Monday, 14 January 2008

Detention centres for asylum tourists?

The Government has sent out a trial balloon on the possibility of detaining asylum tourists while their claims are being processed. This was originally proposed by Michael McDowell, before his demise at the last general election. It was possibly prompted by the embarrassing (if you can embarrass an Irish politician) fiasco a few weeks back. A a plane was booked to take hundreds of Nigerians back to the dark continent, when, lo and behold, only nine of them showed up.

Big surprise that.

Another big surprise has been the reaction of the Immigration Industry to today's announcement. The CEO of the Irish Refugee Council, Robin Hanan bleats 'we would be very concerned at detaining people who are not guilty of any criminal offence... and seeking what's their right under international law'.

No - silly! I'm not surprised that he makes the point that such tourists are genuine asylum seekers despite the fact that 90% are eventually deemed ineligible. What amazes me is that he never used the word 'offensive', somewhere or other. These guys are slipping up.

Finally, can anyone answer a simple question? Why are these 'applicants' not sent back to the EU port from which they arrived, as the Dublin II Convention allows? We have no direct links with their countries of origin.


Anonymous said...

A lot of them come over the border, or else from the US or Canada.

Anonymous said...

OK, I accept that. But over the border means from the UK. From Canada or the US should automatically mean a refusal.

Anonymous said...

spike island is empty..plenty of space down there...if they are genuine let them in if not see ya later!!