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Race and psychopathy

As Hannibal Lecter showed, the psychopathic character has become a favourite source of fascination. But it’s also been the subject of serious study in a range of disciplines. Psychiatric textbooks define the following as traits typical of a psychopath

- Grandiose and grossly overstated sense of self-worth
- Pathological lying
- Lack of remorse or guilt
- Callous / lack of empathy
- Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
- Parasitic lifestyle
- Poor behavioral control
- Lack of realistic, long-term goals
- Impulsivity
- Juvenile delinquency/Early behavior problems
- Criminal versatility and disproportionate revocation of conditional release
- Many short-term marital relationships/Promiscuous sexual behavior

In essence, psychopathic personality is a personality disorder of which the central feature is lack of a moral sense Now I'm sure you see where I'm headed with this, and will those at the back of the class please stop shouting ‘Nigerians’. But the evidence is there. Blacks possess those characteristics at a rate substantially in excess of whites. And in case you think I'm a white supremacist, I’ll also point out that East Asians (Japanese, Chinese and Koreans) possess them at lower levels than whites. (Check this as an example of true psychopathy - no sense of morality or empathy whatsoever)

Ok, the evidence.

In both the United States and Britain, black children are disciplined fro misbehaviour three or four times as frequently as white children, while East Asians have much lower discipline problems than whites.

Basic lack of honesty can be gauged by substantially higher rates of incarceration for blacks compared to other races, by the higher default rates on student loans (they tend not to pay them back) and the high proportion of bad credit ratings for blacks. A report by the now beleaguered Freddie Mac of 12,000 households in 1999 found the highest percentage of poor credit ratings was among blacks (48 percent). The next highest was among Hispanics (34 percent), while whites had the lowest at 27 percent. Agreed, there are other factors contributing to these ratios, but lack of honesty self-evidently features among them.

Violence and criminality distribution by race has been traced by a number of studies, the most notable being probably The Color of Crime by Glade Whitney. For homicide, rates for black males are about six times the white rate, and for black females they are about four times higher. Note again that the homicide rate for East Asians is about half that of whites. The high homicide rate of blacks is also found in South Africa, and homicide is generally higher in black countries than in white and East Asian countries.

As regards other crimes, the robbery rate for blacks is about twelve times the white rate, while the assault rate is about five times higher. The rate for rape is about five-and-a-half times greater for blacks than whites, while East Asians commit rape at about half the white rate.

Several studies have shown that blacks attach less value to marriage than whites. Questionnaire surveys have found that blacks are less likely than whites to agree that “marriage is for life.” In a study of an American sample of 2,059 married people, C. L. Broman found that “blacks are significantly less likely to feel that their marriages are harmonious and are significantly less likely to be satisfied with their marriages.”

In the United States, black illegitimacy rates in 2000 were 68.7, with the corresponding figures for whites being 22.1 percent. In the United States in the 1990s blacks had about twice the proportion of unplanned babies as whites and Asians. In Britain, a survey of teenage births carried out in 1994 found that these were three-and-a-half times more common among blacks than among whites and Asians. In the United States, the percentage of teenage blacks who have fathered an illegitimate child is approximately three times greater than that of whites, with Hispanics intermediate.

Another consequence of reckless avoidance of contraceptives is that blacks are more likely to get sexually transmitted diseases — including HIV and AIDS — all of which are more prevalent among blacks than among whites and Asians. At the present time, about 80 percent of the word’s HIV carriers are blacks in sub-Saharan Africa. Surveys in the United States in the 1990s have found that about a third of black 13-year-olds have had sexual intercourse compared with 14 percent of whites.

It’s hardly necessary to refer to parasitism, with blacks being unemployed and/or welfare dependent at rates drastically greater than whites in every country.

Richard Lynn states that “there is almost complete consistency in the racial differences in outcomes that can be considered measures of psychopathic personality. In everything from child behavior to sexual precocity to adult crime rates we find Asians [it would be more accurate to say "East Asians: Savant] at one extreme, blacks at the other, and whites, Hispanics and American Indians in between. These differences are not only consistent through time but are found in countries such as France, Britain, Canada, and the United States, which have very different histories of what could be called “racism.” Indices of high psychopathic personality in blacks are likewise found in the virtually all-black societies of Africa and the Caribbean".

