Thursday, 10 April 2008

PC and CP - two sides of the same coin

As a former Communist I can see the clear similarities between the Communist Party (CP)and the virus of political correctness (PC). May seem that they are at opposite polarities, but in fact they’re not. Both are totalitarian truth systems, intolerant of all dissent.

A few thoughts:
Hegelian duality

At its most basic level Marxism utilised the Hegelian duality of dividing the world into good and evil, oppressor and oppressed. This concept in fact is a derivative of the much older Manichaean philosophy. The key characteristic was an absence of grey or any form of shading. i.e. – it’s divorced from the reality of human nature. PC exhibits the same flaw, non-writes good, whites bad, females good, males bad and so on.
Don't debate - abuse

Another similarity with Marxism is its unwillingness to truly debate issues. Theirs is The Truth, and if you’re against The Truth you’re ipso facto bad and must be condemned and branded. The very act of questioning received truth is deemed treachery. Similarly with PC there is no debate, just condemnation. Thus questioning the merits of multi-culturalism, or positing a possible racial basis for IQ will draw down the full wrath of the PC party. Even the language is the same. ‘Spewing’, ‘hate’, ‘vile’, ‘abhorrent’ – you know them all.

The repentance ritual

It’s the same every time. Erring Communists could re-enter the fold, but only after public humiliation, acknowledgement of their errors, and a suitable punishment. To have even a chance of readmission to the Party, or, in the PC world to hold onto your job, you’ll need to confess to being an agent of imperialism, part of an evil race (white, of course), class (educated, wealthy) or gender (can you guess which?). But often banishment is/was total. For Communism think Bukanin or Trotsky, for the PC equivalent think James Watson, Don Imus or Ron Atkinson - ‘The Disappeared’.

The death of truth:

Communists learned early that controlling the language ultimately gives you control of everything. Orwell clearly recognised this, designating it New Speak. Here it’s important to realise that PC is essentially a linguistic phenomenon. Starting among tenured staff at American universities, it gradually seeped into the rest of society, undermining it at every turn. As Orwell noted, truth has been turned upside down.

Thus racial equality means racial inequality, whereby quotas, affirmative action and diversity profiling lead to whites losing out solely on the basis of their race. Freedom of speech means that a whole range of words and terms in popular use up to a few decades ago are now impermissible, while the gagging of PC opponents is justified on the basis of incitement to hatred.

The conflict with human nature

After a relatively short time as a Marxist, and especially after I'd visited a few of the worker’s paradises, it became clear to me that Communism would never work, if for no other reason than that it flew in the face of human nature. ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his need’ must be one of the most noble objectives ever pronounced. But it never worked, and never will, because it butted up against human nature.

Just as Communism posited class as the only identifier, PC assumes that race, ethnicity, nationalism and religion can be expunged by way of indoctrination and legislation. The disastrous impact of multi-culturalism in Europe, and the break-up of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia once the Communist dictatorship was removed demonstrate the fallaciousness of this assumption, even in advanced Western societies. Needless to say these drivers are far more pronounced in less developed regions.

Nature will out, unless held down by a dictatorship, be it PC or CP.


Both systems have created an environment where everyone is a potential enemy. Quite obviously PC is nowhere near as draconian as Communism. Well, not yet anyway. Let's take a look at Sweden, which has gone further down the PC drain than anywhere else.

In Sweden people lose their jobs the whole time, and often end up in jail, for ‘hate crimes’. For ‘hate crime’ read ‘anti-proletarian agitation’ or some such under Communism. The key similarity lies in the offence being embodied in what you say or think. I've been in universities in Sweden where people will look over their shoulders to see if they can be overheard heard. One professor told me that his job was literally on the line if he were to be reported for a few non-PC observations he made to me in private. Shades of children informing on their parents under Communism.

These are just some random thoughts on the similarities. Communism caused untold misery and destruction before it was overcome. Although clearly less physical in its methods, PC is still every bit as destructive of what we are. Maybe more so.

Fight it!



Anonymous said...

I see SAS has been blocked. Liberals have done it.

Anonymous said...

