Saturday, 29 March 2008

Denmark's threatened children

90% of the children in Copenhagen who are forcibly removed from their home come from immigrant families, according to Copenhagen's youth department. The reasons for the removals are often mental illness, traumas and other social problems with the parents, which means they can't take care of their children. The departments also see that non-Danish children comit more crimes, fare poorer in school etc, so there are also problems in other areas. A spokesman stressed that forcible removal is always that last solution, and is used when all other possibilities are exhausted.

Any reason to believe things will be different in Ireland when the demographic bomb goes off?

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Curry&Bacon said...

Trust me , cockroaches and a plague of locusts would be better then the offspring of Ireland's immigrant class.
I hear there that getting Irish girls pregnant is the goal of many middle-eastern and black immigrants.