independent of Georgia? Their people are not Georgian and don't want to be part of it.

Back in the late eighties Ronald Reagan promised Gorbachev that if the Soviet Union peacefully granted non-Russian ‘countries’ independence, the US and NATO would reciprocate by not expanding into those countries. These promises were broken with a callousness and cynicism that would have done Hitler proud. Now they want Georgia to become a member of NATO. In case you forget, NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Georgia is closer to the South Pacific than the North Atlantic. For fuck sake!

Then Bush wags his finger and with a straight face warns against using ‘armed force’ to ‘bully’ a small nation. All he was short of saying was that ‘we could have bullied Iraq and Afghanistan too, but we took the peaceful route’.
And of course if you ever see America doing something stupid in this general region, you can be sure the Israelis are in there somewhere, pouring petrol on the flames. And sure enough, the Israelis are up to their necks in Georgia. They have been selling them massive amounts of armaments and ‘private’ military training and intelligence services. A number of the Georgian cabinet hold Israeli citizenship. A nice little war would boost Israeli coffers (replacement armaments), test the weapons and intelligence in actual war circumstances and hopefully drag America into another conflict in the region. All of this is still on the cards.

The only bright side is that the US is bogged down in the Iraq and Afghanistan fiascos, the economy is going down the tubes, and China and the ‘sovereign funds’ (i.e. Arabs) can pull the financial plug at any time. Thankfully Europe, conscious of its dependence on Russian energy, looks like staying out. Surely, in such circumstance even a buffoon like Bush and the neocon nutcases that surround him wouldn’t do anything so stupid as get directly involved? Let’s just hope so.

But going back to the Washington Post and the American MSM generally. How in God’s name do they continue to purvey such garbage? Have they learned nothing from all the disasters of the last forty years – Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan? How do the American sheeple continue to believe it? Have they been totally lobotomised?

I truly fear for that once great country. How the Chinese and the Arabs must be laughing.

But I'm laughing too, because the Internet and blogs are rapidly putting these useless bastards out of business.


Anonymous said...

I think 'we the sheeple' are beginning to realize it, but it's too little, too late.

Rhein said...

It's not too late. The damage they've done could be repaired within a few years.

Here are some very good articles on the Russia/Georgia conflicts from takimag, a true conservative(as in not neocons) online magazine from the US. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Savant's blog.

Tesla said...

There is a very complicated history between Russia / Georgia / Ossetia and I don't claim to understand it. I don't believe the Russian side of recent events and I don't believe the Georgian version. Frankly I don't give a rat's ass. I don't give a shit if the entire shithole region turns into backyard sized nations that all kill each other.

That being said, my instincts are to not trust former KGB lieutenant colonel Putin. These days the guy is a petro-thug.

Was it not the slightest bit coincidental that Russia had an entire armored division ready at the border before the Georgian attack on the "peacekeepers"? And if it was just an issue of an attack on said peacekeepers then why the full fledged invasion of Georgia?

As an American I hope that my country doesn't escalate things. Europe is too weak to stand up to Russia and Putin is banking that Americans are too weary to get involved militarily.

Georgia was just a test for Putin to see the response. I'd bet he's going for Ukraine next. My inclination is to tell the EU to grow some balls and let them sort it out.

SAVANT said...

Tesla, I'm with you 100%. I'm not suggesting that the Russians are the good guys and the Georgians the bad. Not atall.

Essentially I'm decrying the way the western MSM is using the occasion to create a broader conflict with Russia, and the way the US sheeple are following them.

Taki's articles referred to by rhein would represent my views pretty well.

Joseph Moroco said...

" Was it not the slightest bit coincidental that Russia had an entire armored division ready at the border before the Georgian attack on the "peacekeepers"? And if it was just an issue of an attack on said peacekeepers then why the full fledged invasion of Georgia?"

No it wasn't. The Russkies intel was good. Ours sucked. Play with fire.....

Anonymous said...

Maybe their intel was good. But it was still crazy for Georgia to attack.