Thursday, 5 June 2008

Our President uses my speech at last

In one of those acts of understated heroism for which, if I may say so, I’m justly renowned, I took it upon myself some time ago to write a speech for our President, HRH Mary McAleese. But this wasn’t just any speech. It was one suitable for use in all circumstances, requiring only the occasional word substitution as the situation required.

I'm pleased to see that the royal pain in the bollocks President has taken my contribution to heart. First read the speech I drafted for her, then examine these extracts from the verbal diarrhea spewed out in her recent visit to Liverpool, and decide whether she has used my work – and without attribution, I might add!

“The sea between us is not a barrier to our bond of kinship, rather a bridge”

“That most Irish of English cities, a place which has a special hold on generations of Irish”

“Some people in this room are two, three or even four generations away from Ireland, yet it is still in their hearts”

“This is the place where the immigrant heart has grown. It marches to the beat of two different drums, one from the old homeland, the other from the new”

She hopes Liverpool will draw from “the deep wells of Irish culture”

“People in Ireland personally feel Liverpool’s pride at the transcendence that the city has achieved”

“We bring the joy of peace and reconciliation, the joy of an Ireland that is content and prosperous”

Well? What do you think?

1 comment:

Rhein said...

She ripped you off. ^^

And that speech was quite nauseating. Don't these stupid politicians realise it's not their country to give. Our countries belong as much to our ancestors that gave blood and sweat for it as to our future generations. We're merely temporary custodians.

This whole enforced immigration/multiculturalism is utter sacrilege. Literally.