Friday, 29 August 2008

Hurricane Katrina anniversary: The lessons

In case you don't remember, today is the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and we’ll get repeat doses of the same old bullshit that we’ve suffered for the last three years. Sure, the debacle was a terrible reflection on the USA, and more particularly on the corrupt cronyism of the Bush Regime, where buffoons were placed in vital positions just because of personal loyalty to the draft dodger.(remember heckuv a job, Brownie’?

You won't hear anything though about the real scandal, and its perpetrators. I have in mind here the population of New Orleans, more specifically those left behind. The ‘victims’, and their police 'protrectors'.

Longer post than usual, but bear with me as it provides us with some useful insights.

OK – some facts.....

By the time Katrina struck New Orleans, all but 80,000 of the city’s half million inhabitants had left. Those left were almost all black and poor. When the levees broke these people flooded (whoops!) to the Superdome, the total number eventually reaching 25,000. They were fleeing the rising water, but they were also fleeing the Somali-like conditions that broke out in the city which was in effect abandoned by its 70% black police force. Robbery, rape and even murder quickly became routine.

The police go feral

That's right, large numbers of police had fled the city and abandoned it to the population.

Well, that's not quite correct. The police got their hand in first with some well-organised looting. Think I'm joking? When Debbie Durso, a tourist from Washington, Michigan, asked a policeman for help he told her “Go to hell—it’s every man for himself.”

An NBC correspondent filmed black, uniformed police strolling through the aisles, filling shopping carts. At one store, a police officer broke the glass on the DVD case so civilians would not cut themselves trying to break it, but one man was ungrateful. “The police got all the best stuff,” he claimed indignantly, “They’re crookeder than us.” One woman stocking up on makeup was glad to see the officers. “It must be legal,” she said. “The police are here taking stuff, too.”

New Orleans has had only black mayors since 1978, and the intervening time has been spent making the police force as black as possible. It established a city-residency requirement for officers to keep suburban whites from applying for jobs, and lowered recruitment standards so blacks could pass them. The same is happening all over the US, by the way, as tests are dumbed down so that the requisite levels of ‘diversity’ can be achieved. As a result, quality and professionalism in the army, police and fire services are plummeting.

The ‘victims’ take up arms

As the situation warmed up, some blacks fired on any symbol of authority, blazing away at rescue helicopters and Coast Guard vessels. Several days after the hurricane, with desperate people still waving for help from rooftops, FEMA said conditions were too dangerous to attempt rescues. Perhaps the most chilling accounts were from hospitals, where staff desperately tried to move patients up stairs as the water rose, while blacks invaded and looted the floors below. Just outside New Orleans, gunmen held up a supply truck carrying food, water, and medical supplies that were on their way to a hospital.

Chris Lawrence, a reporter with CNN, filed a report from the roof of a police station: “Right now it’s the only safe place to be in the city. We were on the street earlier but the police said under no circumstances would you be safe on the street. They said anybody walking in the streets of New Orleans is basically taking their life in their hands"

“I never thought that as a National Guardsman I would be shot at by other Americans,” said Philip Baccus of the 527th Engineer Battalion. “And I never thought I’d have to carry a rifle when on a hurricane relief mission.” Cliff Ferguson of the same battalion added: “You have to think about whether it is worth risking your neck for someone who will turn around and shoot at you. We didn’t come here to fight a war. We came here to help.”

Meanwhile, back at the Superdome

The stadium in fact had quickly turned into a jungle. Young men robbed and raped with impunity. Occasional gunshots panicked the crowd. Bodies of the murdered, and of infants and the elderly who died of heat exhaustion began to accumulate. The guy in the chair on the left was simply thrown out to die.

A group of about 30 British students were among the very small number of whites in the stadium, where they spent four harrowing days. Jamie Trout, 22, an economics major, wrote that the scene “was like something out of Lord of the Flies,” with “people shouting racial abuse about us being white.”

Australian tourists organized escorts for women who had to go to the toilet or for food, and set up a roster of men to stand guard while others slept. “We sat through the night just watching each other, not knowing if we would be alive in the morning,” one said, adding that the Australians owed their lives to a National Guardsman who broke the rules and got whites out to a medical center past seething crowds of blacks.

If anything, conditions were worse at the Convention Center. Armed black gangs quickly took control, and occasional gunshots caused panic. There was no power, and at night the center was plunged into complete darkness. Degeneracy struck almost immediately, with rapes, robbery, and murder. Terrible shrieking tore through the night, but no one could see or dared to move. When Police Chief Eddie Compass heard what was happening, he sent a squad of 88 officers to investigate. They were overwhelmed by superior forces and retreated, leaving thousands to the mercy of criminals.

Compare this to similar catastrophes

It’s been said, in an attempt to mitigate the bahoviour of the ‘victims’, that people will behave this way when thrown together in catastrophic circumstances. On the contrary, natural disasters usually bring out the best in people. They help neighbors and strangers alike.

We don't have to go back to the Blitz in London. For example The Army Times reported that Sgt. 1st Class Ron Dixon of the Oklahoma National Guard, who had recently come home from Afghanistan, said he said he was struck by the fact Afghanis wanted to help themselves, but that the people of New Orleans only wanted others to help them.

