Sunday, 10 August 2008

First cathedral in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah visited Pope "Ben" (seen below on the lookout for heretics) during a visit to Rome some time ago. Their discussion wasn’t made public but my sources tell me Ben wanted some tips on imposing religious orthodoxy by force, while Abdullah was looking for advise on investment opportunities.

During the visit he prayed at the city's central mosque, Europe's largest Muslim terrorist recruitment centre house of worship. He was entitled to, I guess, as the Saudis gave $50 million to build it. As with Muslim policy everywhere, this is built on one of the highest points of the city, from which it looks down, both physically and spiritually, on the kuffirs below.

This mosque was inaugurated in 1995 in a ceremony attended by representatives of the Catholic, Jewish and Buddhist faiths, who almost creamed their underwear in an orgy of tolerance, ecumenism and mutual respect.

This is just another example of the enlightened reign of Abdullah, who's a 'visionary', apparently. He’s introduced progressive new legislation, for instance making it an offence for Saudis to murder foreign workers, and has raised the minimum age of marriage for girls to ten years.

And that's not all. Three weeks ago, he hosted a three-day interfaith conference in Madrid, during which Abdullah “called for reconciliation among various religions”. According to an International Herald Tribune report, the meeting drew about 200 representatives of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism and other religions.

So no surprise then that when I saw the news that a new cathedral is to be built in Riyadh for the country’s 1.5 million Christians, most of them poverty-stricken immigrants from the Philippines.

But wait! Sorry, I’m confused. In fact I'm all of a dither today since I found out that there was a Nigerian in my home town with an honest job and not claiming welfare. My brain has been frazzled since.

No, I'm confused with another event in Hades Saudi. There's no cathedral, and apparently more than a dozen Christians there have been accused by government officials of, well, being Christians. Sixteen were arrested on April 25 in Taif when a dozen Saudi Arabian police officers raided a home during a prayer meeting.

"The first officer to enter the house after breaking down the main gate pointed a pistol at the Christians and ordered them to hand over their resident permits and mobile phones," the report said. "The other 11 police followed quickly and started searching the entire house. The confiscated an electronic drum set, an offering box with 500 Saudi Riyal in it ($130), 20 Bibles, and a few Christian books."

The worshippers initially faced accusations of preaching and singing. Well now, that I can understand. "During the raid, the police mocked, questioned and harassed the Christians for four hours. Then they took them to a police station where the head of the station interrogated them." The Christians will all be deported for, as I said, being Christian.

Must check if this came up in the meeting between Abdullah and Ben.

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Anonymous said...

Typical. Play the race card, religion card, democracy card, call on protection from the constitution...give everything we can to make sure we don't hurt their feelings.

But they do not reciprocate! They want the best of both worlds. Protect their interests under their conservative nations and then they will come over here and promote their interests under our liberal policies.