Friday, 21 December 2007

A US cop's tale

The following from a US policeman who spent six years in Washington DC.

"I don’t think whites realize what is out there, how bad things are. If you live in Washington, DC, and work, say, on K Street or Connecticut Avenue, you see well-dressed and courteous blacks who are pretty much like everybody else. Much more resentment lies under the surface than you probably believe, but they certainly aren’t going to attack anyone. They are not a problem.

But go into the realms of the underclass, the great sprawling necrotic Sowetos of any big American city. Better yet, don’t go. You wouldn’t last ten minutes on foot at night. Few whites really know that these places exist, and they never see them. Cabs will refuse to take you. For some half-dozen years when I was on the police beat I did see the bad neighborhoods. God help us.

These ’hoods are utterly black, with whipcord young males leaning against lamp posts and eyeing cops with hostility. The people in them have no identity other than black. They aren’t African and aren’t American. They don’t read and many can’t. The schools are just holding cages. They’ve got nothing and they’re going nowhere and they know it. The great white beyond out there, with its computers and universities and those rich white people with their jobs and books and understanding of mysterious things like international politics—they have no access to these".

Now bear this in mind. This is what happens everywhere - and I defy anyone to name some place where this doesn't happen - where the black population reaches significant levels. No amount of affirmative action, quotas, grants, busing, preferential employment, race legislation have even made a dent on this condition. And it never will, for reasons covered elsewhere in this blog (here and here for example).

It happens everywhere.

Now, as we celebrate diversity in Ireland and the rest of Europe, we already have schools here that are almost totally black. As these 'happy little learners' grow up they will become like those youths described by the ex-cop. And their neighbourhoods, already afflicted by white flight in this country, will also become like their 'hoods.

Because again, everywhere, whites move out when blacks move in. And they do it because they know what the neighbourhoods will become when they become predominantly black.

It's totally scary that this is already happening here after less than ten years of mass immigration . We already have all-black primary schools and whites fleeing certain neighbourhoods.

But wait, Conor Lenihan assures us that we won't make the mistakes that other countries made. Yeah. Right. We make a success of everything here, don't we? Like Luas, the health 'service', national infrastructure. The clowns who gave you these fiascos are going to magically resolve a problem that has defied half the civilised world for centuries.

We need a brilliant manager, original thinker, with a first-class track record. Martin Cullen - the very man! (Check out my interview with him a few months back)

I know I've said this a hundred times already. But isn't it breathtaking how a country will blindly and unnecessarily let itself be destroyed?


Anonymous said...

We DO have a chance - we're strating with a clean slate.

Anonymous said...

Take a peek at what the blacks did to south africa. It was a much more affluent society under the whites but they wanted black majority rule and got mugabe. Now there is a pure unadultarated fuckwit if ever there was one!!

Same the world over white flight, and from what I hear already happening in certain parts of Dublin. Little Nigeria is the north circular road I heard, and the situation with the schools and no places for Irish kids in areas of Dublin 15. Ghettos will happen I even saw one black guy on an RTE programme warning if they didn't get more resources Paris style confrontations would happen in the republic.

Groups fighting over scarce resources - a recipe for disaster. Up here its not that bad yet..... but we're getting there!!!!

SAVANT said...

Exactly. See folloing post 'US cop's tale'

Anonymous said...

If everyone else around you eats something that makes them fall down and get violently ill, you'd make sure not to touch the stuff yourself, right?
That's not the way our government looks at diversity, unfortunately. They talk about "avoiding the mistakes" of other countries, when it's blindingly obvious that only mistake we need to avoid is letting in non-whites in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Rob: "They talk about "avoiding the mistakes" of other countries, when it's blindingly obvious that only mistake we need to avoid is letting in non-whites in the first place."

Absolytely correct. Why INVITE the misatkes?

Anonymous said...

Becuase we're PC-whipped!

Anonymous said...

Know what's next?

If an Irish person and a black are going for the same job, the Irish person will have to step aside and let the black take the job! The same will apply for University courses too.

That is the next item on the multi-culti agenda. affirmative action.