Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Islam's good cop/bad cop

A new group of 'moderate' Muslims has been established in Denmark. Their leader claims:

"We want a dialog with the responsible politicians and call them to activate the blasphemy paragraph to ensure that the world's Muslims aren't offended again by blasphemous Muhammed cartoons. Or we fear that our beloved Denmark, that we will also fight to protect, will become a victim for extremists, that will abuse the conflict to destroy the land in all possible methods, in the worst case with a terror attack."

This is typical of the good cop/bad cop strategem employed by The Beast throughout the West. The 'moderates' claim they're just interested in dialogue and kumbiya, but, you know, if we don't get out way, extremists, whom we can't control, will wreck the place. This way they have their cake, and also get to eat it.

Hopefully, with the new attitude in Denmark, they'll be told to take a flying fuck. Better again, given a one-way ticket back to whatever hell-hole they came from originally.


Anonymous said...

absolutely agree with you.
We need to fight fire with fire.
The rule of law is a mechanism to be manipulated by islamofascists to the their advantage.
This evil will not be defeated by due process of law.
We need to become more extreme than the islamofascists in the face of their violence and fight back to destroy this evil.

Anonymous said...

Lol that statement was nothing but a badly disguised threat.

"Do this or i fear something bad may happen..."

I don't think Danes will fall for this old trick.

Anonymous said...

Thought you'd like to see what is now happening in Denmark.

Go Denmark!


Every year Denmark takes (minimum) 500 international refugees as part of a quota system established by the UN. In 2001-02 84% of the quota total came from muslim countries (Afganistan, Sudan and Irak), in 2006-07 this “muslim” total has fallen to 11% (Sudan and Irak) with the rest from places like Congo, Bhutan and Myanmar.

The law was changed here in 2005 so that the quota of refugees seeking asylum in Denmark would be chosen based on their “integration potential” (rather than by their predicament on humanitarian grounds I suppose). Local regions have all reported good experience with integrating Burmese and Congolese refugees. And in fact no problem integrating any group except those who have a muslim faith.

Strong condemnation of this development has been expressed pointing out that we are now effectively dividing those in need into two groups; those we want to help (and can), and those who we either can’t or won’t be able to help and who will therefore have to look elsewhere for assistance…

The intention for 2008 is again to fill the quota with refugees from Myanmar/Burma, Bhutan og Congo.

SAVANT said...

Excellent comment my friend. Once again Denmark is showing the way.

Anonymous said...

Is this because Denmark is a much smaller country than, say Sweden, and whose people are much more connected to each other. They have realised that there is a problem and they won't take lying down.

Sweden is a much bigger country. Is their problem with immigrants confined to the big cities, so that rurul Swedes won't realise that there is a problem until the mud-tide comes lapping to their doors?

SAVANT said...

Good point, and could at least partially explain it. It doesnt explain though the way the media have completely blotted out all dsicussion in sweden and not in Denmark.

Anonymous said...

"Good point, and could at least partially explain it. It doesnt explain though the way the media have completely blotted out all dsicussion in sweden and not in Denmark."
Discussed earlier by a Swede over on council of ex-muslims website - apparently a conference was called by some Minister in Sweden with the various media outlets there c.20 years ago that for 5 years noone would report "a black guy robbed/murdered etc." - in order to avoid the indigenous population "resenting" the newcomers and to "help" the newcomers to settle in.
After the 5 years were up, the journalists simply kept to the these rules.

Anonymous said...

Denmark(or any white country) should be careful about any kind of africans. They're really nice until they get to a certain number, then they start acting like they do in their country. Rapes, murders, robberies, you get the picture.