Saturday, 23 August 2008

Ireland's homeless

It's difficult to get an accurate assessment of the numbers of homeless people or of those sleeping rough. It's difficult to clearly define what qualifies as homeless and equally difficult to get at the total number of people sleeping rough, for obvious reasons. However, a generally accepted figure hovers around the 5,000 mark at any one time.

I've always felt this to be national disgrace, and, having often spoken to those sleeping rough, have been surprised at the number who were well-spoken and sensitive. Many are just down on their luck, but due to the points system in awarding state-funded accommodation, have been unable to get housed.

The Nigerians referred to in this article by Kevin Myers don't have this problem at all. Even though in this country illegally, they are, due to the lunacy of IBC/05 Scheme, comfortably housed at our expense. How many of them? More than 3,000!

So here we have 5,000 Irish sleeping rough as we have neither the money nor the accommodation to cater for them. But we do seem to be able to cater for 3,000 Nigerians, here illegally, and if the Circuit Criminal Court is anything to go by, acting illegally as well.
Why isn't the whole country up in arms over such blatant injustice?


Anonymous said...

How can I claim welfare in Ireland?
I'm from Romania, 19 years old, a student.

But if I have to be unemployed, I can do it.

Anonymous said...

Same problem here in the uk sadly. People who have no intention of making an honest living and often getting everything provided on a silver plate, even in the event of rampant criminality.
I sometimes wonder whether it was worth all those ancestors of mine dying in wars such as the Ist and Second world wars.
It seems like they fought in the vain only for the country to be invaded another way.
Maybe that where the Nazis went wrong. perhaps they should have sent people as 'asylum sekers' and encouraged them to bleed the hosy country dry and impose themselves on iy culturally. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

The only good thing that will come out of this recession is the 17 000 families under IBC/05 scheme and their multiple spawn are likely to feel the crunch the hardest and some might hopefully go home.

If you look at the intention of a clause which allowed Irish citizenship to a child born in Ireland, it certainly was not meant as a way around applying for visas. So they abused the clause, now they think they are entitled to some kind of almight right to Ireland cause they successfully scammed their citizenship.

We should stop tolerating their bullshit. If you aren't a fool you should be able to see right through these IBC/05 applicants.

Do you know what I hate about Irish politics? They are all talk and no action. The Minister for Justice (YES "JUSTICE" - an objective thinker who knows more facts about these people than any blog commenter) wants to deport someone and certain minority supported organisations in this country prevent him from doing so.

The law is the law and must be carried out - deport them! Why do people who don't represent the public opinion have such an influential say? Anything that goes to public vote (i.e. the 2004 referendum to amend article 9 of the Constitution) shows an amazing white wash result which suggests the Irish people do NOT WANT THEM HERE.

If you are Irish and love them then that is your right but don't think your right is somehow more important and it certainly does not represent the majority of Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Roumanian student - no good, you're white.

SAVANT said...

The thing about the UK is that we've been able to see at first hand the disaster that's taken place there, yet we go on repeating it.

Anonymous 17.30, I'm afarid I dont share your optimism. If these people are 'entitled' - I use that word loosely, - to this support, it's not just going to be cut off.

The one good thing is that, as people lose their jobs and times get harder, they'll begin to look a lot more closely at the parasites who are living off us.

Zngr said...

I'm from Finland and the people in the forefront of speaking against the multicultural lunacy always make the same question: We have seen what happened in Sweden, Norway, Denmark (God bless their stubborn souls), UK, France etc. why the FUCK do we have to repeat it in Finland? Is there any reason at all to except everything will turn out ok in here? If there are, what are they exactly? What are we going to do differently if anything? Yet there is a political entity bent on transforming Finland into Sweden II. No answers this far.

If someone in Ireland comes up with a reason please share with us and email the Finnish immigration ministry, since this far we've been going exactly the same route every other Western country has after multiculturalism and third world immigration became the order of the day, which means its going rather shitty.

Anonymous said...

Yes I am white but I can say I'm of Gypsy origin. Even so can I not claim welfare? If necessary, I can look shaggy and behave like a Gypsy.

SAVANT said...

ZNGR - I sympathise, but i had thought that Finalnd wasn't going that route. The last time I was there the ratio of non-whites seemed to be refreshingly small. So what you say disappoints me.

And yes, it's totally incredible to me tat having seen what's happened in other countries we're going exactly the same way oursleves.
I tell you this: history (and our descendants) will judge us harshly.

Anonymous said...

being a gypsy would help, being that they're also criminal paraistes, but they're 'basically' white, so are still at a disadvantage.

Anonymous said...

So how should I do it?
The main point for me would be that with no work I claim the benefits then come home to Romania and I'm rich.

Can someone offer help? Like a lawyer?

Anonymous said...

BTW you all really found a bad way to counter immigration. No one will listen to you, no one reads far-right blogs just far-right people.

And even though I want to abuse your welfare system, I sympathize with your struggle. My advice is that you should raise children instead of writing blogs. What the immigrants are entitled to, so are you.

PS: I still appreciate advice on abusing the system.

SAVANT said...

Romanian gypsy - I think you;re right, unfortunately. It's preaching to the conerted to a considerable degreee. Still, if it helps to get some other form of agitation going it'll be worth it.

Rhein said...

Given that the world is already overpopulated i seriously doubt the outbreeding game is the answer.

I feel exactly the same as you about Canada. We see what the US has been reduced to with their treasonous policies yet we seek to emulate them in almost every way. Sheer lunacy.

Anonymous said...

It's overpopulated where it shouldn't be and underpopulated where it also shouldn't be. We need more whites and less underclass races. Yellows are equal, Arabs are stubborn and self-confident.

You should get a girl and produce offsprings.. :)

Anonymous said...

@savant - I am an African, being a born and bred South African. Would I qualify to emigrate to Ireland as a refugee? See my article today on crime and SA - reckon I could use the situation here to qualify?
I must confess to being white though, and a professional person with university degrees... :-)

SAVANT said...

Anonymous 01.30, your suggestion is a valuable one. So for the record, purely in the interests of protecting our bloodlline, I'm prepared to offer myslef as a stud to any nubile young blond willing to breed.

SAVANT said...

Doodler, you're white and presumably Christian. Not a hope. There are no white victims, not even the 3,000 farmers muredered in SA.

Zngr said...


you could probably land an, gasp, actual JOB in Finland. Come here, We could use more skilled workers. And since we, according to leftist media, the social democrats and the minister of immigration (and also various activists), desperately need tens of thousands of more immigrants immediately or we'll all all die, there should be room.

Ok the truth is we actually don't and it's all a scam to get more (black) Africans here but people who work are still welcome, even if they are not Muslims or black. If you get employed over here your residence permit is more or less granted. I know at least one South African white who moved here. He seemed a little... distracted by his experiences in life but was doing ok with us Finns in my estimation.

Robin_Shadowes said...

In Sweden som loonies have even suggested we need hundreds of millions of people from the third world. Promoting it as being pro-economical. You go figure because they obviously don't. Should I laugh or cry? Tear the hairs from my head? What the hell shall we do with 200 million asylum seekers (read: muslims)? Eh, Sweden the largest fucking shyte mosque in the whole world! Jeez!