Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Just take from the kuffirs

There' was a bit of a row (by Dutch standards) in their Parliament some time back. Health Minister Hoogervorst wanted to give priority on transplantation waiting lists to people who are registered as donors, but MPs slammed the proposal on claims it will introduce discrimination in healthcare. So far so good.... kind of.

The Health Minister defended his proposal by pointing out that Muslims refuse to donate organs based on religious beliefs. Fair enough, as presumably they won't accept them either. But no! They're quite willing to accept organs, but not give them.

"That creates a bad feeling," the Minster said, with masterly understatement. He added that it "is not just a few Muslims who refuse to give and whom are willing to receive an organ donation. It is instead a substantial group". Immigrants often have poorer health and will require a transplant more often than native Dutch. Due to the shortage of organ donors — especially kidneys — some 200 people die every year in the Netherlands.

You'd think then that the proposal would be universally accepted. But no. The PC alarm bells went off, the Thought Police swung into action, and a major row ensued. This again underlines a fundamental precept of Muslim interaction with kuffirs. You can take but don't have any obligation to give. While it's a certainty that all or even most Muslims don't act this way, the 'Sacred Texts' enjoin it.

Anybody know how this proposal ended up?


Anonymous said...

Bloody typical.

Anonymous said...

I know the organ transpant I'd give them. A Hammond organ up their arses, all 3 keyboards.

Luctor et Emergo said...

Don't know how it ended, but a safe bet is that everything stayed the way it was (always a safe bet in NL), because of possible "discrimination".

Anonymous said...

That's true - nothing has changed here.

Papaquebec said...

Have you ever noticed that when a natural disaster occurs in a Muslim country the "Christian" Red Cross is always at the forefront of rescue efforts.

When similar happens in the non-Muslim world the "Islamic" Red Crescent are invariably conspicuous by their absence?

Anonymous said...

The Red Crescent helping kuffars? are you crazy?