Not only that, I've tried to contact one of the contribtors' email and that seems blocked as well.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm afraid Google, despite their much vaunted freedom of press are now assisting the genicidal campaign waged agaisnt the whites in South Africa. No notice, no caution, no nothing was given - just WHACK!!
Obviously the blog attracted a lot of attention and was just too painful for the Marxists here, especially with regard to the World Cup in 2010.
So, Savant, wonder who is next?
If they keep this up, I'll start believing in a conspiracy...
Spoke to Uhuru Guru last night about his intentions - and will keep you guys posted.

Anonymous said...

New address for WSAS - please bear with us as we start the blog from scratch...
Google deleted it today.

Please spread far & wide, paste link to other blogs - many people will be searching for us and
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Anonymous said...

South African Hell is back

Anonymous said...

Hi mr. Savant,

Your explanation about PC has been very enlightening to me.

Much of it can be used to explain the behavior of lefties in general; here in NL anyway.

Keep up the good work!

SAVANT said...

Thank you luctor et emergo. That means, if I can remember any Latin 'I fight and I emerge'. Great name - great motto. Sounds like the motto of some noble family!

NL I presume means Netherlands. How can you have let such a great country be screwed up by an army of deeply ungrateful immigrants?

Anonymous said...

"...let such a great country be screwed up..."

Perhaps because of ignorance, stupidity and arrogance.

ulsterpatriot said...

Great article Savant. Be careful you might end up being called a racist.

Anonymous said...

"Blaming them for the attacks would be like blaming a Lutheran pastor for the Catholic sex abuse cover up. "

Lifted from another site. When it was revealed that Nirvana's Polly was about a girl raped by a cleric some guy I knew was in high dungeon criticising the pope, bishops, nuns, anything RC really.

When it was pointed out that he was a 20 stone Baptist minister this liberal who is constantly offended by evrything and anything could not give a rat's ass.

That to me sums up Poltical Correctness.

Anonymous said...

Holly Valance recreates Sophia Loren photo



Jolly funny woman

Who Mail readers have praised for

slimming down to 16 stone

and slammed Anne Diamond for pointing out that she went for stomach stapling.

Children deemed fat by BMI as used by the NHS and criticised for it in the DailyMail whereas funny woman Dawn French promoted by the Oxbridge pals of Ben Elton who took over British comedy to kick out the non Politically Correct comics such as Benny Hill and those that could tell actual jokes and because she is now a celebrity the sun shines out of her huge arse and she cannot be criticised for its hugeness which was achieved by eating too much why oh why has she never thought of the starving children in Africa?

Anonymous said...

Prince Philip once said I heard they have eating dogs for anorexics now.

The PC brigade howled with derision.

If Ben Elton could tell a joke.?

If any of these PC gobshites could come up with anything as good as that do a post about it.

So tommorow I can expect PC Gobshite Stewart Lee was excellent at the Cork Opera House?

Anonymous said...

Ooh luvvies David Walliams remembers having a gay experience as a child and nobody asks the silly fuckwit who the criminal was?

So what? As Walliams points out implicitly, a person's sexuality is a very complex thing and that's nothing to be embarrassed about. What I find more significant is that the article mentions that his ex-girlfriends were at his wedding. A man who's still on good terms with his exes - that signifies maturity, kindness and loyalty and always seems to set the good men apart from the others.

- Miriam, Cambridge, 29/9/2012 14:36

He had a gay experience as a child. Something he could not consent to. Wonder why the doppelgangers do not notice this?

Anonymous said...

I am 64 now and in my teenage dancing days in Warrington 49 years ago, the rumours regarding Jimmy Saville were common knowledge. He was still DJaying in those days and was so plug ugly, we didn't understand how any girl would let him go near her. How little we knew!

- Sophie , Oswestry, United Kingdom, 29/9/2012 15:05

Read more: BBC criticise pedophiles elsewhere no comment on their own
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What he got up to was known about in the 1960s.

How is the hebrewphile part Ephebophilia with The Bigot's Dustbin doing these days?

saighdur said...

Saville was also ino - literally - corpses.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to add, but very exhaustive post.

Psychology is the spring of all "ideas"...
And biology is the source of psychology.