“I am absolutely disgusted,” said Sajeewa Chinthaka, 36, of the looters. The Sri Lanka native added: “After the tsunami our people, even the ones who lost everything, wanted to help the others who were suffering. Not a single tourist caught in the tsunami was mugged. Now with all this happening in the U.S. we can easily see where the civilized part of the world’s population is.”

Yahoo News reported: "In New Orleans there was shooting and looting when the floods came last week. When a similar inundation struck India's financial capital Mumbai (Bombay) a month earlier, there was no violence, just free wada-pav bread...Mumbai police commissioner A.N. Roy confirmed there were no cases of looting, arson or violence when the floods hit. "Even stray cases of robbery were not heard or reported," he said.”

Yet over 1000 people were killed in this flooding, and huge tracts of the city were completely destroyed. City residents actually worked together to provide humanitarian assistance, businessmen handed out free food, slum dwellers and even criminals rescued people, and some provided strangers with a place to stay.By most measures (poverty, economic inequality, access to education and health care, discrimination [i.e., the caste system]) the average poor person in Mumbai is much worse off than the average poor person in New Orleans. So much for the theory that poverty and discrimination lead to lawlessness.

And the reaction to all of this…

But of course this didn’t stop the MSM, the Victim Industry or black leaders from drawing the usual conclusions. Some accused the “biased” media of suppressing footage of rampaging whites and heroic black helicopter pilots (there were virtually none of either).

Jesse Jackson Jr. said we must not judge harshly: “Who are we to say what law and order should be in this unspeakable environment?” His dad’s contribution? “many black people feel that their race, their property conditions and their voting patterns have been a factor in the response,” adding that the rubbish outside the Convention Center made the place look “like the hull of a slave ship.” Good one Jesse, don't ever miss a chance to play the race/slave card.

Black activist and reparations-booster Randall Robinson said the relief effort was the “defining watershed moment in America’s racial history.” He said he had “finally come to see my country for what it really is. A monstrous fraud.”

One black man however, observing the chaos from abroad, took a different view. Leighton Levy wrote in the Sept. 2 Jamaica Star: “I am beginning to believe that black people, no matter where in the world they are, are cursed with a genetic predisposition to steal, murder, and create mayhem.”

What lessons can we draw?

In fact it was the same scenario we see repeated everywhere: blacks in trouble, usually due to their own carelessness or incompetence, doing nothing to help themselves, whites trying to help them - and whites getting the blame for causing the problems in the first place, and not doing enough to resolve them. Why can't people see that in failing to recognize the source of a problem you are doomed to never resolving it? That's why the problems of Africa and black ghettos have proven to be impervious to all attempted solutions.

As Steve Sailer wrote: “nor is it surprising that the black refugees at the Superdome and the convention center failed to get themselves organized to make conditions more livable. Poor black people seldom cooperate well with each other because they don't trust other blacks much, for the perfectly rational reason that they commit large numbers of crimes against each other.”

Jared Taylor wrote many whites will realize—some for the first time—that we have Africa in our midst, that utterly alien Africa of road-side corpses, cruelty, and anarchy that they thought could never wash up on our shores. To be sure, the story of Hurricane Katrina does have a moral for anyone not deliberately blind. The races are different. Blacks and whites are different. When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western Civilization—any kind of civilization—disappears. And in a crisis, civilization disappears overnight.”

Now my friends, my conclusion is this: If we continue importing huge numbers of blacks into Ireland, we’re going to face similar problems in due course. Yet we continue to do it.

I conclude with a question: Why?


Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. Look, I grew up on the Gulf Coast. You may have heard that hurricanes show up there now and again. Citizens, civic authorities: we all knew the drill. There's not much excuse for the dimmest tourist to ignore the weather service during hurricane season, so I am completely bewildered by hurricane-protocol cluelessness among people who have lived there for freakin' generations. Year after year, decade after decade, we got hammered - sometimes not so bad, sometimes devastation. Yes, there was always a moron or two or three who was going "to ride it out". (It didn't inspire a lot of pity when their bodies were never recovered.) A handful of idiots - not 10s of thousands.

We dealt. Everyone knew the drill. Stock up, clean up, board up your house, make sure the elderly and the folks in trailer parks get to shelters, and everyone evacuates when the word comes down. Then when it's over you come back and clean up the mess. Oh, and once or twice per season people would ask, "Ya think New Orleans'll buy the ranch this year? Gotta happen sooner or later". Hurricanes. Gulf of Mexico. This was not some sort of freak asteroid strike, people.

I had to quit reading the national and international news about it after a day or so, so ignorant was the reporting. (Though I don't get too irked about blaming it all on GW. There's not enough blame in the world for that SOB, so I'm cool with a little dubious guilt-transference.)

Anonymous said...

There is no good reason why. Keep them out of your small country and save yourself the inevitable problems the dark race will bring to your civilized land. Blacks bring no positives to the table.

Anonymous said...

I saw a documentary on the TV recently it was made pre-Katrina but strangely enough it predicted that such a catastrophic event would occur someday mainly because of two things which were 1)The geographic location of much of the city being built below actual sea-level and 2) the fact that all of the coastal swamps had been cleared.The programme ended with the point that it would be far better if just the harbour was left and the city never re-built.!!!

