Thursday, 29 May 2008

Niall Mellon Trust update

I posted a few months back on the Niall Mellon Trust, whose objective is to waste Irish time and labour in propagating South Africa’s township problems. Check the post here.

It’s worth examining the latest reaction. This comes from Cathy – hi there Cathy – who clearly has drunk deeply of the PC Kool-Aid. I reproduce what she’s written below, plus my response. I have introduced punctuation and spacing in the interests of legibility, but have retained her spelling and grammar errors in the interests of authenticity.

Let me start off by saying yes, Niall Mellon is a big hearted guy, probably a lot bigger hearted than you are. [Hitler had a bigger heart than I do]

First of all you have no way of knowing for sure WHERE the sponsorship money has come from be it Ireland or anywhere else [the Trust says it comes from Ireland. Are they lying?], and secondly, does it really matter? [well yes, actually, given the purpose of the post and the blog generally is to convince Irish people to stop pissing their money away and making things worse in the process]

No one has forced people to part with their cash when they sponsor someone?! People have more money than they ever did these days, and some of them to DO GOOD with it who they give their own hard earned cash to is really none of your business! Secondly, this trust not only builds houses on the annual blitz but also works throughout the year to build houses, in fact last year they bulit over 4,000 houses for the residents of the townships. The charity has offices in Cape Town and they employ some 2,000 people, many of them from the townships themselves who otherwise might be unemployed, or be working in unfair conditions for low pay. [And your point is…? I wasn't disputing any of this]

So not only are they building them houses, but they are also TEACHING them how to build....catch a man a fish and he will eat for a day or teach him to and he will eat for a lifetime type of following? [Yes, and that’s why those amenable to teaching are abandoning the Trust for better pay elsewhere]

In fact, the charity is in talks of (sic) producing the worlds 1st charity owned 'super housing factory', which could potentially eradicate townships in not only SA, but elsewhere too.[Eradicate townships in SA? This gets funnier by the minute]

Also, the deeds of the house are given to the resident at the end of the week, so it is theirs to do with as they please, which means that if they want to rent it out let them, why not? [Why not? Well the Trust is supposed to provide housing for the desperately needy, not make capitalists out of them. If the victims are in a position to rent them, why should the Trust have given them the house in the first place? Are you sure you’re not unwell, Cathy?]

If it means getting them more of an income so they can send their kids to school or help feed their family then who are you to have a problem with that? Bottom line is getting them a new house, whether they live in it or not, will help improve their overall quality of life-which is the aim of the project!!

And I wouldn't call the volunteers going over 'mugs', their (sic) anything but. This project not only aims to eradicate townships [eradicate townships - don't give me bad thoughts!], but it helps to promote an air of philantrophy in Ireland, which surely is only a good thing? You'd seriously want to rethink your above comments there, and Id have to agree with the others-you do sound like a bit of a retard.

I mean what makes you think they will revert to what they does (sic) cement and bricks turn into tin and cardboard??! [Easy - just pass ownership to blacks and then watch them work their magic. That’s how, you silly little girl]


Cathy said...

Ok, I actually laughed out loud at that, come call that a response? All you did was slag my spelling!! Your last comment- let them work their magic, it's not Harry Potter we're talkin about here-really, how could the houses revert back to what they were? Answer the question!! And you completely ignored my point of the OVERALL benefits of getting a house improving their quality of life-whether they sell it or not. Turning a bit of a blind eye are ya buddy?!Come back with come real silly little boy.

Anonymous said...

I know What you mean savant, cant find the link but I once saw some pictures of a hotel in mozambique ( I hope I spelt it right). the first set of pictures I saw were of the hotel under portugese rule, it was maginficent as good as any hotel in Europe or the States.
Then I saw pictures of the hotel many years after independence (1975), many years had passed and the building was a dump. Still standing in one piece (amazingly) but the were black lines all over I could only assume were burn marks or mould. And don't get me started on the state of the roads in those places.
this Liberal 'useful' idiot that contacted you, must obviously of not seen the ghettoisation that blacks create in europe, never mind their own country. I mean where do these people come from the university of lack of common sense.

