Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Microsoft Vista

You really got to see this guide to the latest piece of crap from the Evil Empire

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Anonymous said...

Someone , or all, or two of .6 .7 and .8 were referred to as Apple's Vista.

You will do it our way because we are right.

Expose was ok and in the background .4 but now with any little slip of the finger on the mouse you call it up wjen moving files from a to b.

The dropping of files is also difficult in that if you do not hit the center you can have files placed around your target and above other files so that when you try to move that file more files are selected.

But man like just like open the like folder

But you do not have to open the folder to drop stuff in the more primitive versions.

The more advanced it gets the more backward it gets stuff.

Truly the newer versions of X are libtarded!