Now move from the micro to the macro. Look at blacks-majority countries anywhere in the world. All the characteristics of individual psychopathy can be applied to the overall country. High crime levels, low levels of care for fellow citizens, almost all rulers with power displaying typical psychopathic personalities, massive corruption and parasitism (depending in handouts from the West).

It will, I hope, be obvious, that I'm not suggesting that all blacks are psychopaths. There will be a dispersion of these personality traits amongst blacks on a histogram similar to any other race. However, the shape of this histogram will be different, reflecting the higher number of blacks with these traits.

As usual, this will be classed as a ‘hate’ posting. But it’s not. My messages are these. Black immigration is bad for Ireland, and for any other Western country. Foreign aid to black run countries is largely wasted because of their predominating characteristics. Don't point and splutter – consider the evidence, and then agree or disagree with my conclusions.

61 comments: said...

Its late so my ideas might be total shit but...

I know black "activists" who argue that the problem is that we take white principles & rules and apply them to blacks who have a culture onto themselves. E.g.
"The "IQ" test given to most people of color are based on WHITE teachings. There is a "BLACK" "IQ" test here in America. This test was given to WHITES who scored in the same percentile as BLACKS scored taking the WHITE "IQ" test. If you don't have access to the same education on an EQUAL PLAYING FIELD, the scores will NEVER show similar results."

What is moral to whites is not to blacks. Isn't morality defined by culture really? Most black cultures didn't have religion when the first foreigners arrived on the continent. So their moral beliefs are going to be less grand and you can't apply our template to their position.

Another thing is they are mostly poor. Crime comes with poverty and so you can't base that stat on race etc. Its the environment they were placed in and lack of opportunities etc.

Those are nice little arguments to deflect responsibility for the stats they create.

BUT what you are saying is that is fine. Let them have their own sets of rules etc. and let them use them to excuse the stats.

However, those same excuses create a reason why they wouldn't integrate well into Irish society and why we can't let them in in masses. They will dilute the Irish morals and culture for the worse.

SAVANT said...

This is an excellent comment. It underlines that blacks will make all these 'cultural' excuses and ask to be judged by different parameters. Even if we do, and accept them, as zedpeach says, they'll make lousy immigrants and neighburs

Rhein said...

One thing i noticed is that blacks are mostly never branded as psychopaths. No matter how horrific the crimes they're always treated like normal criminals. If a white man commited some of the crimes they commit he'd be sent to a psychiatric hospital faster than he can blink.

Maybe it's because they'd have to brand most of them as such and don't have enough space to house them all in hospitals?

Anonymous said...

this is a good point from rein. its trye, you dont see blacks classified as psychos. interesting!

Anonymous said...

Excellent insightful article.

Anonymous said...

Excellent insightful article.

Anonymous said...

Excellent insightful article.

SAVANT said...

Thanks you, anonymous - and I appreciate that you sent it 3 times!

SAVANT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zed Peach said...

"You try to hide behind 'this is not a hate post'. well it is and as an africans here in Ireland i reconize it as such. "

Correction: It is a post directed by overwhelming empirical evidence which results in such an extreme conclusion that it could be classified as hate.

SAVANT said...

Thanks zedpeach. I'm not hiding behind anything, my African friend. I hate psychopaths and it so happens that you lot have a lot more of them than we do. For that reason it's a lousy idea letting large numbers of you into this country. You might very well be an excellent chap, but the odds are against it.

Anonymous said...

The 'empirical evidence'is convincing, (and unfairly suppressed by the PC lobby, who prefer their own prejudices to be unchallenged by facts) but I would argue the interpretation is not straightforward. The 'black' population of the USA is not pure, and is contaminated by very poor-quality whites (abusive slave owners) and there is also the issue of just what qualities were selected over those formative two to three centuries, when in the west indies for example a slave's average survival was 3 years.
I suggest more recent ex-pat african communities in Europe and America also suffer from a selection bias. It is a very deviant group (in the statistical sense) who have gone abroad. The average African has stayed to make a go of his own country.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 19.32. Black population of the US 'contaminated' by whites??? Wow!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog, finding it both entertaining and informative. Hoever, its sadly becoming more and more racist, in the worst meaning of the term. You're starting to resemble your friends in South Africa Sucks - and thats not meant as a complement!

