Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Beautiful day ruined

I was really looking forward to today. There was a sunny break in the monsoon Irish weather, I had a game of tennis lined up with an ideal opponent, and before that was meeting a friend for coffee. Although Dorothy Parker’s aphorism ('the closer I get to the tomb, it matters less who’s shagging whom’) increasingly resonates with me, this friend nonetheless had an endless supply of salacious material on the local goings-on, delivered without a semblance of charity or concerns for character assassination. In other words, an ideal companion.

So it was with a jaunty step I sauntered into my local newsagents for the Irish Times. One look at the front page and my mood, and indeed my whole day, was instantly ruined. Staring out at me was Nigerian ‘refugee’ Turty Nkiru and her four new babies – quads.

All dewy-eyed the IT tells us that she ‘arrived in Ireland from Nigeria seven years ago just before the birth of her first child’. Now let me translate: This is IT-speak for ‘this cow got some/any local Nigerian to knock her up, waited until 7 months pregnant, flew to Heathrow, then to Dublin where she claimed asylum. While the case was pending her child was born in Ireland, thus giving the child, her and various relatives Irish nationality’.

(This loophole was closed with a massive majority in a referendum in 2001. Amazingly, the number of pregnant asylum seekers declined drastically after that).

And once she started, seeing the unbelievable largesse of the Irish taxpayer, she continued to reproduce like streptococci. Now only 34, and aleady with seven children, she has the time to breed a whole new tribe all by herself before she stops. And why not?

Now in the same edition of that newspaper, Irish Times, July 8, I extract the following headlines related to our collapsing health service which generously carries all the costs for this breeding machine:

“Genetic tests put on hold due to cuts”

“HSE reports deficit of €147 million”

“Surgical bed closures at Waterford”

“Lives hit by cuts in service”

“Funds shortfall to hit target for suicide rate cut”

There were others.

This reminds me of another Nigerian 'refugee' (see this post) who paraded around bearing the placard ‘We demand cancer services we can trust’.

Day fucked.


Anonymous said...

What are you complaining about? There isn't a single country in the EU that is replacing its population so we should be grateful to this lady. Having enough children to maintain the population is not a SUFFICIENT guarantee of civilisation but it is a NECESSARY one.

Now all we need is a large number of Christian Brothers to socialise the little rascals. The following shows how it can be done. It is from Paddy Crosbie's book "My Dinner's Poured Out" and it refers to the founding of the original School Around The Corner in 1869:

"When Brunner opened its doors first in February 1869, accordingly to the annals, practically all of the boys who turned up to be enrolled were barefooted. They were an unruly lot as none had been to school before. Beside the school was a site, lately vacated by the Medical School, and when the boys were let out to play, they made their way to this site, where, within a large shed, they found human bones. One of the Brothers was horrified to find his new pupils playing hurling with the skulls and bones. He quickly took command and the bones were interred in a safe place."

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Moron.

Anonymous said...

you sound like a Brit talking about an Irish "refugee"

SAVANT said...

Anonymous 17.38. Our population is a fine size as it is. In any event we do NOT need 'replenishment' by violent welfare dependnet jailbait. That explain my position?

SAVANT said...

Great answer, ananymous 18.23, I'm reconsidering my views in the light of your carefully argued position.

SAVANT said...

Christopher - I agree. And the Brits would have been entitled to say exactly that. I expand on this in this post http://irishsavant.blogspot.com/2007/11/brits-and-paddies.html

Anonymous said...

To anon:17:38 Hypocrite! People like you want to fertilize weeds. You are the first ones to f.. off if things are getting to hot for you. And there where you go, you start your filthy campaign again, making every where in this world a rotten place to live in. We do not need any more WEEDS, thank you.

Rhein said...

Can you seriously say that the Irish commited as much crimes as the Africans? Or the muslims?

Or that they didn't integrate like the aforementioned?

Didn't think so...

Never heard of an Irishmen running a juvenile prostitution ring in a foreign country, or their own for that matter. They're usually very good immigrants that adapt quite well to new environments. And being of the same race always helps, or is that "wacist"?

I agree 100% with Savant, Ireland doesn't need to be forcefully overpopulated by a bunch of filthy liberals, especially not by third-worlders. Oh damn i'm being "wacist" again...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 17.38 - what the fuck ARE you talking about? You make no sense baby

Anonymous said...

Replying to anonymous 14.07. I'm saying that in the 19th century Ireland was as poor as Africa today with major famines (the Great Famine wasn't the only one) and big crime problems - including the killing of landlords by tenants (like Zimbabwe maybe). We also had a major over-population problem. So I am suggesting that Africa could - POSSIBLY - get out of it like we did.

The problem is there are also big differences. Before the Famine, Daniel O'Connell created the first mass democratic Party in Europe and that was continued by Parnell. And apart from murderering landlords, Irish tenants also set up the Land League to buy them out legally - with the help of the British government. AND the Irish also educated themselves out of poverty with the help of the Church which was 100% Irish. That's the point that Paddy Crosbie was making. The fact that a society starts from a very low base does not mean much - as long as it is heading in the right direction.

I'm NOT actually optimistic about Africa. They have the population, the famines and the crime but the positive factors seem to be either missing or remnants of colonial times- like the schools and hospitals run by missionaries which probably won't survive the demise of the latter.

Some commentators seem to have a very low tolerance of irony.

Anonymous said...

Sorry anonymous 17.38 - I guess i DO lack irony. Thanks for clarification.

SAVANT said...

Good point, anonymous 17.38. You're right not to be optimistic about Africans/blacks. They've had the chance for hundreds of years in Haiti (see my post) and Liberia, but they're amongst the worst countries in the world