SAVANT said...

Now Cathy, i direct your attention to the previous comment. He, i assume it's a he, showing such astute judgement has he does, clearly explains in terms understandable even to you, how blacks fuck everything up.

Now be a good girl - go off and prepare a meal for your husband and not waste your time in a clash of wits with a superior intellect.

kerdasi amaq said...

Shouldn't we be building houses for our own people and not foreigners?

Anonymous said...

it's me, anonymous 12.44.

To follow up, I know many people who have seen the blacks work their 'magic'. my Grand Uncle Doug and another friend, who I cannot name, got to see the 'magic' of the MauMau in Kenya first hand. The (black) Africans almost uniformally hate Foreign Success in Africa and will turn it to shit at a moments notice.
Another friend (whom I cannot name as well) reckons that from Cameroon to Captown they are one minute away from... well..., chaos is the polite way to say it. And he lived all over africa from south africa to Zimbabwe (when it was still rhodesia). He actually expressed surprise at the recent violence in Johannasburg, saying he believed the whole job would have gone up in smoke at an earlier date. Eiether way he (like many others) believes South africa is to become Zimbabwe mark II.
to end my rant I believe this as in the grand scheme of things, South africa is Africa still, no matter how you try to spin it.

Rose said...

Somehow, you still managed to dodge actually answering my question, what is this....third time lucky?!

Your superior 'wit' is nothing more than a bunch of racist and sexist insults - and stop assuming you know things about me.

SAVANT said...

Rose? I thought your name was Cathy. Boy, are you confused. But even you must recognise that I have a great mind?

Cathy said...

Well would your 'great' mind not put 2 and 2 together and figure out that I was accidently logged on as someone else?

And yet my question remains unanswered.......

By the way can I just ask - and I don't mean this in a cheeky way, but is this your profession or just a hobby?

Rhein said...

Cathy, we're talking about a race that were handed a first world nation that took a few hundred years to build and managed to turn it into a third world hellhole within 15 years.

So i'll let you guess.

Anonymous said...

People like Cathy/Rose are the stuff that African dreams are made of. Africans will invent/tell any story in order to suck money out of potential donors to avoid doing anything for themselves. Once the donations run dry ( or have been distributed amongst the elite Chiefs) then they will be off to find new deluded Liberals.Unfortunately Ireland has spawned two of the biggest idiots on the Planet in Bono and Geldoff and recent research has shown that most of the money they raised for "Africa's poor" funded weapons and War.
As regards Irish do gooders how long before they find out that they too are "foreigners" in South Africa's current xenphobia (a euphemism for ethnic cleansing)?
Maybe they will get lucky as it is rumoured that Mandela has Irish blood in him. His Grandfather ate and Irish Missionary about 150 years ago.

Anonymous said...

@anony 12.44 Polana Hotel in Moz.
Savant - @Cathy or Rose - forgive her, for she has no idea of the truth. Clearly she is not S. African...or if she is, needs urgent psych treatment.
But, I will admit, that I hosed myself at her incredible stupidity. Hopefully she'll pay a visit to the townships and get a bang from the locals.
Your final comment, albeit ironic, is so true.
Yesterday, my wife and I undertook a trek to the east of Johannesburg to a suburb called Malvern. It is now pitch black, the whites having fled. My wife (living the by now essential insular life in the Northern suburbs of Jhb behind 8 foot walls, electric fencing, infra red beams outside the house and a fully kitted alarm system linked to ADT and nine dogs including the obligatory Rottweiler and German shepherd - really - we also happen to love animals, she also has a nice little Glock 26)was astounded at the incredible decay, filth and the speed at which it was happening.
And the number of blacks just lounging about, obviously unemployed casting hungry and mean looks at us. I merely held on to Mr Browning's patent in 9mmP and departed.
So Cathy or Rose - I pity you for your naivete, because you Irish, Europeans, etc; are, without any doubt, bound to experience the pain we do today. Or rather, your grandchildren, and boy, are they going to curse your generation a lot.
Lone voices in the wilderness, like your Savant, shout out loud, but not heard...because it is not PC.

