Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Hooray! No Irish children apply for school places

The Irish Independent brings us joyous multicultural tidings. In a dramatic testimony to the scale of diversity which we’re all enthusiastically celebrating, we learn that in a Dublin inner city school there isn't a single Irish-born pupil among those enrolled in its infant classes for next year!

The school (pictured) is in the north inner city, where already nearly half the pupils are minority ethnic and language students, and that percentage is rising. Figures from eight local schools in the Dublin 7 area show that there are 1,839 pupils enrolled this year -- of whom nearly half, or 855, are minority ethnic and language students.

The report does not identify the school where no Irish have applied for places in September [of course not, else they’ll never get another white parent to send their kid to it] but says that may change as demand for places increases. [Demand from locals for places in these sink-hole schools will not increase.]

Increasing variety in the ethnic and national groups applying for education for their children -- and the languages they speak -- is expected to present an ongoing challenge to schools and local communities. [No shit, Sherlock?]

Dublin 7 is identified as an area of educational disadvantage by the report, which took account of literacy, early school leaving, access to education, academic under-achievement and underdevelopment of interpersonal and social skills. [Excuse me, you prat. ALL fucking black/Muslim schools are educationally disadvantaged, all over the world. This is because blacks have low IQs and bad work ethic, and Muslims can't think because they’re taught to unquestioningly absorb religious mumbo jumbo.]

"For minority language students, these are more likely to become significant factors in their educational experience. They have the added disadvantage of potentially poor communication and connectivity between school and home. Such connectivity has been clearly established as a key factor in supporting children to achieve in the school ," according to the evaluation report for a School Cultural Mediation Project.

It adds that the north inner city has a significantly higher than average number of ethnic minority residents, standing at 34pc of the population -- or three times the national average, according to the 2006 Census. [And we know that that particular census drastically understated the true level of the immigrant population.]

But hold on, there’s hope. The report goes on to reassure us that vast sums of taxpayers’ money are being flung at the problem and that ‘progress has been identified’. Progress will always be identified when large dollops of public money depends on it.


Anonymous said...

Fucking scandalous mate. It's population replacement.

Anonymous said...

Ever hear of busing in, out-of- district "minorities" to racially balance the student body, Ireland?

You will!

When the "minority" becomes the majority in a community, the multi-cultists call them "majority-minority" as to keep their oppressed-victimhood status that the government panders to.

All-african schools O.K.(keep and promote ancestral homeland culture)

All-Irish schools must accomodate/integrate third-world invaders.(multi-culturalise)

Kwame will be lifting up Cailín's skirt after class in no time.

It caused an uproar in the U.S. back in the 1950's, 60's and in Boston, Mass. in the 1970's.

Not a coincidence it's happening in Ireland today.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

And I suppose it's a complete coincidence that Dublin's north inner city also has one of the country's highest levels of crime.

Anonymous said...

@Savant - I'm curious....what does the average Irishman have to say about the fact that their country (and their tax money) is slowly being devoured?

Anonymous said...

I posted the following on
regards Dub006.

In a recent PQ the then Minister for Justice ,Brian Lenihan was asked..

''1.List the number of children that were eligible and granted residency under the IBC scheme.
2.List the total number of people ,by nationality ,who were granted residency through association with a child that was born here and granted residency under the IBC scheme. ''

The reply .

I wish to inform the Deputy that a total of 16,693 [b]applicants were granted permission to remain in the State, initially for a period of two years, under the revised arrangements for non-EEA parents of children born in Ireland prior to 1st January, 2005, commonly referred to as the IBC/05 scheme. While applicants were of many nationalities, Nigeria, Romania and China were the most commonly represented.[/b]

The Irish population was recorded in the 2006 Cencus as 3,661,560.

Please note the Minister refused to answer the number of people who were granted residency through association with a child that was born here

Given there were 16,693 applicants and that there must have been at least one parent associated with each application then the minimum number of people granted leave to remain was 33,386 or nearly 1% of the Irish population.

If there were two parents to each application the number would reach 50,079 .

Allowing for the high fertility rates associated with third world nationalities then a family size of two parents and three children is reasonable to assume.
This would mean a population increase of 83,465 or 2.25% increase in the population.

Many of these families have more children so it is reasonable to project that the number could be in excess of 100,000.
Also many of these people have given birth to subsequent children whilst here.

I am suspicious the population is very high as the Fianna Fail government has refused to release these figures.

Recently some advocates appeared on radio campaigning for these people to bring their families here (Family Reunification) when the IBC scheme is over in two years time.The government has not objected to this development.

As a consequence of this Fianna Fail scheme to reward the criminal actions of illegal immigrants the population could increase by up to 200,000 within three years.

SAVANT said...

Doodler - in my view not too many are aware and, just as under Stalin, nobody speaks publicly about it. In my circle of acquaintances I'd say nearly everyone is aware of the immigration scam and its potential impact, but none are too energised about it. It's seen as not affecting them and if it does cause a problem, it'll be many years in the future.

Sad, but I do think that's the story.

Anonymous said...

Even schools that will register a reasonably high proportion of irish next year will, over time, degenerate into ghettoes as whites withdraw their kids until there are no white kids left.

Anonymous said...

Savant wrote-:
"In my circle of acquaintances I'd say nearly everyone is aware of the immigration scam and its potential impact, but none are too energised about it".

Considering this island’s long and painful struggle to gain its freedom and national independence, do you or your readers ever seriously ponder why it is now that all is being surrendered albeit piece-meal, by our self-serving politicians, and who, for the most part can be so intimidated and terrified by a handful of rabid PC dogmatists.

All that was once so dearly fought for is being casually surrendered to appease a tiny but vociferous minority, whose own agenda will undoubtedly result in turning this country of the future into something much more akin to a mini London or New York. A teeming, soulless place, of superficial tolerance, inhabited by “grey” subservient “Mc People”. Of course equally clear is that instead of the heavy hand of Catholicism being perpetually upon our shoulder as once in the past, we shall in future be dictated to by self-elected gurus of PC and their Judas-like lawyers.

Naturally the well funded State propaganda exercises and other behavioural control tactics which have already been implemented and choreographed are going some way in dampening down the instinctive disquiet felt by many towards the destructive forces which are irrevocably altering the very fabric of this society. It could also be conceded that in acting as a modern-day substitute for slavery, “multiculturalism” itself serves to appease the greed and the feeding-frenzies of our modern “gombeen men”.

But what is difficult to comprehend is why the sheer level of deceit and propaganda so obviously deployed in all of this is not being more openly and actively challenged by many more, honest-minded newspaper journalists, politicians, and individuals such as yourself Savant.
Why have so many conceded so quickly to such empty and false doctrines?
Surely the disastrous results of other “multicultural” experiments can not be so lightly cast aside? Shouldn’t they alone be alerting us as to what we too are buying into and even paying through the nose for?

Madra Dubh said...

Irish Savant You are inciting Racial Hatred through this blog - If you are all so much more smarter than us Dubh's, how come nobody noticed the photo is a fake....I respect your opinions IS, but not when it's based on false evidence..I suspect this isn't your fault??