Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Shandon St. Then and now

Shandon Street is, or was, the heart of traditional Cork. And of course it’s the location of the iconic Shandon Steeple - the ‘Four-faced Liar’, so called because its four clocks invariably showed different times. Celebrated in song, poetry and musical hall comedy, it embodied what Cork was about.
Shandon St. 10 years ago
No longer. Shandon and its environs are becoming an African slum. Locals are being frozen out. A hostelry near the top of the street was the local for the lovely Evelyn’s father.
No longer. In his own words. “It was a great pub for years. We all knew each other and there was great crack. A few Nigerians came in a few years ago, but there was no problem, they stayed on their own. Then their numbers began to grow and we all became a bit uneasy. In fairness, they didn’t cause any problems, but the whole mood of the place was different. Over the last year though the place has become intolerable. Now when you come in you get hard stares, and they hold the stares. They’re telling us – this is our place now.
Shandon St. now
"And they’re right. One by one the locals have all drifted away. All my mates are gone. I wouldn’t dream of going there now. The owner is in despair as he knows he’ll have to sell up to some Nigerian at a knockdown price.”

One day, early in the process, when Evelyn was dropping him off at the pub, she noticed a troupe of Africans chattering and jabbering at the top of the street. Suddenly one of the children, about ten years old, dropped his pants and deposited a steaming shit on the path. Then pulled his pants up without even wiping his arse! Not one of the other cultural enrichers even batted an eyelid.
Shandon St. funeral
The pub owner can do nothing. If he tried to maintain its character the Equality, Victim and Immigration industries would close him down and bankrupt him with fines.

And things are only getting worse. Even in the unlikely event of our stopping the invasion, these cultural enrichers are breeding like streptococci so we'll go the way of England and France in due course.

This is what we’ve created for ourselves. It’s our own fault.


Anonymous said...

Jesus Savant these posts are hilarious. I hope the Africans keep coming and drive you to continue to entertain us!

Partek said...

Wait a minute - that's not Shandon Stre . . .

Oh, I get it. It's a joke!

Well done! Well done!

What a funster you are!

SAVANT said...

and if wit was shit you'd be constipated

Anonymous said...

These cultural 'enrichers' (in the loosest sense, and I mean the loosest sense) have done the same to many areas of sheffield in yorkshire.
A friend who has a clothing stall in the marketplace there notes the same thing. that being that they sh#t whenever and wherever they like.
The dieseases they bring (many of which, such as TB were eliminated in the west many moons ago) are being brought back by these parasites.
On another note go on google video and search for the Film 'Africa Addio', watch and you will get much better insight into the African mentality.
Still at this rate it will be 'Europe Addio' in another 50 years.

SAVANT said...

Too true my friend, too true.

Rob said...

It's not just Shandon St.; it's spreading down the length of Gerald Griffin St. too.

Anonymous said...

So, Cork is going the way of Malmo.

SAVANT said...

As Rob says, it's spreading down to adjacent streets as well. However, from what I've seen we;re still a long way from being like Malmo, still less Trelleborg.

CORRUPT Éire said...

Funny post, but sad to hear. By the way, doesn't the Irish constitution give freedom of association?


couldn't this hypothetically mean the barman could form/join a union designed to protect and preserve the traditional Irish community/community pub - allowing him to admit and to boot out whoever he wants?

SAVANT said...

Corrup Eire makes a good point. In theory you're right, but in praqctice, not a hope. You must understand that rights don't apply to whites or males. White males, like a positied barman's club/union, would be torn to shreds in the courts and the MSM.

As I said in the post, this is what we've created for ourselves, you can't blame Africans and other 'victims' for taking advantage of our foolishness

Anonymous said...

Feckin savages...