Friday, 18 April 2008

Can't feed 'em? Don't breed 'em

It’s strange to look back and see how, on some things, you’ve traversed the full spectrum on a particular subject. The looming world food crisis is the kind of thing I have in mind.

There is undoubtedly a crisis, riots and turmoil. And it’s going to get worse. To get a real inside view, let’s listen to Greg Barrow of the World Food Programme (WFP) “Food scarcity means an increase in the number of people going hungry''

Wow! Who’d have thought that? Great insight, Greg.

As usual, the reasons adduced in the MSM are the wrong ones, or at least their relative importance is wrong – badly wrong.

The causes of the crisis are many, and vary in different parts of the world. However, the killer cause is, or should be, perfectly clear. Here are the main reasons for the crisis, in ascending order of importance:

* Climate change

* Using food crops for biofuels

* Oil prices (huge increases in fertilizer and transport costs)

* Richer diets in China and India (rising incomes lead to more meat in diet, meat a very inefficient way to produce food)

* Culture (corruption, incompetence)

* Irresponsible breeding

Let’s just focus on the last one, the elephant in the room. The world’s population is growing by leaps and bounds, and almost all that growth is coming from the poorest regions – the ones now experiencing the worst effects of the food crisis. Needless to say, the PC Thought Police won't let us say that. Everyone has the ‘right’ (that word again) to have as many children as he or she wants.

Ok, but if they do they shouldn’t expect the rest of us to feed them. It really is as simple as that. We’re going to be inundated for the foreseeable future with heart-rending images of black women (men as usual nowhere to be seen) with squads of children, begging for assistance. And whitey, who of course will get the blame for this, will also provide all the aid, and will still get the blame after that.

And it won't solve the problem. It'll perpetuate and exacerbate the problem. Just like aid to poor countries undermines the incentive for people to address their own problems, providing enough food to survive will only represent a band-aid, with the crisis scheduled for endless repetition.

There is no solution other than to stop the rapid growth in population. How do you do that? Simple. Let nature take its course. History shows very plainly that, left alone, populations adapt to their sustainable level. That's happened with primitive societies like the bushmen of the Kalahari, Australian Aborigines and Eskimos. They adapted their family sizes to the level of what they could feed. The same happens in the animal kingdom

Pouring emergency food aid into these areas will only perpetuate the misery. It sounds unimaginably cruel to say it, and it marks a slow but consistent 180 degree change in my views, but: ... if you can't feed ‘em, don't breed ‘em. The food/population crisis will only get worse - rapidly - until the validity of that aphorism sinks home.


Anonymous said...

The worst most offensive horrible post you have made - and thats saying something!

Anonymous said...

"The worst most offensive horrible post you have made - and thats saying something!"

Savant.. What you have penned here is absolutely true!.. and, will therefore attract such comments (as above) by those refusing to admit the truth.

Anonymous said...

Yet look at the countries with the highest fertility rates. Hell holes, every one of them. These rates are obviously not sustainable. No doubt when the crash comes in the form of starvation and war, there will be more calls to bring them in as refugees.

Anonymous said...

No, it happens to be one of his most righteous posts.

Why should I (low middle-class) be overtaxed to support third-worlders, with an average of four to six childern, depleting my family income down to sustaining a good life for only one child?

Not alone being taxed for illegal third-worlders on the dole right here in my country!

Funny how the environmentalists of the 60's and 70's warned the western world of global over-poulation and food shortages.

Now the lefties are saying how Ireland is under-populated(like it's a bad thing), reinforcing their disengenuous argument for mass immigration of foreign nationals.

Mass immigration and over-population; isn't that bad for the environment?

Meanwhile farmers are coaxed into growing bio-fuels, which add to greenhouse gases, while wheat and rice production plunge and prices escalate.

Anonymous said...

@The worst most offensive horrible post you have made - and that's saying something!

