Tuesday, 29 July 2008

America's decline

Came across the famous/notorious Griggs versus Duke ruling (1971) while looking in Wikipeda for something else. Here’s an extract

“The Court ruled against a procedure used by the company when selecting employees for internal transfer and promotion to certain positions, namely requiring a high school education and certain scores on broad aptitude tests.

African-American applicants, less likely to hold a high school diploma and averaging lower scores on the aptitude tests, were selected at a much lower rate for these positions compared to white candidates”

In other words, employers are prohibited from checking on how clever their potential applicants are! Sure, there are ways around this, and not every persecuted minority victim will sue. But the message is there, and it’s debilitating for the US (and with the accursed European Court of Human Rights it’s of course being steadily increased here as well).

I remember my first exposure to an Executive Vice President of one of the world’s leading technology companies. I was almost in awe at meeting someone at the very top, at the cutting edge, of advanced technology. Though somewhat surprised when he turned out to be black, I didn’t give it much attention initially.

My friends, this guy blew my mind. He blew it in that he knew absolutely fuck all! The doorman knew more than he did. What’s more he didn’t even have a grasp of basic business process, down to almost never answering emails and ducking any decision of consequence. What he knew about technology could have been written on the back of a stamp. All my colleagues were totally flabbergasted. ‘How’, we asked ourselves, ‘in the name of Jesus, did he get let in the door of this legendary company, let alone become one of its top three executives?’

The answer can be found in the philosophy underpinning Griggs/Duke.

Is it any wonder then that the US is in such a precipitous slide?


Anonymous said...

These types of laws really do more harm than good. Its that whole - the slaves and their descendants came from disadvantaged backgrounds and weren't given the same educational opportunities the white man.

My response: we all started from the same point. Infact if you believe in the origin of man being Kenya then they had the head start. Shouldn't haven't spent all that time throwing spears at eachother and should have developed some guns and maybe the wheel. Maybe then they wouldn't have been slaves in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Savant, I believe I know who you're talking about and if so, what you say is astonishing. There, of all places?

Griggs was one of the two mortal blows, the other being the 1965 Act.

Anonymous said...

ageed - all of this is killing us. Even the NY Fire Dept had to change its entry tests so that in affect anyone can get in - blacks and spics were all failing

Anonymous said...

Gloom and doom! Gloom and doom! This place has no hope. We're all screwed! Get out while you can.

You must be a hit at all the braais.

Anonymous said...

Sorry my doom and gloom comment was intended for the "Can SA be saved" post. Bloody tabs get confusing.

Argonauticus said...

As a frequent American reader on your site, I always find it informative and even entertaining. This post... as most of yours... is right on the money. Witness the American "Sheeple" about to elect a confirmed and fairly obvious Black Nationalist (20-year "Association" with Wright & TUCC, "raciall aware" college courses taught with such lecture topics as Reparations to American Blacks for Slavery" etc. etc. etc.) as their next President. Perhaps the primary reason I and my family are currently... and expect to remain ...living abroad for the next 4-8 years. If "B-Rock" wins, then it's goodnight America... witness Ian Smith's fine country of Rhodesia becoming Zimbabwe... changing the dates and place names and the faces. If he (or given the Obamasturbation of the MSM these days, should I say "HE"...???) loses then go to youtube and surf around for the footage and vids of the L.A. Riots for this is surely what's bound to happen... American Blacks themselves are saying as much now. In short, America (as the world once knew it) is gone... finished... doomed and damned and soon to be destroyed by its own diversity. In the end, it wasn't "E Pluribus Unum" "Out of Many, One..." but rather "Out of One, Many." The whole world will be watching the increasing and intensifying Racial "Balkanization" of the U.S. play out on the nightly news over the next few years.

God help America now.

God help the world.

SAVANT said...

I agree argonauticus, and the amazing thing, it's all self-inflicted.

Anonymous said...

Argonauticus I don't think you have to worry - I can't see it being the downfall of America.

Unlike Rhodesia, B-Rock won't have the support of the masses if he tries to bring in silly policies. If blacks riot it won't have the same implications as African countries - the US police force will take care of them.

The presidency in America is no dictatorship - there are a few powerful politicians who can put people who are out of line in their place.

The courts are more objective, the army really do represent the people (I get the impression they are strong nationalists) and most of all people in America would never accept being ignored or silenced if they disagree with him.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading of a black guy who used speak to a security guard at a computer plant in New York state when he was out for a smoke. He had been using a machine while drunk and the company could not fire him so they gave him a non-job in HR where he could not do any harm.

This is a poster book example of being "jessejacksoned".