Monday, 16 June 2008

Stacking the decks at the University of Cape Town

The inherent contradictions in Affirmative Action (AA) always amuse me. The same people who propagate AA are the very ones who will ridicule racial definitions. 'Race is a social construct', or 'how can you differentiate between races? Where do you draw the line?' This becomes especially fevered if you argue that IQ is genetically (racially) endowed.

Well, you can have one argument, but you can't have both. AA is based on racial classification, so if there's no such thing as race, how do you decide who qualifies? Furthermore, the fight for racial equality, pursued most notably in South Africa and the USA, rested on the premise that discrimination on the basis of race was the foulest of crimes. But what else but discrimination on the basis of race is AA?

A further counter-point can be made on the basis of 'well, if all races are equal, why do 'victim races' (i.e. non-whites) need preferential treatment?'. The decidedly unconvincing answer is along the lines of 'well, they've been damaged by generations of discrimination'. So were the Jews, but it certainly didn't hold them back.

Ultimately of course, AA proponents will be forced to acknowledge the lower IQ and achievement levels of blacks. There's no escaping it. Thus we have the exquisite irony of the University of Cape Town (UCT) being flushed out and forced to admit to grim reality. Its admissions programme to medicine for next year has specified the following average grades:

Whites: 91%
Indians: 88%
Coloureds: 78%
Blacks: 74%

For which I say to UCT, thank you. You have confirmed what I know and what has strenuously been denied by the MSM for years. You've had no choice. Either stack the deck in favour of those of lower intelligence, or else they don't get in.

The racial classifications are just the same as apartheid - except then the whites didn't need the decks stacked in their favour.


Anonymous said...

Reviews of a new book out by Richard Lynn up in Belfast: Richard Lynn’s 'The Global Bell Curve'—The Explanation That Fits The Facts

Martinus said...

That Kaffir "university" was always the commie breeding ground. ANC terrorists (white liberals mostly from the UK) were also arrested there during the turbulent 1980's here in RSA. The thing that does not suprise me is that they have now publically acknowledged their blatant racist discriminatory policies which have been in force since 1994 - that is wht I am a proud Matie (Stellenbosch student) rather than a kaffir loving Ickey (UCT student). The fact that they put the percentage so high for whites just proves that even they know that we are superior - I would take it as a compliment if I didn't know the fact that whites can have 100% averages, doing 11 subjects and still not get into med-school there. Fucking savages!

Anonymous said...

Another thing - this way a welathy black will get preferential treatment over a poor white - and there are plenty of them here. Call that justice?

Anonymous said...

Very good post indeed. These are facts and liberals don't like facts , so they will call you a racist.