Saturday, 1 March 2008

Eurabia? Denmark gives us hope

At first glance it might look like another capitulation to The Beast. An art exhibit in Berlin withdrawn due to the threat of Muslim violence. But the art originated in Denmark, and the artists are unapologetic.

That's progress.

In fact this marks another step in the remarkable turnaround in Denmark. Having had their beneficence thrown in their faces in the original Motoon controversy, seen ongoing rioting at every perceived offence (see this), seeing the Muslim population vastly over-represented in jail and welfare statistics, the scales rapidly fell from their eyes.

This is in itself progress, especially compared to the rest of the West. But the Danes are now getting tough. In practical ways.

Item: Jan Egesborg , the artist, says that “in a democratic society everything must be debatable. A democracy is known by discussion and satire. Muslims have to accept that they live in a Europe which through many years fought for its rights to become enlightened democracies” And he hasn’t been attacked by the media – far from it.

Item: Radical Muslim politician Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, feted up to now despite viciously attacking Danish society, has been called to the bench by her party, the Red/Green Alliance, after she threatened to wear a veil on taking her seat in Parliament. (She wasn’t elected – the Danish system is list-based). What’s more, the Speaker of the Parliament said he’d eject her if she appeared in the veil!

Item: The Chairman of the Social Democrats, the galacticos of multi-culturism, wants to take the fight to the level of the EU. The Government has even questioned its adherence to the European Court of Human Rights due to its likely refusal to allow the deportation of two Tunisian terrorist back to Tunisia. Now this is real action. I’d love to see those ivory-towered fools in the Court smacked over the head with reality.

Item: Muslims are being refused entry to discos because they grope women and generally make nuisances of themsleves. Again, the Danes, having put up with this trouble for years now make no apologies for keeping taking tough action. The message - 'this is the way things are in a liberal democracy. Shape up or you're not welcome here'

Even at more trivial levels the Danes seem to be getting sense. There’s been pressure there (just like everywhere in the West) to impose ‘diversity quotas’ in the use of models in magazines. But Danish buyers stopped buying them if non-whites were on the cover. And they’ve also stopped apologising about it. Apart from one Karen Klitgaard Povlsen, media expert at Århus University, who explained it away as ‘a problem of democracy’.

No Karen, it IS democracy! If people want their own people on magazines, be they Chinese, African or whatever, that’s their choice.

Why have the Danes lead the way? I'm not sure. Anyone have any ideas? Certainly their generosity has been sorely abused, but so has that of virtually every other European country. In any event, it leads me to believe there may still be hope.


Anonymous said...

You're deas right. We're getting more and more anti_islam each day.

We are fed up by having our generosity fling back at us all, the time.

The worm turns!

Anonymous said...

Hey Savant,
Are you going to do an article on those Afghans caught in Kerry on terrorist charges - 2 of whom were part of the 40 seeking refugee status in the Cathedral in Dublin a couple of months back.

Go on - you know you want to...

SAVANT said...

OK - you've sweet-talked me into it!

kerdasi amaq said...

The only way to prevent Denmark turing Islamic: is to keep Muslims out.

Islamic society is not like Western liberal society. You cannot expect Muslims to accept the rules of 'liberal' society, as that is apostasy in their book, a capital offence.

It is good to see the Danes beginning to resist, maybe the Swedes can learn from their example.

Anonymous said...

We are a long way from learning from the Danes. Some times I think that sweden is actually getting worse. Not like the Danes at all.

kerdasi amaq said...

'after she threatened to wear a veil on taking her seat in Parliment.'

I don't see how that is a threat. A loaded suicide belt; now, that is what I would call a threat.

kerdasi amaq said...

If the Swedes cannot learn from the Danish example, then they are well and truly banjaxed.

If, at least,60% of Sweden's population is Muslim then you can expect that Sweden's Constitution and liberal laws will be abolished overnight and you may find yourself (if you're lucky) living in an Islamic Republic.

SAVANT said...

60%??? You must be joking. All they need is about half that to force their ways onto the native population. They dont need a majority, just enough to make their threats realistic.

Anonymous said...

I'm exaggerating slightly, but I don't see why it couldn't happen.

Democratic Liberals have certain illusions, that they think that multi-culturalism can work, that large numbers of people with an alien belief system(Islam) can be admitted willy-nilly to a liberal society without seriously altering that society, that they can retain control of that society and most foolishly of all: that the incomers will, somehow, adopt their belief system and abandon their own.

This is why Islam is such a threat to Western Civilisation. They are not going to drop their beliefs, and any Muslim who does so: is liable to be killed by his own people. Regardless of what any democratic liberal constitution or law says to the contrary otherwise.

60% is a figure I chose on the basis that it gives them an unchallengeable majority. Certainly, they will cause trouble at a much lower percentage.

SAVANT said...

I take your point. But just look at the trouble they're causing in Holand, Sweden, France etc. where their numbers are a lot less than 10%