18 April 2008 22:36

Yeah Right mate" I've been thinking this for years = when I was a teacher back in the early 80's and Ethiopia was starving - I remember quite clearly stating to the pupils "You see them on tv as thin as anything, no food, no clothes and yet they always have the energy to procreate". If I had said that in later years I would have been hung and quartered by the PC liberals.

Go for it Savant - the truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

It'll take a long time for you to starve, you big fat repulsive bastard!

SAVANT said...

Why do people keep on calling me fat? Maybe I could trim off a few pounds, but - for FUCK SAKE - stick to the point. Have you any suggestions other than mine? Or do you just suggest perpetuating the problem?

Anonymous said...

Very true point.
A friend spent some time working in hospitals in southern Africa. He has always believed that Western aid artificially creates a problem - people live long enough to have kids when without aid they would not. Then those kids are looked after by more Western aid, and their kids etc. The system requires more and more aid and if it stops thousands die. Even if the flow of aid does not increase, the amount of death that results is far greater than if there was no interference in the first place (because if Western aid hadn't saved the great grandmother, then the dozens of present day kids wouldn't be alive to die horribly).

Yes it is a brutal way of looking at things - but if anyone here is a doctor, they will know the actual brutality of life.

Incidently, Ireland itself does a similar thing with people who are born with particular forms of hereditary disease. Some diseases cost hundreds of thousands of euro per year per person to keep in check - costing tens of millions per person per lifetime. By allowing these people to live however, they allow them to have children, who in turn are 50% likely to have the disease. Every generation brings more and more people "artificially" being kept alive, and draining resources from other areas of the health service.

Anonymous said...

So what do you suggest? Let them all starve?

Anonymous said...

brutal but true savant...i read somewhere that food production in africa has dropped by 40 per cent in the last 30 years(??), but the population has increased by 40 per cent too...

half of the population of africa .. approx 1 under 17...

and that includes zimbabwe which also has a massive young population...

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous who said... "So what do you suggest? Let them all starve?"
Why do you feel it your responsibility to feed these people? The African continent has enormous mineral wealth, which funds are misappropriated by their leaders. Sacks of rice donated by various food aid organizations, visibly for sale in their local supermarkets… yet, you feel guilty because of your compassionate nature. The responsibility for their well-being should lie squarely with their elected leaders.
It is a fact that third world children, grow up to have more third world children all requiring “Western” food aid.

Anonymous said...

"So what do you suggest? Let them all starve?"

Food in return for sterilisation if you have 1 or two children already might be the way to go, while being reasonably sympathetic to their desire to procreate.

What is your suggestion?

Anonymous said...

None of you have answered my question. Do you propose letting them starve?

Anonymous said...

Yes, let them starve - happy now?

Anonymous said...

Look at this from a slightly different viewpoint. There is not a single EU country today that is replacing its population. You need about 2.1 children per woman to do that. Ireland is close - about 1.9 children but this is a legacy from our Catholic past not a hope for the future.

The only country on the European continent that is replacing its population is Islamic ALBANIA!

Importing large numbers of immigrants from Eastern Europe (or even Russia) is only a short term solution. Their birth rate - after decades of Communism - is much lower than ours and in a generation or so, ours will plunge far below replacement rate because of these immigrants.

There is a pension crisis in many European countries because there are not enough workers to pay for the retired.

In 20 or 30 years we will have to bring in Arabs or Africans just to keep the economy going. Where else will we get workers from - China?

Anonymous said...

"In 20 or 30 years we will have to bring in Arabs or Africans just to keep the economy going. Where else will we get workers from - China?"

Arab Christians or African Christians should be welcomed - Arab Christians are particularly hard working and integrate well whereever they go.
What's with your racism regarding the Chinese? Culturally they tend to be highly industrious, integrate well and are a great asset to any country.

The only serious long term problem is allowing Islamic immigration.

Regarding your "we need immigration to keep our economy expanding, expanding, expanding forever and ever eating more and more of the world's resources" - do you have no concern for the environment, peak oil, the Kyoto protocol?
Please learn a little about sustainable development.

