Sunday, 6 January 2008

The farce of airport 'security'

Many hours of my precious time, that could be better spend defending Western civilization, have been wasted by so-called security measures at airports. Have you ever heard of someone being caught by them? I've never seen a mention. Leave aside the trivial nonsense, like not letting us take toothpaste on board, or seeing a Swedish 10 year-old frisked by a burka-clad ‘security’ officer at Heathrow, or the Osama bin Laden look-alike monitoring the X-ray machine?

First, any half decent terrorist can get weapons on board if he wants to. A recent ethical intrusion exercise at Dublin airport managed to smuggle through a machine gun, or a tank or something, totally undetected.

But the real fun starts if you look at other targets. Say you’re a terrorist and you want to inflict maximum casualties, a common occupational objective, where do you look? I know what I'd do. Select a train or a car ferry. With either of those you can bring a nuclear device on board without even a nominal security check. Leaving it primed on board, you can then save your precious hide, and blow up everyone else’s, by simply stepping off again.

Airport ‘security’ is a meaningless, wasteful, infuriating charade.

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Anonymous said...

A terorist group could creat the ultimate attck that would 'outshine' 9/11. All they need do is put big bombs in about 10 trains, simultaneously, and the carnage would be incredible. All this airport nonsense is just for the appearance.