SAVANT said...

Thanks for the measured comment, Anonymous 20.34. If by racist you mean I believe that races possess inherenty different characteristics, then I'm a racist.

However, can you seriously suggest that there are NO prevailing characteristic differences between races? Do you think you could spot the difference between a Nigerian and a Swede, for instance.

Then we move on to the issue of whether your TYPICAL Nigerian and Swede would behave differently. Again, are you seriously suggesting that their respective behaviours wouldf be similar?

I dont believe that, and if this, and my belief that white characteristics are generally superior to blacks' then yes, I'm a racist.

But I'm also a realist, which you don't appear to be.

Anonymous said...

This post is over the top. You have these really weak linked/copied and pasted messes of text which are slung together and somehow prove that blacks are psychopaths.

You have all these wannabe intellectual racists giving their "thought out" and pondered views of each topic as if they are taking part in some kind of academic debate. Its sickening.

This is a hate site. You are justifying your hatred by saying it is based on empirical evidence when the only empirical evidence you see is your generalizing and stereotyping.

Rhein said...

"The 'black' population of the USA is not pure, and is contaminated by very poor-quality whites (abusive slave owners)"

Pure liberal lies, if he's black then he's pure or else he'd be a mulatto. And if you look at the early pictures from when slavery wasn't yet abolished, you'll see that mulattos were quite rare compared to today.

This comes from the anti-white propaganda that all female slaves were repeatedly raped, wich is utter b.s.

And btw out of the 15+ millions blacks in the US, how many do you think are direct descendents of the slaves?

Anonymous said...

You googled the specific stat you were looking for and probably took the first or second one of the results. Thats not research.

What used to be nice about this blog was that you would bring up race issues and you would put a comical spin on them. I enjoyed reading that cause I like a good black joke as much as the next guy. Your posts have slowly been manipulated into unfunny, uninteresting racist crap. If I want that I can go to

Anonymous said...

Generalizations masquerading as research. Yes, it is hate and it's poorly researched.

SAVANT said...

Ok, a lot of negatives here over the last few posts. There are others saying the same thing which i haven't publsihed as they make virtually the same charge, namely, this is a hate posting and that the research doesn't stand up.

Re the hate elelemt, I've already answered that. and guys, really, this whole hate thing is becoming soooo passe. Find another term of abuse, will you?

Re the research, an easy response. tell me what's wrong. That's very easy guys, if my research doesn't stand up. Tell me where it's wrong.

One commenatator says the blog is no longer amusing. maybe, but I tell you this: I find myself increasingly less amused at the sight of my country being over-run with blacks. Maybe I need some, er, black humour.

Anonymous said...

This is becomming too much of a love site, I have to protest at the over generous views of the author on the subject of asians. And in case you think I'm a asian supremacist, I’ll also point out that East Asians (Japanese, Chinese and Koreans) lack a certain type of creative genius and other characteristic traits that are heighened in the nordic races such as heroism, honor and loyality (due to chilvaric spirit) and a readiness to adventure as uniquely perfected in the areas of science, exploration and discovery. Ok the Japs can be said to have had their aryan samurai spirit, but nowhere among any peoples has generousity, charity and creative genius been so prevailant than among Nordic whites.

SAVANT said...

I'm with you on that - but enhoy ti while the Nordics are still there, before they've been outbred in their own hearlands.

Anonymous said...

Savant - the spittle beflecked rantings saying this article is hate speech is oh so typical of the PC characters.
It always amazes me that they scream racism and hate, etc; but in not one single instance have I ever noticed a cold, clinical, argument based on empiric evidence. Never.
They would prefer these facts not to be brought to light...
Have a look at IQ and the wealth of nations. Google it and you will see that the authors have determined the average IQ of the Southern Sahara black to be around the 67 mark. That explains it all.

Anonymous said...

Doodler's point is exactly right. The negative responses to this post have all just ylled 'hate' but not one that I seen has challenged the statistics.

SAVANT said...

A few weeks ago I got an email from a Nigerian in Ireland and pasted it into the comment section. This was confusing as it appeared to come from me, so I deleted it. This person has now come back again, via email, as follows:

"I see you deleted my post. WELL DONE! This is the free speech you talk about. BULLSHIT! Your like the rest, just publish what suits you!"