Furthermore, low skilled immigration is not required for any country. Low skilled immigration reduces the wages for indigenous low skilled workers, and increases those of high skilled workers causing social polarisation in the indigenous population. Low skilled immigration also costs more than it is worth - all people are allowed education for their children, entitled to health care, must be policed, entitled to pensions etc.

Immigration of high skilled workers however creates more wealth than they cost, decreases social polarisation by equalising pay between higher skilled and lower skilled workers.

SAVANT said...

This last post is 100% correct. The key issue here is the dependency ratio, not the age ratio. Islamic and/or black immigrnats will have squads of children. They are all dependnets, supported by our economy.

and what about Japan? One of the oldest populations in the world, they've set their face strongly against large-scale immigration.

Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous 22.29 - yes, I got it out of you. You're prepared to let children starve.. Charming! You'd have loved a job in a concentration camp. Pity there are no more around.

Anonymous said...

Right on Savant. You know you're right just by looking at the amount of stupid liberals you got angry with this post.

I'd rather they starve than having them come into our countries to rape and prostitute our children.

Anonymous said...

' Where else will we get workers from - China?"'

If it comes to this 'we' will have ceased to exist as a people.

The problem with the Chinese is that they are not Irish, and there are a lot more of them than there are of us. Also, they are one of the most arrogant peoples on the planet.

Anonymous said...

To the most noble Savant's detractors, who take issue with letting them starve, what alternatives are there? This feed-breed cycle has been going on for sometime, long enough for a pattern to emerge. On a finite planet with finite resources, the feed-breed cycle is self-limiting whether we like it or not. Fewer starving now is more humane that more starving later IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Skotgerman has it in a nutshell. It means fewer people starving in the medium long term

Anonymous said...

What about the Irish Famine? Would you have let them starve as well?

Anonymous said...

Great post Savant.
Reading the comments merely reinforced my views that the average white European has no concept of what is happening in Africa.
What is critical to the entire issue is the fact that Africans simply cannot govern themselves as do Europeans.
The sole reason for their lack of food? The white farmers have left...simple.
Zim is an excellent (and topical) case in point. Shoo away the "white" farmers and what happens? Famine.
See the same thing in South Africa - fire the whites and replace them with Affirmative Action blacks and what do you get? A once first world country infrastructure which is rapidly degenerating. Our water supply, electricity, medical, legal - the works.
On virtually every main street corner stands a black with a begging bowl. And the mistake whitey makes is to hand over a few coins.
View this on a large Africa scale. These people have become dependant on the west to feed them - so why should they worry?
Africa is most definitely not for wimps. It is still very basic and especially more so in those countries where there are no more, or very few whites left.
Certainly it is sad to see people die like flies, but then again, it is nature's way.

Anonymous said...

It is only the western world that gives a damn. Africans do not care how many Africans die period.Our compassion for fellow human beings will bring about our own downfall

Anonymous said...

I'm bringin' this topic back! I have to agree with a previous poster, the starving children on the UNICEF commericals...haven't gotten any older? Obviously there's a cycle, and at this point...I don't think feeding the current starving child is going to keep their children from starving...or the next batch. The correlation between overpopulation and mortality isn't rocket science, the responsibility of developed nations at this point is cloudy. Do we fend for ourselves, reproduce responsibly and manage our resources, or do we spread our foods to the far corners of the deserts where clearly, no life should be? Children arn't that hard to budget for, and they certainly don't just pop out of no-where begging for food, my question isn't "Should we just let these children starve?", but "Should we be charging the irresponsible parents of starving children for murder?"

SAVANT said...

anonymous 2.39. this is a highly innovative idea. but how would you enforce it? i still believe that if you leave them to their own devices they'll revert to the population levels that can be sustained naturally. i.e. the sitaution before the west intervened.

Anonymous said...

Savant, you truly are a realist. I agree with you, let them starve (including the ones that made it over here), the piss has been taken out of the White man long enough. Why should we preserve a breed which should have been made extinct long ago! While we're at it, lets send those two egomaniac assholes Bono and Bob Geldof to starve with them!

