Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Nigerians update

My post 'Nigerians love ireland - and why not?' continues to attract comments. Here are two recent intreresting ones, one from Jason, the other from Tony.

"This blog popped up in a google search and I want to add my very biased 10 cents.I am Irish and I lived in Africa. I worked in Harare, Zimbabwe for a year and whites were given a tough time and some were basically forced to leave (e.g. white farmers).

I then moved to the Copper Belt in Zambia for a 2 year contract with a mining company and I was amazed by how strict they were on permit requirements. It basically took me a year to get the work permit organised and the authorities made it quite clear they would not issue a permit for a position that a Zambian could fill - you had to produce evidence to meet this requirement.

Finally I moved to South Africa. South Africa is a lot better than those other countries but it still has a few measures to make life slightly more difficult if you are white e.g. with black economic empowerment, affirmative action etc. I was shocked when I wanted to apply for a position with a large South African company and it clearly stated at the bottom of the form the white males should not apply. But to be honest it was reasonable in South Africa and I would have lived there longer if my contract hadn't expired.

2 years ago I came back to Ireland. I am living in Dublin at the moment and when I read the posts about the Nigerians it really made me think. Why should Africans land in Ireland and get so many priviledges? From my experience in 3 African countries there are measures in place to make white peoples lives more complex.

I know this sounds bad but they should make life difficult for them, they shouldn't get as much money as they do from the welfare system. Life should be harsh enough that they wouldn't stick around unless they were genuine refugees. And to be a "refugee" you should meet a very strict criteria and onus should be on the refugee to produce sufficient verifiable evidence to support the application.

No evidence - no entry! Applications should be reviewed regularly and reversed if necessary. If a Nigerian is found guilty of an offence or defrauding...they should put them on the next plane home with the entire family. You cannot apply policies from first/second world countries to people or issues from third world countries...it is a completely different ball game and the rules couldn't be more different. You really have to take a no nonsense policy with them because if you don't they will take everything they possibly can until you do.

They will hide under veils of democracy, constitutional rights, the race card etc. but they are the first ones to abuse them. The dodgy ones should constantly have the fear of reprisal and immediate deportation hanging over their heads.It is difficult for me not to be narrow minded and it is incredibly unfair to judge someone by the colour of their skin (which I am doing) so I thought about what I would like to be see being done:

Ireland should allow the educated Nigerians who are willing to integrate into Irish society. [Doin' great up to now Jason but NOOOOOOOOOOOO - I wouldn't leave any in at all, and I'd deport all of those that are here. Integrating just means impregnating loads of Irish girls and then scampering with the scoial welfare payment] The honest and friendly types who really don't have complex issues and agenda surrounding their lives. There are loads of Africans I am friends with and when I am harsh about Africans and I think about these people I realise my comments are inappropriate.

The government should however get rid of the "rural" Nigerian who is loving life in Ireland at the moment. From rags to riches and all you have to do is go to the Post Office once a week. The Nigerian who will write back home (or email because he just got a brand new computer and broad band) bragging and making his friends jealous (enough to get a plane ticket over) about this lovely green country where you are unemployed and RICH with my amaSky TV and my new eMotor vehicle.

Abusing the system to the max! Don't care about Ireland or being valuable members of society but are just in it for what they can get.Simple as that! Not racism but classism! Keep the good guys and bin the bad ones! Theres no reason why Ireland should look after the criminals and lower class that run from their troubles in Africa but it should accomodate the GENUINE refugees and people who have something to offer.

Great comment Jason - and from someone who's seen both sides. But you're too apologetic, still carrying tons of white guilt. Get over it!

