Friday, 7 March 2008

Alternative medicine - African style

Muti is the Zulu word for medicine. But it’s not quite the same as that practiced in the Mayo Clinic. For a start, muti is more powerful. With the right ingredients you can grow an enormous dick, fall in for vast wealth, and become a major hit with the women. (Although I suppose the first two automatically lead to the third).

But getting the required ingredients can be something of a challenge. Given that prize specimens include testicles, hands, feet, and best of all, human heads, you can see that good muti doesn’t come cheap. In addition, as the BBC tells us, “limbs from children, primarily the sexual organs, are said to be the most potent. These are sometimes taken from live victims because their screams are thought to enhance the power of the medicines.”

Although, sometimes it can come cheap. An enterprising young South African made a cool €2 (two Euro) by supplying a muti practitioner, (named Pat, amazingly) with the head of a seven year-old child he was minding. See this link.

"In June or July 2007, I was approached by Pat, who said I was not earning enough. He offered me R20 000 if I got the head of a young child."

"I asked Vuvani (the victim, head pictured) to come to my shack. We sat there until 7.30pm and then I grabbed him, closed his mouth with one hand and stabbed him several times in the left part of his chest. I waited until he died and then slit his head," the teenager helpfully explained.

"I put the head into one plastic bag and the body in another." The following day, he had gone to Pat and had shown him the head. "He told me he would phone me after he had sorted things out. He gave me R20 (about €2) for helping with the cement and I took the bag and left. I concealed it in a bush. I was arrested before Pat phoned me."

Headless bodies are now showing up with increasing regularity in the UK as multi-culturalism progresses further.


Anonymous said...

yes this savagery is being imported here as well.The conviction today of a foreign serial rapist ( one of his victims was 14) attests to that.
africans are in general terms savages and their prescence in our country represents real danger to us Irish.
One of these barbaric nigerians even fooled the president of Ireland ,the Defence forces who are charged under the Constitution with defence of the country hired a female nigerian who was convicted of fraud and an illegal immigrant and commissioned her as an officer in the defence forces.

Anonymous said...

and btw, do not forget the witchcraft in South Africa. They kill several "witches" in the local villages every year, especially in the northern regions of SA.
So, don't be too surprised when you start to get that in Ireland as well...

Anonymous said...

From Jockney in London,

Re anons comment above:was he a foreign serial rapist who carried out his crimes in Ireland or is he one 'ours'?

Tiswas Palmer said...

Typical of you Savant, really typical and disgraceful as well too.
How dare you gloat over the death of a child, and all you are is a Internet Coward basically.
I am not black but I am PROUD that I am not Irish!!!

James said...

South Africa is leading the world in head transplants. c.f. Figure 1.

How can anyone call that primitive and backward?