GMO said...

How true breeding and feeding. Africans do breed like flies. The give, give, hand out begging mentality. Our “white” guilt trip for been white. Aid must come at a price; first no corrupt government gets aid then food aid with sterilization after two babies. I have final left South Africa and the 3rd world halleluiah but alas even in Australia the Somali, Sudanese and Islam breeders are in full swing here but luckily not yet overwhelming. Ireland be-ware, say no! Stay Irish If you want to see the new Africa-India go to London

Anonymous said...

Even in America - or should that be "of course, in America"!? - the brown-skinned mamas have shitloads of babies, paid for by whitey's welfare. Thus a whole dependent class of homegrown Third Worlders has been created; all they do is feed and breed(and commit crime), and suck at the welfare tit. While whitey struggles to raise one or two kids, paying through the ass for health insurance, education, mortgage, taxes, etc.

Johan Potgieter

TrueChristianAttitude said...

Why do we as white people have the right to have as many children as we wish, live in comfort - eating as much meat as we like and get as fat as we like. But people on the other side of the world do not deserve that right??? WE ALL NEED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR OWN CONSUMPTION & GIVE TO OTHERS WHO WERE NOT LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE BORN INTO A LAND OF PLENTY!

the gannet said...

We are told to feel guilty that 1-2-3billion people ( take your pick ) are "starving" like it's our fault that they live in shit places and have piss poor human resource management skills.

A generation ago The West gave the Third World a post colonial gift by way of the Agricultural/Green Revolution. Some emerging economies like China, India, Malasia, South Korea, latterly Indonesia and many others chose to follow the Western way by making things and creating wealth while others chose to procreate, guess which ones are fucked again?

My Fault ? Not a chance, they can starve.

Anonymous said...

And we see in England, from at least 1250, that the kind of people who succeeded in the economic system – who accumulated assets, got skills, got literacy – increased their representation in each generation. Through the long agrarian passage leading up to the Industrial Revolution man was becoming biologically more adapted to the modern economic world.

And the continent that never invented the wheel did not.

ironman said...

Look at Somalia today. The embodiment pf everything you're saying. But will they learn????

RegThe Hedge said...

Just to address this expotential growth muck. WE DO NOT NEED IMIGRANTS. THEY NEED US. We need to chamge our evonomic model. This is a little hairy but easy to do.
IReally hate the fools who harp on about needing imigrants to sustain economiv growth. By stating such rubbish the person is stating I'm fucking financialy illerate yet I'm willing to advise you on your finances.
To those people I say fuck off anf keep your uneducated opinions to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Not one of the seven is from the Southern Hemisphere never mind sub Saharan Africa.

Let us go out and protest the racism of the choices.

(Or just laugh at the media indoors as it is raining quite heavily outside)

Anonymous said...

By stating such rubbish the person is stating I'm fucking financialy illerate yet I'm willing to advise you on your finances.

Yhe more financiallyilliterate the electorate the more you have to appeal to the financially illiterate.

waterboy said...

Great post, and you are exactly right.

Nations with White/European majorities have been subsidizing Asian and African birthrates for many decades now.

Think about it: without White-invented technologies related to agriculture, water and sewage management, electricity, medicine, transportation, and so on, the infant mortality rate would have remained sky-high in Asia and Africa and their population wouldn’t have grown by BILLIONS in the last century. It was only the exportation of White-invented technologies in to Asia and Africa that allowed their population levels to skyrocket.

White nations (especially the USA) also export untold tons of food each year to Asia and Africa — without that food flowing in to Asia or Africa, which is grown or raised in White nations (especially the USA), many millions of Asians/Africans would starve to death each year.

Around a century ago European-derived Whites were about 1/3 of the world’s population; now we are only around 10% of the overall world population and SHRINKING, while the population levels of Asia and Africa continue to increase.

We need to eject the WHITE SUICIDALISTS from power in Washington DC and in other White nations worldwide if we are ever going to have a chance to recover and save our nation from being swamped by Asians, Africans, Hispanics, etc.

