Monday, 9 June 2008

Why we submit to the PC dictatorship

Every well-run airport applies rigorous regulations regarding the pickup of arriving passengers. You get a taxi, bus or other designated form of public transport, all in their appropriate places with appropriate queues. If you want somebody to pick you up privately, he leaves the car in the car park and meets you in person. Without this, total chaos would obviously reign.

Last week, while waiting to use the ATM at Dublin Airport, I got a demonstration of how quickly even one vehicle can bring about such chaos. In this instance an African cultural enricher drove right up to the door and parked in a highly restricted area. And waited. Chaos duly ensued as traffic backed up and furious drivers tried to get into the right-hand lane. He totally ignored the pandemonium. In fact he probably didn’t hear it, as the ‘music’ in his car was so loud I could hear it from inside the glass.

Eventually a troupe of Africans emerged, laden down with massive amounts of baggage. How any plane could take off carrying these monsters and their equally monstrous baggage, I find hard to imagine. Anyway, while law-abiding arrivals took their place in the queues, these cultural enrichers took a long leisurely time to load up. Again, totally ignoring the furious blowing and screaming brakes.

Eventually they all got in and somehow managed to pack their luggage on board also. Even then they didn’t move. I don't know what was going on, but it must have been another ten minutes before they finally headed off, a-hootin’ an’ a-hollerin’, heading for the nearest Social Welfare Office (As you can see on the left, I managed to capture this happy occasion on my camera).

Reading this you might well comment ‘so what – this is the way Africans behave everywhere’. And you’d be right. The purpose of this post is to point out that, all during this escapade, the uniformed security staff, who swarmed all over the place, never went near the offenders.

To find out why – of course I knew why – I asked ‘if I parked there for even a few seconds you’d have had me. Why didn’t you move those people on?’ After a certain amount of evasion he eventually came up with the real answer - it just wasn’t worth it. The occupants would have immediately cried racism, and the Victim Industry would have swung into action. Inquiries, lawsuits, apologies, and possibly disciplinary action for the staff.

The same reason that police won't pull in blacks who don't have either tax or insurance on their cars – i.e. all blacks. They’ll just get too much hassle. The rest of us are much easier to deal with.

Yes folks, that's what it’s come to.


Spider said...

You don't get it do you? When in Rome and all that.........welcome to Rome. Play the stupid fella and park there, plead ignorance, make complaints, and in short become difficult to deal with. While doing so point out the mistakes of others to the nearest security staff. O look at those guys parking there, says savant to the security guy...isn't that a breach of security??? Can you do something, if you can't can I maybe have a word with your line manager - we've got to be security conscious now a days, haven't we????

Do one thing, complain about another, in short become difficult. Claim money, all you are entitled to, in short you too can become a tax burden/complainer and above all adopt victim status.

I did it this morning in the building society. Excuse me sez I, to the information desk person, but your chashier served that (African) person before me, when it was my turn. Is that fair? I'm a valued customer, and viola I jumped the queue. (Well, I only have 15mins at break time!)..........

Signed spider the victim. Gotta go!!

Anonymous said...

I've been doing what Spider suggests for some time. And it generally works. One time in the passport office (!!) in Cork I got screamed at by the Nigerian in question, but I still got my place back

Spider said...

Savant will be starting a campaign to save the Algerian one!

SAVANT said...

I'll believe it when he lands in Algeria. Surely some taxpayer-financed lawyer or Victm Industry rep will spot the opportunity?