First could I ask this individual, why don't you give your views using the comment facility? And, as I said, I deleted it because it could cause confusion. I didn't keep the original, but in effect it said that not all Nigerians are criminals.

I'm really weary from addressing this and similar claims. I have NEVER SAID (going into upper case like our friend) that they are. Why don't you just read what I write, and try to respond to that – using the comment feature.

Hands said...

Well, I would like first of all to say that I'm Irish myself and I do believe your articule is complete and utter crap.
First of all, being Irish, I can safely say that the vast amount of Irish people could very easily be described to have three or more of the above traits, this is because the vast majority of humanity could be easily be described as having the above traits.
Second of all you should consider the term race. In terms of your arguement you imply that it is the genetic make up or nature of a person that makes them act in the way that they do. I would imagine that some time should be take to could the nurture of the person also.
The culture of the person is what designs the character of the person, the character of the person dicates how that person will act. The reason for said results are largely to do with the cultures of the people and also the situation that those people find themselves in.
The person once in a new culture can then change to fit in with the cultural norms. Such as the celts, normans, and every other group that came to Ireland to live (the english came to invade).
So really, shut up, go down to the pub and allow the irish public to tell you that you are indeed an idiot instead of pandering to brain dead yanks on the web. You twat.

SAVANT said...

Hands - you're typical of the people who disagree with the my opinions. You just come straight out and deny.

You say 'The culture of the person is what designs the character of the person'

Now my friend, that's one hell of a sweeping statement. And fundamentally wrong. You cire no evidence or research to back it up, I cite plenty in refuting this nonsense.

Try and find out a small bit of what you write on, like a good lad.

leadpb said...

I suppose I am a twat for posting so late, just want to say "Thanks" for your sensible contribution to an intractable issue. It is simply amazing that the collective mind meld of the 'race deniers' so consistently exudes an opaque glaze over the facts & stats presented as they unburden themselves of their usual empty rhetoric.

It takes practice but I think we need to laugh-- out loud-- at this denial and deny them any dignity of opinion in this particular subject. Their inability to offer credible refutation stems from the fact that they are at least subconsciously *aware* that they are intellectually naked-- a purely defensive posture is called for. And that is funny!

What concerns me is that, assuming we can get past this sophomoric society-wide exercise and end up on the right side of the equation, what then? If we agree that groups w, x, y and z are f***ed up in their varying and respective degrees, what do we do about it? Are we stuck with them (or them with us) in our host countries forever? Do we change immigration standards? Schooling and legal standards? What do we do with this ancient truth, assuming we can win the fight against liberalism to attain its normalization?

We cannot be intelligent and simultaneously "race blind" but we can have a central standard running through our institutions that does not consider race in its machinations. *People* will consider race as they please, but we would have a standard that would not bend about and twist society into a pretzel.

Psychopathy applied to blacks. That seems extremely harsh but worthy of consideration. Certainly it is innovative.

Thanks for letting me rant on a bit. Great blog.

SAVANT said...

Thanks for the thoughtful post leadpb. In answer to your question as to what can be done if these truths become wodely accepted, well, for a start we'd have a sensible debate which just might throw up some sensible initiatives.

More generally it would surely lead to greater resrictions on black immigration, possible repatriation incentives and a more realistic approach to foreign aid.

But I'm not holding my breath!

pastabag said...

The article is perfect. I find the IQ, morality, poverty justified crime and other such excuses irritating. The point is that genetically the black person differs, otherwise they would not have dark skin and curly hair. For that matter they have genetic traits that differ from the European or other. Has anyone studied why Africa is so far behind the world and full of crime? It is simply because of the nature of the people in Africa. I do not hate the black person, I simply hate their excuses/justification for their behavior. As for the poverty thing, South Africa's new president has things in the closet which would make you cringe. Oh yes, and he is quite well paid.

Anonymous said...

Rotterdam + immigrant trouble

brings you to a page where 90% of some sort of non-Dutch people are likely to be recidivist whereas it is 18% for the native population who are all under a certain age when they first make contact with the police.

Going there it will be explained better.

Anonymous said...

yeah, Rotterdam is just like an African colony by now.

