Saturday, 8 March 2008

Israel v. Hamas in Gaza

Am I missing something here?

Let me posit the issues:

Israel used to occupy Gaza - which was a Bad Thing

Israel pulled out of Gaza and gave it back to the Palestinians (and wants to give it to Egypt)

Israel supplies Gaza with a huge proportion of its needs, such as electricity, water and communications

Despite the pullout, rockets continue to rain in on Israel from Gaza (This could happen only with the acquiescence of Hamas)

Israel makes life hell in Gaza (and it is hell) because Hamas won't stop the attacks

There is an international outcry against Israel on account of Gazan suffering

Again, am I missing something?

If Hamas stop firing rockets Israel will lift the blockade and stop their attacks. So what's the problem? Could it be something to do with The Religion of Peace?


Anonymous said...

Israel didn't pull out of Gaza to do the Palestinians a favour. They probably did it because their Gaza settlements were too isolated and difficult to defend. Although Hamas would much prefer to send suicide bombers accross. The targeting and guidance systems are much more accurate than Qassem rockets.

SAVANT said...

Absolutely and totally. Sharon pulled out for motives that he felt suited Israel. Israel's continued expansion of West Bank settelements underlines this.

However i hold to my central point. The blockading and violence will stop if the rockets stop. Hamas can do this instantly if they want to.

Anonymous said...

Savant your comments still hold true today even though they were posted a year ago.
Going back further, in the year 2000 at Camp David, PM Barak offered Arafat (the Egyptian) 91% of the territories, plus a land-swap for the remaining 9%, plus Palestinian control of East Jerusalem as their capital. Arafat went home and gave the order to start another Intifada. Clinton later confirmed Arafat's refusal of deal.
Between 2000-2008 1,156 Israelis were murdered by Palestinian terror. Countless others maimed for life. My own town had seven terror attacks.
Suicide bombings are almost impossible to prevent. Hence, Israel decided to set up a security barrier which is 97% fence and 3% wall. The wall is in areas where drivers were often targeted by roadside snipers or molotov cocktails. The barrier is totally dismantable and could be taken down as soon as the threat of suicide bombings has ceased (God willing).Obviously, the Palestinians hate the wall, but the Israelis also hated being blown up or having their loved ones blown up. Incidentally, since the barrier went up nearby close to Jenin (a hot-bed of terrorism) my town hasnt had anymore attacks.
When we pulled out of Gaza I honestly expected the Gazans would start improving their situation: building housing, health care, employment opportunities. But one of their first acts was to destroy all the state-of-the-art hothouses and equipment (worth millions) that the Jews left behind. This farming industry could have provided incomes for thousand of families!
So the only thing that came out of the Gaza withdrawal was thousands of rockets. Israel warned Hamas for months that the continuation of rocket fire would draw a very harsh response. Hamas' reply was to goad and vex: "Send your troops into Gaza if you dare. We have many surprises waiting and Gaza will become a cemetary of Zionist bodies".
But they did win the PR war. I remember John Ging's impassioned speech on how Israel must be made accountable for shelling a UN school. It was only recently that Ging admitted the UN school had in fact not been hit. The UN apologized to Israel. Did the world hear about this retraction? It was not constantly broadcasted all over the world as were the news items CLAIMING Israel had targeted a school.
Lastly, buildings all over Gaza were booby-trapped by Hamas - homes, schools, public buldings, the zoo, you name it. Out of the 10Israeli soldiers killed during the operation, the majority of them were killed by "friendly fire". The world will never know how many Gazan civillians were killed by Hamas "friendly fire", whether it be from their booby-trap explosives, rocket-propelled grenades, anti-tank fire, qassams falling short or exploding before fire, machine-gun fire. Why does no-one consider this? Furthermore, the death figures also include all the Fatah members who were executed by Hamas during the operation on suspicion of collaborating with Israel. Others were knee-capped.
It pains me that most of the Irish are fully behind the Palestinians, painting them as the angels and us as the Devil. As some wise person said "If Israel were to put down its arms there would be no more Israel. If the Arabs were to put down their arms there would be no more war."