Sunday, 3 February 2008

Australia's aborigine apology

Check this out ("Apology at last", Irish Times, Feb. 2):

"The West Australian Aboriginal community of Balgo… is one of the most depressing places you’ll ever visit. Obese drunken adults sat around a dusty main square, gambling with piles of $50 notes earned through mining royalties or cheques from indigenous art works.

The betting stopped only when a local woman picked up a fist-sized rock to swing at the head of a neighbour. The brawl went on for about five minutes before she was disarmed. The blood spilled was invisible on the red soil.

The ruins of squalid homes, some repaired and cleaned just weeks before only to be destroyed again, sat abandoned and uninhabitable. Children raced among the adults, mucous and fluid pouring from infections in their noses and ears.

The government-paid workers – police and nurses and repairmen – lived in homes protected by giant cages. The teenagers were invisible in daylight, coming out at night to throw stones, drink, or sniff petrol."

The writer could have added that up to 70% of children are subjected to sexual abuse, with many as young as six suffering from VD or AIDS.

A few points of note here. First, this was part of a piece which attributed all of the problems identified to the activities of whites. Second, they gambled $50 notes, ‘earned’ from mining royalties (i.e. they get the money because whites discovered the minerals in virtually uninhabited land). Note that police, repairmen and nurses, all paid by the white government, have to be protected by cages.

So we have the villagers provided with substantial money by the government, who also provide their health, accommodation and policing for nothing. Despite this, the village is a dystopian nightmare. And it’s all the fault of the whites.

Do you spot the causal relationship?

I don’t.

There’s no doubt that the aborigines were treated dreadfully, but does that justify their behaving like animals for generations? They came many thousands of years ago from Africa, and they’re demonstrating typical African characteristics. Is the description of Balbo much different from your typical African village or South African shanty town?

When blacks slide down to the bottom of every metric on every social scale, either in Africa or the West, the response is always the same. The whites are to blame. And we want cash compensation. Now please.

The problem stems from the nature of the Africans (see this). And things will never improve until this indisputable fact is recognized.

And by letting huge numbers of Africans into Europe we're importing their problems here.


Anonymous said...

The abos are animals. And the balcker they are the worse they. This is a brutal truth, but truth it is. EVERYONE from Oz knows its true, but few will admit it, at least in public.

Tooley said...

The handouts are the problem. Give them their own independent territory and let them look after themselves. The Abo IQ means they cannot compete with whites and this is the source of their pathology.

They were always sitting ducks for colonisation but damn lucky the Brits arrived just before Japanese expansion in the region.

SAVANT said...

That is so true. had it been the Japs there'd be no abos to left to complain

kerdasi amaq said...

Yes, we should keep africans out, but the problems of the aboriginals are caused by their unequal contact with white civilisation. Put those whiteys out in the desert and see how long they'll survive on their own without the mod-cons of modern civilisation.

SAVANT said...

Kerdasi - as the politicans say, glad you raised that point. Because thats exactly my point.

The whites wouldn't survive a few days, I agree. But this raises the question of intelligence. In this post

I define intelligence as "Perhaps the best explanation is provided by the psychologist Brigitte Berger, who claims IQ tests measure not so much ‘intelligence’ as what she calls ‘modern consciousness’. This is the capacity to operate in the highly specialized worlds of modern technology and rationally organized bureaucracies. These core institutions of modern society are produced by, and in turn produce, peculiarly modern cognitive styles: the ability to operate on high levels of abstraction; to break reality down analytically into components; to keep multiple relationships in mind simultaneously; and, especially significant for IQ testing, to relate present tasks to possible future consequences".

If you accept that definition it means the abos will never survive in 'western' civilisation. It's a tragey for them, they cant do anything about it, but it's not whitey's fault, in my view.

togret said...

The depth of ignorance here on the part of the blogger is nearly matched by that in the replies.

You are, for example, apparently unaware that Aborigines in Australia came here from Asia ... perhaps their more distant ancestors came from Africa, about the time your own did.

Nobody approves of anti-social or criminal behaviour such as you describe, and I'm not disputing the truth of what you say. You seem, however to also be unaware of what the apology is actually about. They are two separate issues, and it would probably be a good idea to inform yourself of the facts before dumping on actions that you clearly do not understand.

Have a look here, for example.

SAVANT said...

I have to disagree with you my friend about the aborigines' origins. Their genetic profiling clearly identifies them as of African orgin, unlike say the Maoris.

I accept that the apology is about the 'stolen generation' but that doesnt have much to do with my post, does it?

My point ultimatley is that by always blaming the whites for problems such as the aborigines are experiencing means they'll never be resolved. I dont know what that resolution is, but I do know what it is not

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a little late...but, no , Aborigines are not genetically close to Africans. Indeed, they are the most genetically distinct from Africans.