The Knitter said...

Obviously this piece of writing is what passes for a Job Application to join Fox News these days.

SAVANT said...

To the Knitter - no, I loathe Fox (Faux) News. However, your response is the same as that of all the PC brigade. Namely, you dpn't engage with the facts. Is my post inaccurate? If so, please show me and i'll be glad to post a retraction.

Can't you engage with my central point - that blacks disproportionately behave like this, and that we're mad allowing large numbers into Ireland?

Anonymous said...

Great post. It certainly gave me a different perspective to what I'd picked up. I'm slowly, very slowly, coming around to your views, Savant.

Anonymous said...

A disgusting racist piece of writing that shows up white fear.

You come from a prosperous country. You are a white man - the most privileged subset in the world.

Check your privilege, asshat. You know it's people like you that are giving Ireland the reputation of being backward, insular and racist. Do you also blame the Poles for "taking all our jobs"?

Do you cross the road when you see a black man walking in your direction? Do you grumble with your peers that they are taking all our women?

How do you get any say in issues of race in the US or anywhere else? You're Irish

Fuck you very much

SAVANT said...

SD - once again I ask, why dont you people address the issues? Is it because you can't, and you can't because you've got no case?

Methinks yes.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I think you should change the title of your blog from Irishsavant to Irishsophist. Your piece is a classic illustration of the fundamentally irrational nature of racism and not, as you would like to think, a reasonable induction from the empirical data. If we follow your logic then presumably we should deny a presence in Ireland to the Germans for their unfortunate lapse in conduct from 1933-45, the Spanish for all that Conquistador stuff, the Belgians for their activities in the Congo in the 19th Century, the Americans for continuing with slavery when everyone else had stopped (not to mention Vietnam and the current Gulf silliness), the English for that nasty 800 years of oppression and anyone else whose behaviour you don't find appealing on a given occasion. You don't like black people, ok, but please don't try to convince others that your irrationality and hate-mongering is somehow a reasonable conclusion derived from a dispassionate assessment of the evidence. It's not.

Anonymous said...

what total rubbush from sd and liamg. so illogical and no attempt to address the facts. take the blinkers off guys!!!

The Knitter said...

The 'issue' isn't whether ''that blacks disproportionately behave like this'' but whether you're a fully qualified gobshite or a gobshite in training.

I must say though that racists/nazis/gobshites write the most awful bullshit. I suppose that you're next piece will be on how well the nazis treated European Jewry.

SAVANT said...

Well done Knitter. Thats a really well thought-out, compelling argument you make. I'd say you should stick to knitting, that's about what you're capable of.

SAVANT said...

Liamg - you miss my point (deliberately?). Because Germans etc. have done some awful things in the past doesn't mean that they are predisposed to do such things. Of the peoples you mentioned, most have created advanced liberal and tolerant societies. Blacks never have and never will. They'll fuck up our country if we continue to allow tens of thousands of them in.

Question: do you REALLY think that if we had,say, 500,000 blacks here that we wouldnt have major problems - the kind blacks create wherever they go?

The Knitter said...

Thank you very much for the praise on my arguments and on my writing. You yourself should try writing compelling arguments like mine - as soon as you get your head out of your arse.

Anonymous said...

Do these guys EVER try to make a realistic argement for what their trying to say. all they can do is throw out insults!

Anonymous said...

If you really are set on importing
large numbers of blacks into your
country, you could reduce your risk by using IQ tests as a filter, so that only those blacks
with IQs above the white average
are allowed in.

While not perfect, IQ seems to be a pretty good indicator of
civilizational potential.

For those who think all the races
are just the same, I wonder if all
dog breeds are the same? Or if
African honey bees (anyone old
enough to remember killer bees?)
are the same as the European ones?
Perhaps the African honey bees are
more agressive because of racism and colonialism?

Anonymous said...

Ah - knitter. I see from your phraseology (praise ON my arguments) that you're not Irish.

Care to tell us what?

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Savant. Those calling you a racist are either dark themselves and pissed at you for telling the truth (for which they have no answer but to call you a racist) or they are sad sack whites who live in areas that have not yet been infested by blacks.

I welcome the global financial meltdown now in progress. A return to very hard economic times may be the only way to save Western Civilization.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, I don't miss your point in the least. I do however think that, like most racists, you overlook the flaws in your own reasoning because it suits you. The Nazis made exactly the same argument about Jews in Europe that you have in your comment here, as I'm sure you know. Similar arguments were also made in the England and US in the 19th Century regarding the influx of Irish Catholics after the Great Hunger. Furthermore a person with the most cursory knowledge European history would have to recognise that those liberal, tolerant societies you identify as white were built on the foundations of brutal wars and conquests, slavery, genocide, the oppression of women and working class people and the murder of indigenous peoples globally. As for fucking up my country, I think our own ruling elite have been doing a good job of that the last 80 years and with the kind of neck on them that would put the leaders of any banana republic to shame. Btw your last remark looks to me very like an incitement to racial hatred, but I could be mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Those who complain add no argument other than shouting pc dogma. I write from a third world city formerly known as wonderful whose white elites irresponsibly allowed the incredible proliferation of black slums with totally expected results: rampant crime, filthy streets, de facto curfew at night, tons of dollars lost in jobs and capital flight and revenues from tourism. If ever a tragedy like Katrina happens to this city I am quite sure will see the same sort of black savagery here. Unfortunately white people here have still less conscience of these realities than in Europe or the US.