B Boru said...

Talk to any Guard (policeman) in ireland and he'll tell you that blacks and Muslims make up about 50% of our criminals, if you include illegal immigration as a crime (which it is). They'll also tell you that these criminals are FAR MORE VIOLENT than Irish/British criminals.

Anonymous said...

Just been to Jim Fallon on youtube.

MaOA means that the frontal lobe does not work, the warrior gene it was called, controls impulse and such.

It was useful in the past when warriors were needed.

Would like to know if any MRI stuff was done to see what KeyShawn and Shaniqua had going on there.

Then again better not. One Detroit is one too many.

Anonymous said...

"You try to hide behind 'this is not a hate post'. well it is and as an africans here in Ireland i reconize it as such. "


The average African has stayed to make a go of his own country.

I guess that is why we have so mnay asylum seekers?

Henry IX said...

They fucked their own countries, now they're here to fuck ours. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

"Also, I came across an article where it stated that the DNA of white men, Asians and blacks were tested.

White men and Asians, proved to be 'genetically' similar - while blacks were genetically different.

So bang went the theory, that we all came from Africa.....there was never an African 'Eve'....

So if Tut was black....????

Every article that we will find or read on the web, are always contradictory to the other and it leaves us unsure of what the heck to believe.

Personally, I will stick with being a member of the human race."

How many "scientific and historical facts" just aren't so?

For example the out of africa and black King Tut alluded to in the post.

Henry IX said...

I agree that many 'proven scientific facts' turn out to be innacurate. But I just look at blacks and their behaviour and I know what I see.

Anonymous said...

Was Stephen Jay Gould a racist psychopath?

Gould claimed that both theories developed from an unfounded belief in biological determinism, the view that "social and economic differences between human groups—primarily races, classes, and sexes—arise from inherited, inborn distinctions and that society, in this sense, is an accurate reflection of biology."

And to do that he faked evidence for his book Mismeasure of Man.

In 2011 a study conducted by six anthropologists reanalyzed Gould's claim that Samuel Morton unconsciously manipulated his skull measurements,[74] and concluded that Gould's analysis was poorly supported and incorrect. They praised Gould for his "staunch opposition to racism" but concluded "we find that Morton's initial reputation as the objectivist of his era was well-deserved."[75] Ralph Holloway, one of the co-authors of the study, commented, "I just didn't trust Gould...I had the feeling that his ideological (Marxist) stance was supreme. When the 1996 version of ‘The Mismeasure of Man’ came and he never even bothered to mention Michael's study, I just felt he was a charlatan."[76]

pdf1 said...

Gould WAS a charlatan. Good to see he's being more prominently exposed.

Anonymous said...

Sky News interviewer asks a shopkeeper about the looters and he says they were all black and she says you cannot sau thta were there any whites present.

I was said the shopkeeper.

Will it make youtube?

Anonymous said...

It already IS on Youtube!!

Anonymous said...

Blacks abandon shopping carts EVERYWHERE in Indy, and I am sure this is one of their unique behaviors nationwide. Drive out west to the concrete jungle and you will see bus stops with 15 shopping carts lined up. Get ready, white suburbs! When your transit department stretches their routes from the ghetto to your neighborhood, the blacks will travel to your "nice" shops and do the same thing.

I live in downtown Indy, and I often see black women shuffling their groceries to the bus stop in a stolen shopping cart. Sometimes there is an entire row of abandoned shopping carts alongside the street corners. We have "Aldi" grocery stores for the low income people, and a $.25 deposit is required to use a cart.

Seems like the best solution for blacks.

Blacks have no empathy, no conscious, no concept of private property or trespass, no internal censors, no impulse control, and no sense of ownership. They own nothing, including their own children, who are often owned by the state. This is why they will never become useful citizens in the US.

This is why blacks riot, loot, and burn private and public property. Blacks teach their young that the white man owns everything, and so they passive-aggressively take their revenge out on bashing and stealing private property - such as shopping carts. They feel that they have really caused some pain, but they make themselves look like savages to white people, who choose to use their brain power to sort out problems instead.

Seems very stupid to us, but blacks don't think like we do. Their self-inflicted victimology gives them zero power, and so they attempt to feel powerful by stealing or destroying the white man's property. They always lose out in the end.