This one from Tony

Hi There,i just came across this site and i have read a lot of the different comments and i totall agree that the influx of all the nigerians will have a huge negative effect on Ireland as whole just just drain our social welfare monitary funds. i noticed a Nigerian girl added her comment about how she is a student and is not like the majority of her race that is here but she is totally in denial if she thinks that most of her fellow country men and women that are here are all fraudsters on a major scale.

there is not a penny so to speak in our country at the moment for hospitals the old sick irish kids etc but in the last 3 years our government found 246 million Euro to spend on people who should not be in our country.when in fact all vital services atc are beeing cut back and stopped to our own citizens there appears to be completely no limit to the amount our so called authorities are willing to spend on so called Refugees ? Explain this for me ?

now i went into Dolphin House court last week to see for myself how many Nigerians were up for de frauding the social welfare and let me tell you i was shocked there were more than 15 in one sitting of a very small court room [Why were you shocked Tone? that there weren't even more Nigerians there?].

the first Nigerian man was up and as the judge found out it was his second time in a very short period and as she told out louad that45,000 Euro [Jesus Christ, €45k!!] was a crazy amount and he just sniggered all of them also had free legal aid solicitors and Barristers they are literaly rapeing our country and we should has stopped it long before now but every one was afraid to say any thing as they would be labeled a racist this is the most convienient excuse they have had to use and people and goverenment officials should have seen through this long before now.

So every one needs to speak up especially now before local elections and tell their officials that they want all these fraudsters sent packing and take all their ill gained belongs cars ets from them and then make a new law that any one who wishes to enter Ireland that they can not claim any payments what so ever from our state for the first 5 years and then see who will want to come to our easy social welfare system you will see only professional and trades people who we want who help our economy not destroy it like the Nigerians are doing on a daily basis as are the Romanians.



Anonymous said...

"Ireland should allow the educated Nigerians who are willing to integrate into Irish society."
I am sorry, but I don't agree with you. I was born in South Africa. I also know the other side of the story - the side the world doesn't know. But that's another story.... If Africa is now for the Africans, they should stay there, and sort out their own problems. To let them into your country will only create problems. All of them are opportunists - they will suck out the orange, and leave the skin where ever they go. If you allow some to stay because the are willing to integrate, you will only create a mixed race. Do you want this? If you are not religious, can you not see nature? Even birds, that has the same size, but are from different types, do not mate. Is this not an indication that mixing races are not the correct thing to do? When will our people SEE and THINK for themselves? Will they be oblivious of everything until it is too late? There is nothing wrong to be a patriot, or nasionalist. It does not mean that you are a racist. And in any case, why do people feel so offended by this word? Is it not because people has put a meaning to it that is negative? Because you are affraid to be called a racist, you give away your whole country, your whole future for another race, that IS in fact racists, and want to destroy you? I say, that we should come to an agreement: Those who love every one, and like to mix their race, sould be allowed to stay in one place, and those who would prefer to stick to their own kind, on their own. Why do you always hear: freedom of choice , but in fact, it only benefits the mixed race culture? Why am I forced to stay in a mixed society? Where is my freedom of choice?

Anonymous said...

Amen to that, my south african friend. we're being force-fed into something few if any of us want.

Jason said...

My comment about integration is being misinterpreted. I'm not a fan of mixing races. By integration I meant the ones that do stay in Ireland don't keep their culture (i.e. hacking at their wives vi-jay-jays with pangas) - I meant they should play by Irish rules.

Jason said...

...and weirdly enough this isn't the same Jason that made a post on the same topic. Different Jasons - same opinion.

Jason said...

Sorry for flooding the forum but my last comment is probably confusing.

I am not the same Jason who posted a strong comment in favour of Africans in a discussion I was reading.

Savant, can you delete this post and the "Weirdly enough I'm not the same Jason..." post. I think I am confusing this forum with another one I was reading about Zimbabwe.

SAVANT said...

ok.... that's clear now jason...i think!

conservativejasonnotliberalhippyscumjason said...

Haha - thanks for not deleting my comments. Now I look like a real confused twit.

Comment about integration still stands though.

And theres another Jason that posts on "the Africa" debates on blogspot.com that has very different opinions to me. I was trying (in my tired and confused state) to say that I'm a different Jason. I'll use the name "conservativejasonnotliberalhippyscumjason" from now.

Anonymous said...

Why do you people hate Nigerians in Ireland so much?

They create so many jobs....in the police force

SAVANT said...

Thats true, anonymous 23.02 - and in the prison service, social welfare service etc.