Anonymous said...

"Poor black people seldom cooperate well with each other because they don't trust other blacks much"

I've been watching Big Brother. This week they played a game with two players where they chose SHARE £50 000 or TAKE £50 000. If both players said SHARE they would get £25 000 each. If one player said TAKE he/she would get the full £50 000. If both said TAKE no one would get anything.

I'll tell you what...PURELY based on what I have seen...the only person I would worry about playing that game with is the black guy!

Anonymous said...

You "anti-racists" need to bring more to the debate than white guilt.

Enlighten us all: what do black immigrants bring to the table?

Advanced skills?
Hard work?
Values and behaviors conducive to orderly societies?
Sophisticated, refined cultures that improve the quality of life?

Anonymous said...

power-series asks some very good questions about how blacks will 'enrich' us.

any peecees care to select those qualities that we can look forward to?

Kilbarry1 said...

The Knitter's main subject (as per his profile) is the same as mine i.e. allegations of sex abuse against the Catholic Church but we take rather different views on the subject. If you check his Blogs you will find he uses the same method of "arguing" as on this site.

I agree with Anon 17.04 that immigrants should take IQ tests - but in the current PC climate it is impossible. However I was friendly with two very intelligent LEGAL black immigrants. One was a Computer Programmer cum Teacher from Nigeria (!)- and he was teaching in a private college (where you had to be good)in the afternoon while holding down his programming job in the morning. The other was a lady from Kenya, a trader who also did some work for the Government. I realised she had an inferiority complex but so did I and the resulting explosion was not pleasant! However she definitely had a good IQ.

You should occassionally write about decent black people. Just saying in passing that some are OK is not enough.

Kilbarry1 said...

The Knitter's main subject (as per his profile) is the same as mine i.e. allegations of sex abuse against the Catholic Church but we take rather different views on the subject. If you check his Blogs you will find he uses the same method of "arguing" as on this site.

I agree with Anon 17.04 that immigrants should take IQ tests - but in the current PC climate it is impossible. However I was friendly with two very intelligent LEGAL black immigrants. One was a Computer Programmer cum Teacher from Nigeria (!)- and he was teaching in a private college (where you had to be good) in the afternoon while holding down his programming job in the morning. The other was a lady from Kenya, a trader who also did some work for the Government. I realised she had an inferiority complex but so did I and the resulting explosion was not pleasant! However she definitely had a good IQ.

You should occassionally write about decent black people. Just saying in passing that some are OK is not enough.

SAVANT said...

Kilbarry suggests "You should occassionally write about decent black people. Just saying in passing that some are OK is not enough."

It's a fair suggestion, and in fact I've met plenty of very nice decent blacks in africa. I'd just say though that the main focus of the blog is on trying to prevent the further erosion of Europe by mass immigration - from Africa in particalr

SAVANT said...

Liamg - at last a peecee has engaged on the facts. Thank you.

You say "The Nazis made exactly the same argument about Jews". This is largely true. However, the Nazi claims were laughable (maybe that's the wrong word) in that the Jews, probably more than anyone else, could reasonably claim to be the 'master race' based on their colossal achievements. So a factual analysis would have shown that to be the drivel it was.

You then make the eqaully valid point "Similar arguments were also made in the England and US in the 19th Century regarding the influx of Irish Catholics". Can I direct you to my post 'Brits and Paddies' (it's on the right panel, Most Popular Posts).

But then you go and spoil it all with a menacing last sentence "your last remark looks to me very like an incitement to racial hatred". Now why could you not have just answered the question rather than going for the standard peecee revolver?

Can I say again - and I have no reason to say this if I dont believe it as I'm posting under a nom-de-plume, I DO NOT HATE BLACKS. IN GENERAL they have some very undesirable characteristics, and I just know that large numbers of them coming here will fuck up the country.

And yes, I'm not a great admiror of our leaders, but if you look at international comparisons (e.g. the Human Development Index) as a country we've done pretty well, despite our apparently lousy leaders.

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - dont write good stuff about blacks!!!

anyway, you wont find fuck all good stuff to write!!!

Anonymous said...

Why? For 2 reasons:

1. because there are incredibly powerful forces (predominantly Jewish) who wish to 'de-construct' our Western European civilization on their march to the one-world-government. They have practically all our governments in their control through their central banking fractional banking scam and through the traitorous dupes they have offered us to elect as our 'representatives'.

2. Even with South Africa today as a living example of the hell in store for the rest of the white world we don't seem to care. I find this the most baffling of all phenomena - the vast majority of whites just don't seem to care. Nay, they even participate actively in their own demise as they blabber on about 'human rights', tolerance' and the benefits of the egalitarian society. But, as Aristotle said "Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society".

If it’s of any comfort, once the world government is in place, they get rid of the useless wogs as well - I mean, they were so useless that Chinese and Indians had to be imported into colonial countries to do the work!