We are very different.

Saw that somewhere else and thought it belonged here.

The King, yes the one and only Rodman, makes today's Daily Mail saying how he was lucky thta he was not killed by the LAPD officers.

It was a California Highway Patrol officer who drew her gun because you were threatening her after efusing to obey police commands and it was the much maligned LAPD who saved your sorry and worthless ass.

Yes they protected and served and look how they got rewareded. (Too many e's there. Luckily it is not PCP and alcohol!)

Canuck said...

anon 14.51. What you say pretty much bears out the title of the post!

Anonymous said...

Lynn and other dude who wrote the book IQ and the wealth of Nations reckoned Irealnd had an iq of 93 based on the fact that they got a test of 15 children which gave 83 and a test of adults at a horse fair gave 98 so number of participants multiplied by iq score divided by totalnumber of participants gave 93.

Must be true because when they say this about africa 85 average Shit Mire Shite types wet their knickers and Tintan's admirers say nothing when it, 93, is said of Ireland.

Corkonian said...

I think that book's premise is basically correct but the samples they got were wholly inadequate. Like the ones you cite for Ireland. Still, we should not jump to conclusions or get defensive. After all, we must have low IQ to elect the people we do.

Anonymous said...


Francis Galton, Eugenecist, used IQ tests to prove that jews were subjest to being eugenicised.

The IQ people knew for a fact that Irish people had low IQs and just happened to stumble across a sample to confirm this.

When people stumble across "facts" that suit what they want to find before they have actively gone out to look for something we should always think of Francis Galton, Eugenecist.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.37. what do you mean when you say Francis Galton, Eugenecist, used IQ tests to prove that jews were subjest to being eugenicised.

I don't follow the point you're trying to make.

Anonymous said...

Francis Galton came up with" In 1906, visiting a livestock fair, he stumbled upon an intriguing contest. An ox was on display, and the villagers were invited to guess the animal's weight after it was slaughtered and dressed. Nearly 800 participated, but not one person hit the exact mark: 1,198 pounds. Galton's insight was to examine the mean of these guesses from independent people in the crowd: Astonishingly the mean of those 800 guesses was 1,197 pounds: accurate to fraction of a percent.[21][22]

This insight presages the idea of crowd sourcing and the Wisdom of the crowd."

However he was also the guy who proved that the chance of getting three heads in a row in a fair toss of a coin was one half.

This was with two heads already you only needed the half chance to toss one more to have three.

He writes in such a way that many people who should know better accept it.

The moral of the story is trust but verify.

Anonymous said...

Using computerized text analysis, Cornell University Computing and Information Science Professor Jeff Hancock found that psychopathic murderers make identifiable word choices – beyond their conscious control – when talking about their crimes. The words of these criminals match their personalities, which reflect selfishness, detachment from their crimes and emotional “flatness,” Hancock said.

Dey dun spek ebonics?

Anonymous said...

Woman who killed mother and left victim's nine-year-old son fighting for life after crashing into bus stop escapes jail

* Lola Olayemi went on a shoplifting spree the day she was charged with causing death by careless driving

Read more: Does a fatal traffic accident stop a natural afleet from shoplifting?

Anonymous said...

Teacher is accused of raping a boy, 11

A New York school teacher has been charged with raping a male student and plying him with drugs and alcohol.

Sixth-grade humanities teacher Claudia Tillery, 42, is accused of having a sexual relationship with the boy, who is now 14, since 2009 when he was just 12-years-old.

The mother-of-two, who earns $85,000 a year, was arrested at her three-bedroom home in Brooklyn yesterday (Tuesday).

Tillery was charged with rape, unlawful dealing of drugs and alcohol to a child, sexual misconduct, sexual abuse and acting in a manner injurious to a child, reports the NY Daily News.

Anonymous said...

The judge who released accused cop killer Lamont Pride without bail after a drug arrest last month had his 11-page rap sheet in front of her when she let him go, but wasn't aware of any outstanding warrants for him, NBC New York has learned.

The first page of Pride's rap sheet, obtained by NBC New York, was stamped "No Hit" by the arresting officer.

To a judge, "it means there are no outstanding warrants," said court spokesman David Bookstaver.

I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life.

