Tuesday, 20 May 2008


The Americans have an acronym - BOHICA. This stands for "bend over, here it comes again". This sprang to mind this evening as I watched BBC 24 News.

Another famine in Ethiopia.

A few excerpts from the piece:

"Worst famine since that which struck in 1984. But it's much worse this time in that in the interim the population has more than doubled" Right. And thats our fucking fault is it?

Starving villager interviewed: "I have no food for my nine children" Right, and that's our fault too, is it, that you have nine children?

Reporter: "The region has been devastated for years by the ongoing wars involving Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia". Right, and.... ok, you get the idea.

Swing to UNICEF HQ in New York, to a fuming functionary. "This time I hope the international community won't turn away from the unfolding tragedy".

To which I respond with my own acronym: CFEDBE "Can't feed 'em? Don't breed 'em".


y soc said...

There are too many of them for our comfort!

y soc said...

There are too many of them; for our comfort!

Anonymous said...

That's funny. I've had the same opinion
on overbreeding for over 15 years, and
my target wasn't initially blacks but
rather white Catholics who had large
families and expected me to pay for them
through my taxes (I'm American).

I started thinking that way after reading Dawkins' "The Selfish Gene", where he discussed optimal clutch size,
and the breeding strategies of cuckoos.

Nowadays, I doubt that I'd use whites as
an example, since we don't seem to be
breeding so much.

Rhein said...

Swing to UNICEF HQ in New York, to a fuming functionary. "This time I hope the international community won't turn away from the unfolding tragedy".


When has the "international community"(aka Whites and Japan) ever turned away from third worlders??

I must've blinked and missed that one. I do know a whole lot of people they turn away from but they're not "colored" though.

SAVANT said...

I think the comment from anonymous 22.45 is valid. Catholics did breed in large numbers and felt entitled to state support. Not the case now though.

SAVANT said...

Not sure if y soc is being facetious. If so, let me just say that whites have been forfeiting comfort for many decades to tend to Africans.

Anonymous said...

I ask for the references to 'Croats ..collaborating with Nazis during WWII' to be [magnanimously, O wise one] corrected to 'some Croats collaborated...'. A people under occupation do not truly exercise self-determination, and to some extent we are recycling Nazi wartime propaganda; 'that the good burgers of Croatie have rallied unanimously to the anti-Bolshevist cause etc'.
(Some were just pretending to.)
And Catholics are entitled to state support.. Most of the financial support now and throughout history has in the other direction, from the Catholics to the State.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @8:22 writes:
"And Catholics are entitled to state support."

Maybe in Ireland, but not in the USA.

I have nothing against Catholics,
some of my best friends and all
that jazz, but as I'm not Catholic
I don't feel like funding what I
consider your religiously inspired
overbreeding. Especially now that
the your overbreeding coreligionists are now largely low
IQ Mexican reconquistadores.

I agree with Savant here. If you can't feed'em (with your own money)
then don't breed'em.

SAVANT said...

Anonymous 8.22 askes for references for Croatian involvement with the Nazis.

Do I really need references to show that Croatia was established by the Axis powers in 1941? Or for the Ustasha regime which massacred hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and gypsies and set up concentration camps Jasenovac and Starduring the war?

And it continues to this day. Popular singer ‘Thompson’ held a concert a few years ago in which he glorified the Ustasha regime. This was attended by some 60,000 spectators, many wearing Ustasha symbols and uniforms.

Former President Stipe Mesic was caught in an unguarded moment on tape making similar pro-Nazi statements.

No my friend, Croatia has an ugly recent past, able supported by the Vatican at all stages.