SAVANT said...

Cathy, It's neither a profession or hobby - it's a vocation.

Now why doent you take note of doodler and the other commentators, people who actually know what they're (or as you's say yourself, their) talking about?

Anonymous said...

ok, ok, ok. here are the facts. I worked for the Trust for 3 months a few years back.

The facts:

The Trust has done a brilliant job in providing housing. Much faster and more efficiently than the SA authorities.

I saw some housing that had been occupied about a year and it didn't seem to have deteriorated much, if at all.

Many of us were disappointed with the locals. Too many were just prepared to sit back and let others do the work. The post is also correct in that many locals left the programme for better pay at WC 2010.

Saw no evidence of people sub-letting, but that does not mean it didn't happen. I dont think its going on in a big way.

SAVANT said...

Check this post on South Africa Sucks (recentky closed down by Google for embarrassing the SA regime):

Cathy said...

Guys this is getting boring, you are ignoring my point of the overall benefit of the trust and instead making me out to be some sort of defender of all things Black/African - I'm not, I just feel that if people want to use they're (happy Savant?) own money/time to help others less fortunate, then let them - it's really no one elses business!

Thank you Anonymous for clearing up about the deterioration of the houses. Doodler, no, I am not South African and yes, I am going to the townships. There is a difference between being naive and not wanting to sit back while people live in squalor - regardless of they're race.

Savant, I have ignored your grammatical and spelling errors up until now, as using that as rebuttal really does not count and just dances around the actual subject, but if I must: doent, recentky and you's??

SAVANT said...

Your going to work for the Trust Cathy? Good, if you surivive a few months in the townships you'll be in a position to know what you're talking about. Unlike now.

Anyway, best of luck - you'll need it.

Cathy said...

Oh so I take it you've been in the townships then?

SAVANT said...

You walked into that one Cathy. yes, I have been to both Soweto and Athlone (near Cape Town). I fled, as will you.

Martinus said...

As an Afrikaner, all I can say to Cathy/Rose is; If you really want to make a difference support a worthy cause like getting Northern Ireland back from the British or preserving the remnants of your almost lost irish language. Leave the Kaffirs alone. If you insist on going to these townships, then enjoy the rest of your life until then, they WILL be your last days. Blacks do not care for/about people like you - as in "open-minded" bleeding-heart liberals. You will die for less than R10 (70 euro cents) if they are sure that you have it on you. I know (knew) people that died for their shoes.

SAVANT said...

Listen to Martinus, cathy. If you want to help, and serioulsy, you deserve credit for that, why not work on the Irish inner cities? Projects like the Fettercairn Horse Initiative have lead kids in the locality into meaningful and productive lives.

As Martinus says, and I have direct experience of this, the blacks won't thank you for what you're doing. Think again.

Anonymous said...

Why not help 480 000 destitute and impoverished whites of your own race in South Africa? Why the fascination just with blacks?

SAVANT said...

Because only blacks can be victims, silly!

Cathy said...

Anonymous 19:27, as I pointed out above, it is not a fasciantion with the blacks, I would do it regardless of people's colour/race. Stop making me out to be a defender of all things Black -thats not what this is about. Secondly, I am not some saint trying to do good, I am merely giving up a week of my life to experience how others lead theirs. think my days in the townships will be my last?? Well I can't disprove that one untill I come home but it sounds a bit silly, lets be honest.

And Savant, what makes you so sure that I am not involved in projects within Ireland?

Anonymous said...

After our visit to Malvern on Friday, it had such an impact on my wife that she decided it was time to sharpen her shooting skills, so yesterday the family spent a few pleasant hours at the range with our arsenal of handguns and rifles....