Kilbarry1 said...

Anon 21.49 said: "dont write good stuff about blacks!!! anyway, you wont find fuck all good stuff to write!!!"

If you want to persuade people that black immigration is - in general - a bad thing then, in honesty, you have to recognise that some individual Blacks are OK. Otherwise you lose people like myself who know very well that some individuals are OK.

My own idee fixee is "False Allegations of Child Abuse against the Catholic Church". Some of my opponents oblige me by making such ridiculous claims that I have no difficulty in refuting them. They would be better advised to admit that some claims are false and concentrate on the more credible ones!

In fact I am inclined to agree that most Black states are a disaster and that IN GENERAL black immigration is a bad thing. However there are exceptions to every rule!

Anonymous said...

Wow, slamming me on your blog - how fucking original. Blame me for not addressing your points if you must but in my opinion the only point you and your supporters have made is that you are scared of black people. Points like that do not merit being addressed but should be called out for the racist tripe that they are.

I don't argue with your points because you base them on skin colour, just like, in the past, we Irish were judged by religion and punished accordingly. Yet you feel entitled to pass judgment on others that are not the same colour as you are.

You make me ashamed of being Irish and the cead mile failte that obviously means nothing to you.

Hate speech about those less advantaged that yourself is pathetic. You can't even see how fucking privileged you are.

It's interesting how the majority of your commentaters hide behind anonymity. Why do that unless you are ashamed of your views?

And using a fat man as your picture is contemptible. Judging on appearances now are you?

I used to be proud of being Irish but your blog is proof that we are not the nation we were. A nation that could be proud of the consideration given to others and a nation that sympathised with other colonised nations. Ad hominem attacks are the lowest form of commentary on the nets.

Being PC is a good thing. It means not offending others.

I have several black friends living in Ireland and every day I think about you much shit they must get from people with the same fucked up ideas as you.

I don't have anything more to say to you except that your opinions are disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Very good article Savant.

To all the liberals and non-whites, stop living in the past. If we wanted to start digging dirt about other races trust me we'd have plenty of smears to last for decades. But that's a very dumb and petty thing to do since none of these people are alive today.

What about now?

Who opens their borders so others can have a better life? Whites that's who. Nobody else.

And who's always throwing money, medical supplies and food to other countries? Stupid gullible Whitey again.

In any case, i dare any bleeding heart to find me 1, that's right i'm only asking for 1, black country or area that's nice and civilised.

Anonymous said...

I hardly think the Nazis count as laughable. I don't think 6 million Jews, a million or more gypsies, half a million homosexuals, the entire German trade union movement and countless Russian and Slavic people got that particular joke. You are inciting racial hatred the moment you say things like 'Blacks never have and never will'[create liberal societies]. How can you possibly know that and how dare you presume to say it? You hate black folks, and there's an end on't. That's fine, you're entitled to hate whatever you like. I hate kippers, but I don't try to find some specious intellectual argument to try and convince everyone else to hate kippers too. As for your Brits and Paddies piece, all I can say is that it demonstrates an utter lack of knowledge of the Irish experience in Britain and their 'seamless integration'. And while I would be loathe to resort to insults I have to say you are a sad, misguided fool who could put your intellect to far better use than this kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

As is to be expected, your excellent article is met by howls of outrage.
I find it hilarious when these useful idiots respond by screaming racism, yet are totally incapable of formulating a rational response. And when they are, the dumb expressions of rebuttal are so lame that they don't even believe what they are writing. See this excellent article, written by a black:
Unfortunately, it is not all about IQ, either. It is a combination of both IQ and values. The fact that you will consider allowing blacks with an "acceptable" intelligence to enter your country is not a panacea. I know several black professionals, but when one gets to know them well, you being to understand the chasm between us. For a rapid understanding, get one drunk - the true colours become readily apparent.

Anonymous said...

That point about being drunk made by doodler is excelllent. I had a similar experience with a black friend in Sarasota and when he got drunk one night he really lashed out and i felt he actually hated me.

Not sure if he was typical, but it was a shock, i can tell you.

Anonymous said...

ho ho! SD says "It's interesting how the majority of your commentaters hide behind anonymity. Why do that unless you are ashamed of your views?"

I suppose appearing as 'SD' is supposed to reveal his identity? Personally I think it stands for Sad Dickhead!

SAVANT said...

If it's of any interest, the 'last post' by kilbarry 1 ( 22:34 ) perfectly reflects my views on these issues.

I agree that anyone untouched by seeing somebody forcibly deported must be missing something. But what's the alternative? Leave everybdy who wants to come here?

Anonymous said...

