Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Why do I write about South Africa?

Several of my readers have asked me why I write so much about South Africa. The general argument seems to be that SA is sui generis, one of a kind, from which few general lessons can be drawn, especially for Ireland.

It's a fair point, but I don't agree. SA is indeed a unique case, but that's what makes it so important and interesting. For a start, it had an advanced and sophisticated First World economy and infrastructure. And unlike any other country in Africa, SA has a large white population, both in relative and absolute terms.

The intriguing question then was, given these factors, could SA avoid being dragged down to the same level as the rest of Africa? The answer looks increasingly clear - and bleak. The country is on a downward death-spiral, as African 'culture' asserts itself.

And this has great importance for Ireland, and Europe in general. It underlines, as if such underlining was necessary, that large numbers of blacks drag a society down. If the numbers are relatively large enough, they will destroy even an advanced sophisticated economy and society, in a terrifyingly short time.

Surely worth writing about?


Anonymous said...

One could look at the racial history of these U.S. cities and see some of the similarities with S.A.

Camden, NJ
Washington D.C.
Detroit, MI
Gary, IN
New Orleans, LA (The Chocolate City)
East Los Angeles, CA


-Blacks move in (achive 10% of pop.)
-Crime rate elevates
-Whites move away/voted out
-More blacks move in (achive >50% of pop.)
-Crime rate skyrockets
-Businesses close/move out
-Dead city

Only the tour industry keeps New Orleans and Washington D.C. afloat.

If IRL's economy takes a dump, EU nationals stop coming in and most move back to their homelands. Third worlders will continue to arrive and none will leave.

C'mon Eire, don't make this fatal mistake!

Anonymous said...

This commnet is 100% correct. Sums up the equations perfectly.

Anonymous said...

the saddest part is that during my visit to Scotland in November, people I spoke to clearly could not believe what goes down in SA. The mindset there is so totally different in contrast to SA, that I realised eventually that my stories must have sounded like a perverted form of fiction.
Staying with a friend of mine in Scotland (he is an ex SA cop who now works there in insurance) we were trading stories.
His Scottish girlfriend apparently approached him later (she was deathly silent whilst we were chatting) and asked him if it was really like that in SA, to which he replied in the affirmative. She still had difficulty believing him and eventually said that if it is true, then she'll never visit here.
So, I'm afraid the Europeans have no conception of the status here, and will probably wake up only once it is too late.
Hopefully people like yourself will create more awareness, but I doubt if it will make an adequate impact on attitudes.
Personally, I was most unhappy about first world whites' attitude, but now at least I understand why.
Have a good Easter.

SAVANT said...

Thanks D. Yes, I have to agree. Even Europeans who visit there have come back, cocooned away from all reality, saying 'the economy is booming'.

On the other hand, my entusiastic friend fixing the 'wet tar' problem has now suffered a major dose of reality. In his last visit his car was smahed in WHILE HE WAS BEING DRIVEN and his briefcase/laptop stolen. Then he had stuff stolen fro his hotel bedroom as well.

he he he!

Anonymous said...

If things keep up the way they do all countries that have a mass immigration policy WILL end up like SA. It's already happening and all the facts are there to prove it. Just look at the damage they've done to the US and Britain in 20 years. Can you imagine 30 more?

Look at all the crimes they're commiting for a mere 4-15% of the population. Can you imagine if they were in a 50/50 ratio? Or worst if they ever get in the majority, wich will happen within 50 years in some countries.

People seem to think that they'll just blend right in and eventually grow out of their violent and primitive ways but it's not going to happen. Anyone ever noticed that they're more and more violent and bold with each new generation? That's not going to stop i assure you.

Anonymous said...

Rhein has it spot on. Each generation gets worse. Dont know why.