Saturday, 5 April 2008

We're not broke after all

Doom and gllom everywhere as our economy heads south. Here’s a selection of headlines from just two of today’s’ newspapers (Times and Examiner)

Irish Times

‘Unemployment soars to 200,000’

‘Our exports of goods (other than Viagra!) have virtually stagnated and our external payments deficit has risen year by year.’

‘Not a red cent available for Navan Hospital’

Irish Examiner

‘Cowan puts spending crackdown on top of agenda’

‘A&E unit remains shut over funding shortfall’

‘Patients will die over HSE cost cutting, warns doctor’

‘Consultants condemn plans to end weekend surgery (
due to cost constraints)’

‘Tax shortfalls fuel national deficit’

So a tale of doom and gloom everywhere. The government has no money for anything, not even health or education.

But wait! What’s this I see? Good news after all!

An IT headline blares “Generous Ireland gives record sums in overseas aid”. So we do have money after all. In fact a lot of it. Foreign Minister Dermot Ahern proudly points out that ‘we are now firmly on course to donate waste almost one billion Euros on aid this year, making us one of the biggest fucking idiots largest donors in the world’.

Money down the drain. Correction – worse than money down the drain. Because as long is we keep pouring money down the African black hole (whoops) Africans will never solve their problems. Thoughtful and fair-minded Africans have acknowledged this.

And this figure doesn't include the €300 million we spend waste on the Asylum and Immigration Industries.

Why doesn't the country rise up and hang our leaders from a lampost?

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Anonymous said...

bread and circuses, thats why