Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Millions of Brits flee - replaced by Turd Worlders

The Daily Mail provides some interesting analysis on net immigration figures for the UK.

The majority of the two million immigrants to Britain since 1991 are here to stay, according to an analysis of official figures. Most new arrivals come from 'Third World' areas such as Africa and India. My, who'd have guessed?

According to the Migrationwatch think-tank, which provided the analysis, people from this group are less likely to return home. Why should they? Roosting at the UK taxpayers’ expense, and getting the rules changed for them as they wish.Only 8 per cent of immigrants between 1991 and 2006 came from the new European Union nations of Eastern Europe.

There were only five countries which took more emigrants from Britain than sent immigrants here. These included Australia, which had net immigration from Britain of 212,000, and New Zealand, which gained 44,000 overall. The 15 western countries in the European Union - including France, Spain and Portugal, countries which attract tens of thousands of British expats - gained 72,000 more immigrants from Britain than they sent emigrants here.

All the other parts of the world sent more migrants to Britain than they took from the UK, the breakdown showed. It recorded a surplus of 633,000 from countries with few historic or current ties to the UK, including non-Commonwealth African nations such as Somalia (Jesus Christ!) and Congo (!), as well as Indonesia and the Far East.

Net immigration from the Indian sub- continent (read Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh) totalled 597,000 between 1991 and 2006.

There were just 205,000 immigrants from the new EU countries. Most of them are thought to have arrived just before and after April 2004 - the date Poland and eight other countries joined the Union. With masterly understatement The Director of MigrationWatch observed 'It is hard to avoid the conclusion that those arriving from Third World countries are unlikely to go home.

Adding “supporters of immigration have tried to give the impression that the majority come from the new EU member states and that, in time as their economies improve, they will return home, thus implying that public fears are groundless. But the Government's own figures show that this is far from the case.”

The net effect? 2.3 million Turd Worlders have come in, 2.1 million native Brits have left. Great work lads.


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Ha, they'll end up destroying, the very thing that is bringing them here.

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