As a South African ( white) I feel that the only way that most of your commentators will get the message is when the blacks become the majority or a huge minority and then they will see the reality .There are first of all major differences between any groups of people, but most blacks do see many things different to most whites,examples are:-
1) Saving for old age is a no no in most black cultures since they strongly believe in the extended family and looking after each other.
2)Blacks have little or no scruples about cruelty to either humans or animals, whilst for most whites this is a no no.
3) Most Whites whether religious or not believe that telling lies is extremely bad whilst most blacks see it as foolish to admit to wrong doing even when show cctv footage of them doing a crime they will deny it.
4)Most Whites carry an inbuilt propensity to root for the underdog whilst blacks usually respect a leader who can 'kick ass'.
5) Most whites feel guilty about litterring whilst this is just not an issue for most blacks.....I could go on ad-infinitum but to really see the difference go to places where blacks have been in charge for a long time such as Haiti (200 years) Ethiopia ( 3000 years)Liberia ( since the dawn of humankind) and you will see the future of Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Joe O'Neill - you have it on the button. I had romantic notions of Afric(ns) at one stage. Boy was I wrong.

Anonymous said...

The Afro-Ameriboons always complain about the police oppressing them, in my view its necessary because as illustrated in New Orleans with the breakdown of any sort of law& order, the boons go wild!!

With the breakdown of law & order in South Africa, its like living in the aftermath of Katrina PERMANENTLY!...think about it!

The similarities are remarkable:

Corrupt cops, blacks rape, rob & murder at will, They even try to rob/kill those that come to help them (national guard in US & the EMS in SA),

South Africa suffered an unnatural disaster in 1994 called the ANC & to this day it is still wreaking havoc on its citizens & country, destroying everything in its path.

Anonymous said...

the liberals always cite some good black or muslim as 'proof' of their position. have they never heard that 'theexception provesthe rule'?

Anonymous said...

It is true there are intelligent and law abiding blacks. But one has to focus on the aggregate when discussing public policies. And in the aggregate their record is bleak. One example: I live in a country which ended black slavery 120 years ago. What wonders anyone is the sheer contrast between black’s persistent retard and other immigrants’ persistent advance. In most cases they came here as dispossessed as blacks. They worked in the same plantations and earned miserable wages. Nevertheless they strived and after generations finally succeeded. You will hardly find a European descendant (from Germany, Italy etc) living in slums, becoming addictive criminals, begging money in the streets, irresponsibly breeding and abandoning children. The case of Asian descendant (particularly the Japanese) is astonishing: you simply won’t find them in such sorry state of affairs whatsoever. Therefore, the liberal point regarding blacks is plunged in Utopia: some day ahead they will deliver. Present and past experience from centuries tells the opposite. Ireland and other European countries are fortunate that they still have the opportunity to put things in the right track. Other nations can’t afford to do that.

Anonymous said...

For a story that tells of Africa like it was,is and will be, read Kudu Ridge
Another exciting novel of Southern Africa from the Author of “Africa Wins Again”, available now as a Paperback or Download from

Anonymous said...

This Joe O-Neill doesn't mention that he's the author of the books!

Anonymous said...

It beats me why the heads up their ass liberals dont just look at black societies. ANYWHERE. How can they possibly hold their views if they did that?

Robert said...

Dear Irish Savant,
Your article is fair and objective.

For an erudite American black person's perspectives, I recomment William N. Grigg at

liamg is the type of person for whom concentration camps were designed - and appropriately so.

Anonymous said...

There's another hurricane heading their way now! And that asshole Nagin is still mayor. But no need to worry - Dubya is on his way down!

Cyd said...

Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, DC, New Orleans to name only a few black run US cities as well as Zimbabwe and South Africa as formerly white and now black run countries should awaken the dullest of dullards and the dimmest of dimwits. Yet, as we see with some of the anti-"white" racists in the crowd, they continue to babble on about...well...nothing really.

I especially love the "I know X many blacks or have X many black friends" as confirmation for something in their puny little brains. To that I say 1) exceptions do not make the rule and 2) WHO THE F*CK CARES!!! Personally, I have no interest whatsoever to rummage through a sea of black violence and criminality to find the few black gems. NO THANK YOU! The Irish, as well as the rest of Europe need to get their heads out of their asses otherwise we are all headed for extinction.

cyclops said...

If you really are set on importing
large numbers of blacks into your
country, you could reduce your risk by using IQ tests as a filter, so that only those blacks
with IQs above the white average
are allowed in.

The problem as always is regression to the mean. Where the mean IQ of Blacks in the US is 85 it means that high IQ black's children will have an IQ in between 85 and theirs on average and eventually the black population without the introduction of new blood will end up with an IQ of 85

Anonymous said...

I knew the following would happen. Extracts from the comments on the SAS blog - our pc, inverted coconut friend Greg:
doodler said...
Oi, G-man
this never happened, did it?
I mean, the disgusting doings and screwings of your black brethren - these are lies, not so?

August 31, 2008 9:06 AM

G-man said...
Doodler, and Savant especially and others - did you know that the initial reports about "robbery and rapes" at Superdome were untrue and the mainstream media later apologized for putting out those reports? As for gangs shooting at National Guard, etc., that probably did take place, New Orleans has long had a big crime problem and a murder rate that's higher than Johbg as a matter of fact.

August 31, 2008 8:57 PM

The Uhuru Guru said...
G-man said: "did you know that the initial reports about "robbery and rapes" at Superdome were untrue"-snip.

Greg, please clarify - are you saying 1) only the INITIAL reports were untrue, thereby implying that SUBSEQUENT ones were true, or are you saying 2) there were NO rapes & robberies at the Superdome?