Anonymous said...

Doodler - is it really that bad? Do you REALLY have all those dogs and guns and fencing?

Anonymous said...

@anony 9.33. Yes. Surprised you should ask as I thought everybody overseas knew how we live.

Anonymous said...

This is for CathyRose and all those deluded liberal do-gooders:

Silly people....although, a truth is not a truth until you have experienced it..
Oh btw CathyRose - google Amy Biehl..another silly do gooder who croaked in Arsezania

Martinus said...

Cathy, Cathy, Cathy... You poor woman. You think that you dying sounds silly? I was not over exagerating or trying to scare you. I live here and have all my life as have my people and family for the last half a millenium! You think that South African blacks are like those that you meet in the local ASDA. Or that sweet little negro girl from your daughters school.. Think again. Do yourself a favour and look at the South African news. Human life does not matter to them. You think perhaps you have experienced African culture on your last trip to Morrocco or spoken so some wogs whilst in Barcelona? I don't want to insult you for you naivety. Africa is not Ireland with black people in it. Im only warning you because I like most Irish people and have good friends there and wouldn't like to see another tourist murder in the newspapers. If you want to visit South Africa, I'd be happy to give you some details of safe and astronomically beautiful places to go to that are not some God-forsaken hell. As I said, do yourself and your own people good before considering helping Africa. It does, however, remain your choice.

Anonymous said...

Dear God! My daughter volunteered for hospotal work amongst AIDS 'victims' in Kenya. She was 18 years old, blond, beautiful and gentle. She was raped by two of the 'victims'. Thankfully she wasn't infected, but she has been destroyed as a person.

Cathy - if you have good intentions, I know you have, for God's sake fulfil them at home. I disagree with a lot on this blog, but one thing is correct. Black Africans have no gratititude - they just demand and demand. I know this.

Please dont go.

Anonymous said...

Ah well, as the old saying goes a sucker is born every minute.

Africa is for Africans, let them have the Dark Continent and leave them to it. Why must western societies always be made to feel guilty if things go bad in Africa? Why can't Africa's own leaders take care of its people? Africans have no guilt, no remorse and feel nothing for their fellow man/woman.

Many African countries have had independance as long (or almost) as Ireland, many of those countries have much more natural resources (including people numbers) than Ireland which put them in a good position to succeed and become very prosperise as nations. Many of the colonial nations left great infrastructure in place so they had a good starting place. But no, what do they do, they start raping, pillaging and destroying everything. This has been the recipe of the day in Africa and will continue so in the future.

Rant over...

I was born is Africa and will always have a bit of Africa in my blood, but I would rather live here in Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Hey Savant...The Niall Mellon "suffragettes" club is about a month away from arriving here in Cape Town.
I'm looking forward to your new 2009 update on their housing "crusade" endeavours.
PS..I wonder what the houses built in 2003 must look like by of perfect maintenance...Ha Ha. Regards - CapeTownCynic.

SAVANT said...

Thanks Capetown Cynic. Keep me posted as the NMT has massive - needless to say all positive - publicity here in Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Well,well,well....look what I uncovered...A University of Cape Town study.
Pay special attention to "required to give away their shacks" and "four important realities".

Case study: Mfuleni
The NMF is also involved in Mfuleni, a township located about 40 km outside Cape Town. This settlement was developed by the local authority as a site-and-services initiative about 5 years ago in order to relocate squatters who had illegally occupied open land in the area. The residents were then given individual plots that included service connections and a portable pre-fab toilet. The residents built informal houses on the plots and opened home-based economic activities like shops, stores, garages, etc. The NMF is currently replacing informal shacks by 42 m2 concrete block detached houses. According to the NMF, the objective of the project is to ‘build 209 houses by the end of 2006, taking the same number of families out of shacks and into decent brick homes’ (Niall Mellon Foundation, 2006).