Anonymous said...

Angel Adams and her 15 children

Last week, she said she had a right to have as many children as she wanted, even though she couldn’t support them.

Adams’ comments about social welfare agencies not doing enough to help was widely criticized during the past week. She doesn’t currently have a job. Her children were fathered by three men, including one who is in prison.

This woman is absolutely correct: she has a natural right to produce as many children as she pleases…and the natural responsibility to feed them. And if she doesn’t, Nature has a natural right to take its course. None of that creates an obligation for the rest of us to feed her children. And if it takes the sight of babies dying in the streets to convince these brood sows of that, then that’s what it takes.

That is Angel Yulia Adams or Angel Adams that turns up that result when you do a search.

If you just search for Angel Adams you will turn up with Angel Adams Ph. D and I doubt that they are one and the same.

y said...

Yup, until we let nature take its course for the likes of angel Adams and her spawn the situation won't change.

Anonymous said...

They need an O'Neill type politician to come along and propose that if they had good jobs and such they wouldn't have so many children.

Anonymous said...

1990 3 % of the population later 6% now they are 20% with 28% of schoolchildren being taught in their schools.

Yes it is the Haredim the wonderful religious elite who refuse to serve in the army and insist on building settlements where they are not wanted by neither the lebensraum nor the lebensraumed!

Herod said...

Bear in mind that Haredim are despised by ordinary Israelis. Their safety would be an issue were Israel not continuously on a war footing. Itself being the work of the Haredim.

Anonymous said...

Ramzpaul's take on the US version

J Danforth Quayle was laughed at for Murphy Brown showing a child as a lifestyle choice.

Incidentally in a 57 state way he was criticized for his spelling of potato which was spelt potatoe on the spelling card that he held because those New Royal-Potatoes spelt it that way whereas Dumber Than a Sack of Rocksman .... .

Rusty Mason said...

Angel Yulia Adams, a.k.a. Angel Adams coverage, by RamZPaul:

Must see.

Anonymous said...

its offensive because its true .

Anonymous said...

I try to use the analogy of cats to explain to some bleeding-heart friends.
If you know a colony of 20 stray cats with diarrhoea and eye infections, you feel sorry for them and feed them regularly. You fondly hope you will create a colony of 20 well-fed, healthy cats. But no, what you will get is 40 stray cats with diarrhoea and eye infections and then 80 stray cats with diarrhoea and eye infections etc. Feeding is pointless without population control, be it for cats or people.

Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous 22.29 - yes, I got it out of you. You're prepared to let children starve.. Charming! You'd have loved a job in a concentration camp. Pity there are no more around

I'd be more than happy to build some. Put some of the lazy slackers to work for their upkeep, sexes separated of course. It's not my job to feed starving Africans, it's my job to feed my own family. Charity begins at home, so yes, let them starve.

Anonymous said...

here in massachusetts 3rd worlders get first dibs on housing, medical and other assistance, while those who were born adn radsed here for generation get turned away as privilaged white devils, this all coming from white ultra left wing libruls. this shit is gonna explode like a backed up cesspool and something tells me soon, rememner these 3rd worlders lack any form of western scruples, they'll rape pillage and eat your kids of need be

but hte zionist librul have been working hard to pull us all down to the lowest common denominator...abject poverty, except for them of course who live in fortified gated communities

Anonymous said...

the romans and egyptians had it right with their negro slaves, all males were castrated

Unknown said...

Any biologist will tell you, if a species has an unlimited food supply they will quickly breed to the size of a planet. I watched an interesting show the other day about rats in vietnam. Every 50 or so years the bamboo goes to seed and the rats have a huge food supply and they just breed out of control.

Unknown said...

Another thing I wanted to post,Here in america we pay them to have kids.
The custody battles here get ugly because each kid is worth a check each month. I live close to the borders of 2 other states. So its little trouble for a person to get welfare in each state. Just need an address in each state.

Orion Blue said...

There is one difference - it is at lest worth bothering with cats.

