Monday, 17 March 2008

SA race crime horror

South Africa has been in turmoil for the last month over a racist atrocity. The international media (CNN, BBC, dozens more) have wet their collective knickers at the horror.

What can this be, you ask. Let’s look at some of the racial outrages that have taken place there around this time.

Could it be the elderly woman who lived alone, who was raped and then stabbed to death (see top image), apparently with a dinner fork?

No, not that.

Or maybe it related to the celebrated French chef and restaurateur Yvonne Cosson whose burnt body was found outside her Durban home, murdered by a black employee?

No, not that either.

OK, so the explosion of outrage must be to do with the "sadistic barbarian", who raped and tortured 72-year-old Eugene Schaefer before killing her. Or maybe the robbery where an elderly white woman had four fingers lopped off by pruning shears (see lower pic) while her husband was being hacked with a panga in an attack lasting eight hours.

Nope, none of those things.

It was all about a student video. That's right. The video showed a group of university students involving two black cleaners in an ‘initiation ceremony’. The cleaners seemed to be hugely enjoying the whole thing, up to the point where the students appeared to piss in their (the cleaners’) food. (In fact it’s likely that they only pretended to do so, but that's by the way)

And er, well, that's it basically. The video in its full shocking gruesome horror can be seen here on CNN and dozens more MSM outlets

And this has been deemed to be the most egregious racial crime for many years. Worse than the genocide of white farmers (a la Zimbabwe), about 3,000 of whom have now been slaughtered in their homes since the Rainbow Nation was formed in 1994. Worse than the crimes mentioned above. All of which, one way or another, can be explained away by white guilt. (See this video report from New Zealand)

In underlines that we’re now at a stage where white guilt trumps evidence and rationality at every turn. What mugs we are.

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