Due to the location of the detached houses in the middle of the plot (similar to Fig. 1) the future construction of backyard shacks will be deliberately discouraged. Residents are required to give away their shacks after they are given what the NMF calls ‘a decent home’. This is a controversial measure that certainly requires further analysis. Opponents of informal shacks, such as officers of the NMF, argue that these informal constructions are not appropriate for living and therefore need to be discouraged and ‘eradicated’ once ‘proper’ housing is built to replace them (Niall Mellon Foundation, 2006). This naïve attitude underestimates four important realities.

1. The rental space in backyard shacks provides an additional source of income to poor families. Accommodation in an informal shack in the Cape Town area can range (in 2000) from R75 to R200 for a single room (Boaden & Karam, 2000). Various studies have found that this is an important source of income for low-income families (DAG, 2004).

2. A shack is a way of accumulating capital for the poorest families. A study conducted by Shisaka in various cities of South Africa allows us to understand the real value of that capital. According to this study, residents of informal housing perceived (in 2004) that their units had a value of R4000 (Shisaka. (2004) Shisaka. (2004). Township residential property markets: Final report, findings, conclusions and implications. Shisaka, Rosebank.Shisaka, 2004). This value is further confirmed by most recent analyses of the pre-fab industry in the Cape flats, in which ‘new’ shacks of 5.5×3 m are sold for an average price of R4000.

3. Backyard shacks are an important rental housing solution in the Cape Town market, providing a housing solution for the bottom poor families that cannot have access to property or governmental subsidies.

4. Shacks are environmental friendly. Professionals used to traditional standards of formal construction tend to consider shacks as unpleasant anomalies in the urban landscape. However, a careful look of the townships demonstrates that this is a prejudice that ignores various advantages of this informally driven solution. Shacks take full advantage of space, their construction relies on local know how and skills, they utilize locally available materials, minimize transportation costs and are an example of reuse and recycling of materials.

Despite this, the community (represented by the committee) accepted the help of the NMF and was enthusiastic about the promises of a ‘decent’ detached house........

YES NMF,you gave them a new FREE house in 2006,so,go back this year and see if they've MAINTAINED their promise not to build shacks in their backyard and see if they've MAINTAINED the new FREE house the Irish volunteers gave them.
- Cape Town Cynic -

Anonymous said...

Thanks CTC. In fact I'll make a special post out of this.


Viking said...

Finally! a critical set of comments about Mellon and his charity. Hardly anyone is questioning what he is doing and I for one think IrishSavant is spot on in most of what he writes.
There is total media silence on a number of factors relating to the NMTT. Remember, a lot of shacks are demolished to build these houses, and the families thus forcibly removed are not the same ones allocated brick homes. The corruption involved in these housing lists is legendary. But Mellon "doesn't get involved" in the politics. Neat. Where do all these displaced shack dwellers go? off to build more shacks in nature reserves of course.
But it isn't about the people, it is about naive Irish getting do-gooding points. They do not teach the locals to build - in fact a wall of security guards is erected around the volunteers. They take jobs from the locals, in fact Cape Town has a strong building culture and has all the skills it needs - and a lot of unemployment as well. So why are the NMTT here?
They are not bringing rare skills.
The SA government has built 2.4 MILLION houses for its poor, an epic feat to be applauded. What does Mellon say? - they aren't big enough!
IrishSavant makes an excellent point, this is about white foreigners going over to show "the darkies" how it's done, and the result is to further entrench the dependency culture of Africa.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Savant for the info. my brother's girlfrnd is signin up for a blitz because she is under pressure from bleedin heart boss. She is afraid2 say no because itl look like shes not a team player.... oh the things we do in the name of charidee when our own people are losing their homes to the bank!

SAVANT said...

anon 3.24. Don't worry too much. The odds are that she'll get back ok. However, it IS crazy when our country is going down the tubes ands we're off helping build houses for Africans who wont build them themselves because there's better money working for WC 2010.