August 31, 2008 10:11 PM

G-man said...
What subsequent reports? As I remember the subsequent reports said that the initial reports were untrue and that indeed no rapes or robberies occurred within the Superdome.

August 31, 2008 11:02 PM

The Uhuru Guru said...
@ G-man: The subsequent reports about the incorrect initial reports are wrong, and the initial reports in fact true, correct and factual. I've even seen subsequent reports about the initial reports of looting, and those subsequent reports claim that looting never occurred therefore the initial reports were false, which is incorrect as well, seeing as I have a wealth of video & still footage of the actual ongoing looting of electronics shops, computer stores and appliance retailers.

Inside the Superdome: Child Raped, murdered, Three Deaths

By Jeralyn, Section Huricanes Katrina and Rita
Posted on Thu Sep 01, 2005 at 01:59:38 PM EST

The Los Angeles Times reports:
Superdome mayhem

A 2-year-old girl slept in a pool of urine. Crack vials littered a restroom. Blood stained the walls next to vending machines smashed by teenagers.

"We pee on the floor. We are like animals," said Taffany Smith, 25, as she cradled her 3-week-old son, Terry. In her right hand she carried a half-full bottle of formula provided by rescuers. Baby supplies are running low; one mother said she was given two diapers and told to scrape them off when they got dirty and use them again.

At least two people, including a child, have been raped. At least three people have died, including one man who jumped 50 feet to his death, saying he had nothing left to live for.

There is no sanitation. The stench is overwhelming. The city's water supply, which had held up since Sunday, gave out early Wednesday, and toilets in the Superdome became inoperable and began to overflow.

"There is feces on the walls," said Bryan Hebert, 43, who arrived at the Superdome on Monday. "There is feces all over the place."

According to Dr Charles Burnellwho treated sick people inside the Superdome, "We had three murders last night. We had a total of six rapes last night. We had the day before, I think, there were three or four murders. There were half-a-dozen rapes that night. We had one suicide last night. We had one military policeman shot." Rather than remain in a dangerous environment, the doctor said, "Until I can insure that I'm not putting my life in any significantly dangerous situation as I was before - I will not be back in the Superdome."

Anonymous said...

Cyclops needs another eye! what the hell is his 'statistical analysis' supposed to mean? Whatever he is, he's no mathematician.

Anonymous said...

Got to look at this:

Anonymous said...

Got to look at this:

Anonymous said...

I'm the anonymous who suggested
using IQ tests.

It was a bit tongue in cheek, if you noticed, I said, "if you are set on importing large numbers"...

Cyclops, if the black population
imported has a mean IQ higher than
that of whites, and IQ is largely genetic, it won't revert to subsaharan levels.

Doodler, you're quite right that
IQ is only part of the picture.
Impulse control, amongst others, is not measured by IQ tests. BTW,
I'm very sorry that we contributed
to destroying your country. I'm
American, we own a large part of that blame :-(.

I'm anonymous not because I'm ashamed, but because I don't feel
like losing my job for expressing
an opinion. Thanks, "liberals"!

The analogy of Blacks with Jews in
Nazi Germany or the Irish in the USA is obviously silly, as Savant
aptly demonstrated.

Look, I would be thrilled to be wrong, and for Blacks to start contributing to civilization. I
like older forms of black music
(blues and jazz, NOT rap) and have
met some decent blacks. I also
lived in black majority areas, and
shared an apartment with an African black. I was raised with
as PC an attitude as possible, in
a lefty (Jewish) home. That attitude didn't change for no
reason. The USA, where I live, has
to deal with the problem, blacks
were brought here by force, and
are part of the country.

Why in God's name do the Irish
feel they need to import large numbers of blacks? Look, you guys
must have oppressed the Chinese too, why don't you import loads of Chinese instead to satisfy your guilt? At least that way you won't
be in for the same trouble.

Kilbarry1 said...

A recent Anon says: "Look, you guys must have oppressed the Chinese too, why don't you import loads of Chinese instead to satisfy your guilt? At least that way you won't be in for the same trouble."

He's right you know. The Irish (like the Scots) played a major role in building the British Empire. The last Controller of Customs in China, before the overthrow of the imperial system, was an Irishman. We owe them. Let's import lots of Chinese!

Anonymous said...

fuck the Irish. You fucking white monkeys

palg said...

A 100% laizzes-faire capitalist country, can import as many foreigners they wish. With almost no taxes, and no government handouts to people not willing to work, there would be no incentives to immigrate unless you are hard working and a honest person. You are 100 % responsible for your own economy and everyone must work for the private enterprise, thus contributing to the countrys economy and a higher standard of living for yourself and everyone else. Those people who want to mooch off of other peoples hard work will not be able to do so, unless he consents to it.

Anonymous said...

as anyone here ever lived in the U.S ?
if not dont talk bout things you don't know, black people contributed to America Greatness, what would America be culturally without blacks, ( funny thing is that I bet ya probably love rock&Roll)

Californian said...

"I don't argue with your points because you base them on skin colour, just like, in the past, we Irish were judged by religion and punished accordingly."

Are you intentionally misstating the Savant's argument? Race is not about skin color but rather about genetic predisposition towards certain types of behavior. This is a common PC tactic: to refuse to acknowledge that the race realist argument is over genetics (and sometimes culture). It is one more example of how PC is intellectually dishonest.