Anonymous said...

for all the liberals that want you to pay for others having dozens of children? why dont you pay for it yourself? show the world how wonderful and charitable you are with your own money

Anonymous said...

Anybody who cannot find the logic in this post is a moron. Read books "Overshoot" or another " Peak everything" "The population bomb" before condemning the messenger or the message.

The world population is growing at a hugely unsustainable rate, look at Ethiopia and the population growth since Sir Bob carried out his wonderful work in the 80's. Problem is there are just people there now who at some point will starve. 1982 30 million - 2016 102 million. The weather has not changed.

SAVANT said...

Anon 15.48. They probably won't starve because White countries will, as always, beggar themselves to get them fed.

Anonymous said...

"And whitey, who of course will get the blame for this, will also provide all the aid, and will still get the blame after that."

Which makes the blame and contempt well-earned.
Whites are going against the laws of nature too much. Time for them for some downsizing if not disappearance.
Remember nature rewards adaptability, the ability to read situations and adapt.
If whites have lost it, why should they keep being around? And why should they have your sympathy.

Anonymous said...

"WE" are not "letting children starve." Put the blame solely where it belongs... ON THE PARENTS who keep spewing kids out faster than maggots breeding in manure. It is THEIR responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Mother Earth will solve the problem as she has always done with plague. The smart nations need to build their walls and post machine guns every 50 feet with orders to shoot to kill to prevent the overbreeding disease-ridden people from flooding in!
Letting them in will destroy our nations and our wildlife.

Anonymous said...

Illegal alien hispanics are flooding our border to invade, overbreed, and they call it "Reconquista." Communist Chinese fly into our airports every day, live in group homes till they dump their anchor baby, refuse to pay their bills so the American taxpayer has to pay it, then once they have an anchor baby they invite all their friends and family to come invade as well. Muslims invade, go on welfare – and remember each man can have multiple wives who have multiple children so they breed even faster than the Mexicans and Asians. Again, they all want what we have without working for it in their own countries. Instead they STEAL and TAKE - even from our disabled who are taxed to support these able-bodied parasites.

Anonymous said...

It is a fact that after the black plague, which wiped out 1/3 of Europe, the living level of the poor and middle classes actually IMPROVED due to the fact that food, land, and other resources were more readily available - less overpopulation. After the plague came the Renaissance.
If those on unemployment and welfare would stop breeding and creating more poor, their level of living would rise. The law of supply and demand is a fact. Less competition for jobs means a raise in pay for those worker bees. Grow up and EDUCATE yourself so you have something to offer for which someone else is willing to pay! And remember, 40 hour work weeks are for losers.

Anonymous said...

The Senate Budget Committee reported that in fiscal year 2011, between food stamps, housing support, child care, Medicaid and other benefits, the average U.S. household below the poverty line received $168 a day in government support. According to former Gov. Huckabee, the median household income in America is just over $50,000, which averages out to $137.13 a day.

To put it another way, being on welfare now pays the equivalent of $30 an hour for a 40-hour week, while the average job pays $25 an hour. And the person who works ALSO has to pay taxes to support the welfare recipient, which drops his pay to $21 an hour.

It's no wonder that welfare is now the biggest part of the budget, more than Social Security or defense. And, as Huckabee so sagely observed, why would anyone want to get off welfare when working pays $9 an hour less?

Anonymous said...

The ones who arrive illegally don't care because they have no intention of working or becoming citizens. Why should they strive to become citizens or pay taxes when they get free housing, free food, free medical, even college education preference over our own kids and disabled?! These are NOT people of good character - they only want to live and ride on the backs of those who have worked hard and sacrificed, such as our taxpayers and military – some of whom have died - without having to EARN the right to do so! Let the illegals return to their third world shithole and work, and fight, and sacrifice THEIR lives to improve their own country - and stop SPONGING off our citizens, including our own disabled! This country does NOT need millions of people that abandon their own country rather than fix it, to take cuts in line to become American citizens, and to tell us how to fix this country while they watch what they have turned their own country into – a third world shithole!!