From the 2005 Brooklyn Eagle about Judge Laporte's swearing-in ceremony which is very telling!

"My service as a judge will be informed by and reflect who I am,' said Laporte, describing herself as a black Latina woman who appreciates the diversity of New York...

Religion, music, and Puerto Rican culture were themes at the event, which opened and closed with prayer and featured a cappella Gospel songs and numbers that got the whole crowd on its feet, hands clapping. A group performed some traditional Afro-Caribbean songs of Puerto Rico, and a troupe of adolescent dancers moved to recorded salsa music.
Known for calling friends, coworkers, and even trial witnesses 'mamita' and 'papito' Spanish terms of endearment coworkers from the DA's Office said Laporte's laid-back demeanor relaxed witnesses...

Speakers also noted Laporte's unique sense of fashion. To her swearing-in, the new judge wore a leopard-print blouse beneath an open, white button-down shirt, a short skirt, and leopard-print high heels.

(Race and pyschopathy or Diversity does not work. I quickly came down that it belonged here.)

Motoboy said...

sounds like a typical minority judge to me....

Anonymous said...

Such a shame

This is the core demographic that I’m always afraid of as black males between the ages of 14-29 in the Baltimore area are often psychopathic, anti-social and homicidal due to the fact that more ofen than not they are born to un-wed teenaged mothers and thug hip hop gangster criminal males who can’t and won’t take care of these offspring. It’s ofetn the poor grandmothers who have to take care of these little monsters who simply cannot control and raise them with discipline. The result is an endless supply of gangster thugs who are the root cause of all the violent crime in our region.

December 22, 2011 at 10:53 pm

357 said...

This site is refreshing, and your observations on blacks are spot-on.

I come from a lower middle-class White family, in the U.S., and had the unfortunate displeasure of being reared in a majority black neighborhood. I went to majority black schools until the ninth-grade. I know and understand, firsthand, black pathology better than most.

It's not pretty.

Amusing it is reading comments of the disingenuous white liberal class: most enjoy diversity so much but really only enjoy it in their choice of restaurants.


Here are links to some excellent sites I'd like to share:

Anonymous said...

357: Readers, I recommend you stay away from heartiste. I went ther expecting a race realist site and found a bunch of vile, crude woman hating comments. The idea there seems to be to trick women into being your sex object. How to have "game"? Please. Unless you're in jr. high....

Not a good site for those who know how important women are to the white nation or anyone who seems them as equal human souls, not toys or something to use and throw away.

Gotta go. I really need a shower after dipping my toe in that swamp.

Anonymous said...

357: Readers, I recommend you stay away from heartiste. I went ther expecting a race realist site and found a bunch of vile, crude woman hating comments. The idea there seems to be to trick women into being your sex object. How to have "game"? Please. Unless you're in jr. high....

Not a good site for those who know how important women are to the white nation or anyone who seems them as equal human souls, not toys or something to use and throw away.

Gotta go. I really need a shower after dipping my toe in that swamp.

Anonymous said...

One more to add to the list:

He's starting selling his book, set up a Twitter account (where he yells the tropes of the day with mad, and madly fake conviction). has been appointed "professor" short ago (he looks so intoxicated with, and in need for more, visibility that he CAN'T be experienced) and, well, you see how that blog post ends.

There is nothing humans can't believe, somebody wrote. Certainly, there's nothing they can't pretend to believe.
So, basically, this... being finds it convenient and profitable to say that kind of thing.

"They voted wrong, maybe democracy was a mistake," they keep saying. And they keep saying it without consequences...
That's what scary about it. Not only they are rewarded, but they don't risk to incur any consequence.

We are ready to leave democracy for real, sadly.

Anonymous said...

"Steve Hsu has suggested that we might be able to vastly increase human intelligence via genetic engineering, by finding the many small-effect alleles that affect IQ and engineering embryos with all-plus versions of those alleles – leading to people whose IQ would be 30 standard deviations higher than us yokels.
There are some possible problems with this scenario. The new & improved humans might not like us. They might be crazy: the risk for certain kinds of crazy increases with the number of plus alleles."

We had noticed it, hadn't we.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, South African blacks generally detest blacks from the rest of the continent, which I find totally amusing. Also, in my experience, South African blacks prefer white people to foreign blacks.