"You can't even see how f*cking privileged you are."

Why shouldn't someone be "privileged" in their own country? But now we are getting to the underlying agenda here, which is to destroy the distinction of being Irish (or English, or French, or whatever White country one might name). Instead, White people are to surrender their "privilege" and be submerged into an undifferentiated sea of humanity.

"I used to be proud of being Irish but your blog is proof that we are not the nation we were."

If Ireland is importing large numbers of Africans, then it will literally not be the nation it once was. It will become one more African nation with all the vibrancy of a Rwanda, a Congo, a Uganda, a Zimbabwe...

"You are inciting racial hatred the moment you say things like 'Blacks never have and never will'[create liberal societies]."

Well, why not name some of the liberal societies that blacks have created in Africa?

"But, as Aristotle said "Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society"."

A dead White guy speaks truth from the grave.

Bantu Education said...

Excellent article as usual Savant.
Wish I had known of it at the time so that I could have had my 2c worth. Most of those people who preach the PC doctrine along the lines of "I know many blacks who are highly intelligent, yadda, yadda..." probably do NOT know the blacks particularly well.

The contributor who said that "to get to know what blacks are really like you need to see them drunk" was bang on the money.

At around the time this article was posted my partner and I were in a fancy new winebar in CT. We were invited to join another table by a Dutch couple in their early 30´s - she was blond and buxom and sitting next to a very smartly dressed, well groomed, and seemingly highly sophisticated black man - some kind of lawyer and a wine conoisseur too..!

We were all getting along famously when the Dutchman suggested we go to this special restaurant he knew about. Turned out to be a bit pricier than we were accustomed to, but never mind we were enjoying our new friends and I was a bit fascinated with the darkie. Maybe at last I too had discovered the Holy Grail of liberalism - a truly intelligent and cultured black man. A black to be trusted, no less. Another Mandela perhaps?

Well blackie soon displayed his knowledge and sophistication by ordering - one by one - 3 bottles of very expensive wine, and we had already shared a couple or more before.

Then the envy and the hatred and the latent inferiority began to pour out - not at me or my partner but at his friends, the Dutch couple. It seems blondie had been having a tryst with the now very surly spohisticated native. I was pretty plastered by myself at this time and I deliberately tried to ignore what he was saying, lest I join in - but one can imagine.

Then it came to the bill and because I didnt have enough cash I paid by card and the Dutchies gave me their cash. Meanwhile the SBG had gone to shake his best friend and when he came tottering back he refused to cough up a cent, despite him being the one who had ordered the most expensive wines.

Long story short, Blondie turned up at my house a couple of days later and gave my partner the cash - I´ll bet it wasnt the SBG´s who, she made a point of saying, "she´d dropped".

But our new Dutch friends wanted to have nothing to do with me because I had given them my unexpurgated opinion of darkies and, despite having much else in common, they clearly didnt want to befriend a "racist" like me.

SAVANT said...

Bantu Ed - this doesn't come as a surprise to me. I've had a number of similar experiences as have others coming to this site as well.

Anonymous said...

Did the mayor send empty buses to Houston? You what buses are the devices made to transport people from A to B as when a hurricane is coming you can take people out of the danger zone but it was all George W's fault because the mayor was a Democrat. And black.

Anonymous said...

But unlike the anonymous Newsmaxer, I went beyond simply pointing out that the morgue figures showed that blacks hadn’t disproportionately died following Katrina, but that whites had, and that the only credible explanation, based on what was known about the anarchy at the time, was that racist blacks were hunting them down and slaughtering them, just as they had sought to slaughter white rescue workers.

Lesson from Hurricane Katrina. "Blacks are raycis' (and sheeit at being human beens").

Anonymous said...

Cyclops needs another eye! what the hell is his 'statistical analysis' supposed to mean? Whatever he is, he's no mathematician.

I thought it meant that you can import any number of blacks you like and their mean IQ will always be 85. Unless you change it with 100 being the new black iq. Which would make the white mean 117 or thereabouts.

And it would mean changing the number for mental retardation which at 70 is 15 points awaay from the mean black iq.

Anonymous said...

Sheila Jackson Lee D Rep Houston says that hurricane names are too white and she has a point.

If that were Hurricane Khlamydia we would know all about the damage that was about to occur.

SAVANT said...

anon 12.03. I know. I've posted on this here!

Anonymous said...

Unenlightened Limg forgot the 540 freemasons.

Anonymous said...

Mercy mission: Brad Pitt and Ellen Degeneres pay visit to New Orleans area devastated by Hurricane Katrina

By Mike Larkin

PUBLISHED: 03:35 GMT, 10 March 2012 | UPDATED: 13:12 GMT, 10 March 2012

Read more: Morons Brad Pitt and Ellen Degeneres visit Hurrican Kathrina hit New Orleans


barncat said...

Just a foto op for Brad and Degenerate. Job done. Find you I'd say they were shaken down for a few bucks before they got out.

Anonymous said...

Good to see at least ONE European who has been calling Americans "RACISTS!" for decades from their vastly white countries finally gets it.