Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Living under apartheid: What would YOU have done?

Consider the reaction when a halting site for our blessed compatriots the travelers (tinkers, knackers, call them what you will) is proposed. A joy to see political correctness go out the window as the local respectable community goes apeshit.

They go apeshit because they know what will happen if the knackers move in. Housebreaking, violence, litter, filth, caravans and burnt-out cars will be the new reality. Everything in the vicinity, houses, schools, clubs, all will spiral downwards in quality and value. That's the reason so few halting sites get permission. The majority sees to it that democracy prevails.

But what would happen if itinerants were in the majority? Say a majority of about six to one? What would the solid citizens do then?

They’d know that if knackers ran the country life as they know it could not go on. So I suppose they’d try to separate into their own enclaves, schools, clubs. Create a cordon sanitaire between themselves and the untermenchen. But how can they maintain this if itinerants are in the majority, looking enviously at their possessions?

I'd say they’d do what the white South Africans did.

I think that's what you would do if you’d been in SA under white rule. You’d probably shake your head at apartheid’s cruder manifestations, but you’d know what side your bread was buttered. You’d understand black Africans and their culture in a way Europeans never could. You’d know that if they got democratic control the country would, er, well, be like it is now. Heading to be the next Zimbabwe.

Perhaps you’d look for alternatives, some way of humanizing the system. But basically you’d look away. You’d hold your nose and pray that the system holds up, and that you can continue to lead your privileged life. ‘And why not?’ you’d rationalize. Whites made the country, everything the blacks have, not much admittedly, is paid for by the whites (there being no black tax-payers). And if it’s that bad, why are blacks from all over Africa trying to get in here?

You’d have no shortage of explanations.

You see, it’s easy to suffer on another man’s wound. It’s easy to get a moral orgasm when it doesn’t cost you anything other than, as in my case, not eating Outspan oranges.

Think you'd have been different?


Anonymous said...


You are absolutely correct and here's proof. Yes proof!

The White South African differs little, if any, genetically than their Dutch and English seed stock. There has not been much time for genetic drift, 500 years at most. Add to this that the populations have not been completely isolated.

When large group of a genetically similar population behaves a certain way under certain circumstances, one can be fairly certain that they are exhibiting average behavior and that another large group drawn from the same population will behave the same way under the same circumstances.

This means that the White South Africans could have been swapped with their European counterparts and it would not have changed anything for either Europe or South Africa.

What, do Europeans believe they are morally superior by virtue of their location!

Anonymous said...

Very good commnet from skot german. if further proof was needed, all we need do is look at how immigrants from europe to sa behaved. they were exactly the same as the locals. didnt take long for them to change their mind!

Anonymous said...

What they need to do is re-establish the Orange Free State and the Transvaal with strict immigration controls: no Blacks, no uitlanders and anyone of Hebraic origin would be forced to migrate to their ancestral homeland.

Unknown said...

You say:

"Perhaps you’d look for alternatives, some way of humanizing the system. But basically you’d look away. You’d hold your nose and pray that the system holds up, and that you can continue to lead your privileged life."

I disagree. I think the most effective method would be to teach them race guilt. Have special remembrance days for black on white slaughter. Create TV documentaries that describe the many times the Africans killed whites. Teach their babies before they are old enough to resist. Show mini-series on TV that dramatise the suffering of whites at the hands of blacks. Build museums in your national capital that memorialize white slaughter at the hands of black even if all that slaughter happened in a different county. Make sue several units of race guilt for white slaughter is added to all the school curricula for all minority schools. Remember, it is race guilt you are trying to create, and therefore any black slaughter anywhere in the world can be used to intimidate your blacks. They must be taught that they suffer from some strange disease that compels them out of the blue to attack and kill whites for no good reason. Give it a special name: call it antiwhiteism. Blame your own blacks out loud for not defending white people when they were slaughtered by blacks on the other side of the world. Blame blacks for not taking in white refugees from those countries.

And don't forget your own people. Build black on white racial slaughter into the very liturgy of your church: have a Massacre Day every year in which you make special prayers for the whites slaughtered by blacks and preach "Never Again!" to your children. And don't forget black-on-white slaughters that are hundreds of years old, either. All of them can be remembered in a religious litany that will guarantee the solidarity of white people.

Hell, these techniques have worked extremely effectively for some folks. They have worked so well that most European countries and the USA are so guilt-ridden they let immigrants pour in unchecked. Rather than complain about these tactics, a minoritized white people should recognise their incredible psychological power and use them on the evil majority. As the Overseas Chinese, the African Lebanese, African Hindus and Jews know, you cannot "just look away" when you are a market dominant minority.

You have to manage the majority and create in them a powerful sense of eternal majority guilt and a deep conviction that they and their children are all slaughtering psychopaths under the skin.